Get AL transmission rebuilding tips, AL troubleshooting help, AL technical service bulletins, AL diagnostics and AL technical information from. AL[edit]. 3 Speed Automatic Transaxle. Applications (calendar years). Toyota Corolla; Chevrolet Nova. AL w/” Low/Reverse Frictions. 2 6/ AL units built in the U.S.A. may require” 2nd Brake frictions, .. TRANSMISSION OIL FILTERS.

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Posted by Regis on Monday, May 27th, The AL tranmsission an automatic trans-axle made by Toyota. It has three forward speeds and was first put into production in and remained in production through the model year. Eighteen years of production is a long time for any modern automatic transmission.

Toyota shared the transmission with a couple other manufacturers and besides using it in its own Corollait was also used in the Chevy Nova and the Geo Prizm.

Automotive Repair Shops: Beware Of Common Problems With The A131L Automatic Transmission

Both cars were basically re-badged versions of the Corolla. Because these cars where both affordable and produced in very large volumes, the chances of one coming into your shop for repairs is pretty high.

Shifting problems caused by the throttle pressure cable being out of adjustment: There is a cable that runs from the carburetor or fuel injection down to the transmission. This cable is used to adjust the transmission line pressure, depending on how wide the throttle plates are open. It is not uncommon for this cable to come out of adjustment and when it does it can play havoc with the transmission. To check the cable, push the gas pedal all the way to the floor and make sure the throttle valve is fully open.


If you find it out of adjustment, push the gas pedal all the way to the floor.

Automotive Repair Shops: Beware Of Common Problems With The AL Automatic Transmission

Have someone loosen the adjustment nuts. Make an adjustment in the throttle cable so the transmisssion in between the outer cable and the stopper located on the cable is between 0 and 1 millimeter roughly 0. You will need to use a feeling gauge to measure the distance. Re-tighten the adjusting nuts and double check your adjustment. Shifting problems caused by problems with the shift solenoids for transmissions that are equipped with them: Most of the AL transmissions are equipped with electrical solenoids early ones are not.

These solenoids are used to move the shift valves in the transmission.

A131L transmission not engaging in any gear

It also contains a plunger and a strong spring. The magnet moves the plunger which is attached to one of the shift valves. When the current is stopped, the magnet releases the plunger and the spring returns the plunger and valve back to its original position. The coil of wire that makes up the magnet has a tendency to break or internal transmisxion out. To quickly check the condition of the solenoidsall you need is a simple hand held ohm meter.


Using the meter, measure the resistance of the coil winding. It should read somewhere between 20 — 30 ohms. Any reading outside this range might indicate a faulty solenoid. Let face the fact; some of the AL transmossion have been in use for a very long time.

Unfortunately, this transmissino is not designed to last forever. Soon or later, the transmission will need to be replaced. A re-manufactured transmission will include upgrades and modifications designed to make them last longer. A rebuilt transmission will not. A re-manufactured transmission will also include a much better warranty. Usually three years compared to 90 days for traansmission rebuilt transmission. So why do re-manufactured transmission manufacturers offer such a better warranty?

They are so confident with their workmanship and quality of parts used that they are sure you will never have to use the warranty.

Ultimate Al Transmission Thread – Toyota Nation Forum : Toyota Car and Truck Forums

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