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Raphie and Roman studied the risk and return of Islamic funds Islamic equity funds during a period from to In total, the sample is an unbalanced panel of banks which have been classified in two categories according to their activities: Tests for noly allowing for an unknown number of breaks. Business model, efficiency and stability. While there is no theoretical argument favoring Islamic bank against conventional banks in terms of performance, for example, Beck et al.

Principal component analysis, 2nd Edition. The aim of this study is to show, how traditional financial systems expose and feed the process of price instability, and also to give what kind of interest-free instruments can be used in an inflationary environment by participation banking, in order to reduce the dependence on interest financing systems, and in order to compete with them.

The main limit of this study is that DEA model uses proxy for price data in order to evaluate profit efficiency. The authors conclude that the model is flawed in explaining the risk premium of the Indian market.

ICISEF Kongre Tebliğleri Volume 4 – Türkiye Katılım Bankaları Birliği – PDF Free Download

Most of these studies focus on bank ownership structure, public banks, private banks, foreign banks. A comparison of performance of Islamic and conventional banks. It defines the scale and the scope of efficiencies. Profit Mean min max N Output D. We will divide the study teglii into three periods: Notice that equation 4 is a common stochastic frontier model which could be estimated by maximum likelihood method.


The HML variable, which measures the level of risk associated with the value, can reach a maximum value of 7. His risk is measured by the standard deviation is 0. In this part, we will present a review of the literature regarding the CAPM model application and Fama and French model in the financial market.

Whatever is their stream; these banks compete in the same markets, and have different market shares within each country. Table 5 report the results of our resiliency measure tsblii the overall sampled banks and also by size class. Journal of Productivity Analysis. For the liability side, he mentions mudarabah account and loan account. This concept does not exist in the Islamic financial system, while efforts have been made noolu the replacement or removal of the risk-free asset Rf.

We use Zivot-Andrews unit root test and Toda-Yamamoto causality test to analyze the unit root characteristic of the series by allowing possible structural breaks and casual relationship between the series.

Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences. Table 1 provides the descriptive statistics pooled for all years and banks by bank type.

ICISEF Kongre Tebliğleri Volume 4 – Türkiye Katılım Bankaları Birliği

Differences Of Opinion Between The Islamic Experts At present time there is no ultimate authority or a single organisation that governs the Islamic Financial Industry, nor there is any set of rules and guidelines regarding shariah interpretation. Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, 31 159— These two studies relate efficiency to bank resiliency.

In other words to improve their efficiencies, these banks need to reinforce and develop their activities instead of reducing their costs. His risk is measured by the standard deviation is 3. The uni-scale model of Fama and French The uni-scale model of Fama and French is presented as follows: Also estimating cost or profit frontier, assumes a precise measure of input and output prices, this is particularly difficult to obtain for heterogeneous sample, particularly those based on Bankscope data.


As for the study period, she began to April to Marchor 2, days.

Third, we also take into account the 1117 between theory and practice. Finally we evaluate the impact of the same shock on the two activities.


Several distance functions have been used in the teeblii on banking performance, i input distance functions, ii output distance functions or iii directional and hyperbolic distance functions. We have also evaluated bank efficiency according to their size, some empirical literature have evidenced higher efficiency of large banks which has been explained by scale economies, scope economies or market structure.

The comparative performance literature between Islamic banks and conventional banks follow this wave of banking comparisons and can be divided into two groups according to the methodology used, i.

Riba, profit rate, Islamic rate, and market equilibrium. Indeed, when shocks are applied to non lending activities commissions, investment, trading the risk is even higher for Twblii banks