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This page acts as a wiki-style biography about the author Belsebuub. Belsebuub is the pen name of the spiritual practitioner and author Mark Pritchard. Mark Pritchard born in the United Kingdomwas the founder of The Gnostic Movement —and was a disciple and successor to the spiritual teacher Rabolu, and his teacher before him Samael Aun Weor. He is the author of several books on out-of-body experiences, the journey to enlightenment, self-discovery, consciousness, and the ancient religion of the sun.

He was also the author of a number of successful free spiritual courses taken by over 90, people in over countries. His wife Lara writes together with him on his website www. The name Belsebuub pronounced Bell-se-boob has a spiritual meaning. Pritchard explains that each person has an existence beyond their physical body and lifetime, and so while they are given a name here, each person also has a name that is given to their consciousness.

He says that at a certain spiritual stage, someone can find out this name. Pritchard was born into a Catholic working-class British family. His interest in spirituality began at the age of seven. He says this is when he began borrowing esoteric books from the local library — creating his own esoteric ceremonies by the age of eight.

He describes having psychic abilities as a child, and had numerous supernatural encounters. His home was also plagued by poltergeist activity until he grew into his teens. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Walesin which he majored in Visual Art and Art History with minors in philosophy and education. During his university years he says he studied spiritual books more intensively than his university material, taking a particular interest in the work of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Pritchard spent his early twenties working in community organizations in the UK, and traveling in the Middle East, Sweden and Denmark where he explored its counter-culture scenebefore initiating a career based on his joint turntable invention with his best friend and business partner.

However, he says he found himself at a cross-roads, and decided to abandon his career opportunity and instead dedicate himself to his spiritual search.

He attended a number of spiritual groups, none of which impressed him, before coming upon free local classes run by The Universal Christian Gnostic Movement UCGM where he lived. This is where he says he learnt exercises of astral projection, self-knowledge, and personal transformation; he says he gave himself a 9-month ultimatum in which he dedicated himself to their practice to see if they would work.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams

He said he asked the teachers of the course to focus giving him practices rather than theory, and would practice the exercise he was given diligently every week. Within weeks he says he could finally begin to understand his different emotions and thoughts, and was also able to be conscious in the present moment. Soon after he had his first out-of-body experienceand continued to have out-of-body experiences on a regular basis.

Pritchard became a teacher of the UCGM in He taught for free, without much money, moving across belzrbuub, countries and continents, establishing 8 study centers in 7 different cities, and teaching classes in 5 others, asfral Wales, Scotland, England, and Australia.

He used the name Belsebuub for the first time in — saying that he had reached the stage on the spiritual path where his consciousness had merged with an aspect of his Being that has this name. As a result, the courwe teacher and coordinator of the UCGM, Rabolu, stopped the UCGM organization worldwide from teaching and withdrew his books from it; religious fanaticism have developed in the organization, and it was considered no cours fit velzebuub purpose.


Pritchard sought to create a highly dynamic and practice orientated system of exploring spirituality that would be freely available and accessible to people throughout the world. His courses were groundbreaking at the time, and were highly effective.

Belsebuub Wiki

Pritchard structured each of his courses to guide someone through a series of highly effective exercises to experience and explore spiritual realities directly; the courses were also designed to progress from one to the other so that someone could establish a framework in their daily lives to explore esoteric knowledge in a personally scientific and trwvel way. The courses were attended by around 90, people in over countries. Its online courses that ran on the website Mysticweb.

The Gnostic Movement offered a wide range of spiritual services and resources, all of which were either provided at free or cost. These resources included free coursesworkshops, study centersretreatswebsiteseBooks, forums, chat rooms, videosa filmand live streams. It closed in in in the US after Mark Pritchard Belsebuub withdrew from it, preferring to work independently tragel an author.

Between and Pritchard ceased all involvement with organizations — working only with his independent, non-profit publisher Mystical Life Publications. He built his website www. Between and his books were gradually released as free eBooks and made available on his website; they were downloaded overtimes. However they were eventually withdrawn as they were being too plagiarized.

His books are now becoming available in printed format, with a number already available in places like Amazon. He and his ij state that they are being sold as close to cost as reasonably possible in line with their principles of not profiting from spirituality.

In late Belsebuub came up with the idea for an alternative media site belzebuhb would publish investigative journalistic pieces covering the current agendas, trends and issues opposed to freedom of belief and the development of consciousness in society.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams – Remembering The Gnostic Movement

A number of articles discussing similar topics had already been written by Belsebuub dreans his wife Lara and published on Belsebuub. This site, known as The Conscious Reporter, has become very rdeams since its inception, with articles from the site being viewed hundreds of thousands of times. InPritchard and his wife began researching and writing about the spiritual meaning of the solstices and equinoxes. He says it is the origin of many ancient religions that venerated the sun, such as that of ancient Egypt, the Druids, and the Aatral religion.

He also says that its followers were involved in building many of the ancient sites aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, such ccourse the Pyramids of Egypt and Great Sphinx, the statues of Easter Island, Stonehenge, and Machu Picchu. Over time, however, the understanding of the religion of the sun as a coherent body of knowledge became lost, distorted, and fragmented — it was only through his experience of undertaking the same process of spiritual transformation upon which the religion of the sun is based, that its practice has been able to be restored.

This is being undertaken by a project called Blzebuub Spiritual Sun. In Pritchard stated he had completed his path he had begun 26 years earlier. Inhe withdrew from all forms of public life, choosing instead to live in hermetic religious seclusion in order to continue his own inner spiritual journey, as many religious practitioners have done throughout history, spending time in solitude in nature.

Pritchard says they provided him with the framework he needed to undertake his rravel spiritual journey, but that they, nor he, had ever treated spirituality as a form of belief.

Pritchard says he used what they taught to gain his own direct experience of spiritual realities through using the techniques they taught such as out-of-body experiences, self-observation, awareness of the present, and alchemy. Pritchard says he has continued to expand upon, and in many cases correct, what he initially learnt from these spiritual teachers based belzebyub his own spiritual practice and experience.

Some of these organizations are viciously opposed to one another, and many of their attendees attacked Pritchard for nearly 20 years unprovoked while at the same time plagiarizing his work. According to his disciple Rabolu, Samael had asked that all but five of his books be burnt, as he himself stated they contained mistakes, but despite his wishes many followers of his work continue to use them.


Belsebuub emphasizes that spiritual exploration should be a matter of personal experience coursse than belief, and that someone can leave their body through out-of-body experiences OBEs and explore hidden realities in order to discover spiritual knowledge first-hand. Studies have found that one in ten people will have at least one OBE in their freams spontaneously; in his work however, Pritchard states that since ancient times many spiritual practitioners have learnt how to have the experiences at will on a regular basis, nad that courss can be used likewise today to explore inter-dimensional reality.

Belsebuub states that each person consists of both physical and non-physical components. Within each person is a spiritual component he calls consciousness, and says that this consciousness is part of a much larger series of spiritual parts that exist in higher dimensions. He writes that these parts were once whole, but divided as they came into creation.

The consciousness is like the flame of a much larger fire; it has come into the darkness of physical matter in order to gain awareness and knowledge of its own existence as light. As it gradually ddeams, it takes a path to return to the source of creation, and in doing so reunites with the various higher parts of itself it had separated from.

He refers to these higher parts of consciousness as the higher Being, and says this higher Being was deified in ancient times as the sun.

This path, he says, formed the basis of many spiritual teachings of the past that contained the tfavel of the religion of the sun, and can be found in many ancient sites, myths, and sacred texts, and that its principles are coursw in the intrinsic design of the universe.

As opposed to the idea that enlightenment is spontaneous, he writes that it requires the practice of xstral key spiritual exercises. The entire process repeats many times on what he refers to as the wheel of nature — a concept which has also been described in ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Egyptian, and early Christian texts.

Pritchard states that spiritual knowledge bellzebuub be imparted freely, and without profit. Charging for spiritual teachings, he says, breaks cosmic principles. Fromwhen he began teaching, he has always done so without charging money, often going through very difficult personal circumstances, sometimes with little money, in order to teach.

The courses he authored were given online freely and in study centers for over x decade; he gave his work away in free eBooks for years; his website is a free resource; and he receives no royalties from the sale of his printed books. He lives only on what people donate to him voluntarily so he can continue to devote his time to writing.

Belsebuub has been interviewed on over 70 radio and television programs internationally. Appearances include 19 radio interviews he did with the BBC on the subject of out-of-body experiences and dreams.

He also appeared annd part of a panel of leading experts on national Greek and Cypriot television discussing the discovery of the controversial ancient text the Gospel of Judas. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Belsebuub Biography The biography of spiritual author Belsebuub.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belzebuub

The biography of spiritual author Belsebuub. Contents 1 Meaning of the name Belsebuub 2 Biography 2. Pritchard practicing being in the present moment in Pritchard being interviewed on out-of-body experiences. Belsebuub and wife Lara. Belsebuub chatting with audience members after a free talk. Return to top of page.