ABB SACE. SACE ATS AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH. SACE ATS Before using the ATS, read Chapter 1 “Safety notes” very carefully to avoid. For this reason, ABB SACE has developed ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) – the solution for automatic mains-generator group transfer, able to manage the. ATS Control Product from ABB. Check Galco’s stock for ATS Control Product from ABB. Huge Inventory – Same Day Shipping – Expert Technical Support.

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ABB’s website uses cookies. By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. There was a problem with your request. Please fill in required fields. They have the features and functionality that makes them suitable for diverse applications: The first truly all-in-one automatic transfer switch will bring real benefits to critical power applications. We are glad to inform you about the availability of new interactive catalog for transfer, change-over and bypass switches.

We are glad to inform you about the availability of new Spare Parts catalog for low voltage circuit breakers, switches, contactors, softstarters and arc guard systems.

A secure power supply is essential to any application relying on electricity. We offer a full range of smart, safe and reliable change-over switches for your critical applications.

With our transfer switches, you are never left in the dark. Save installation time and cost with our transfer switches. We offer a wide range of accessories, easy and simple to install. The motorized change-over stops operating after few operations.

Check that you are supplying the motor operator with correct voltage level and that control circuit connections are voltage free. Motor operator does not react to control command. The auxilary contacts do not connect when the switch poles are moving. Check that auxiliary contacts are installed on the right side of the motorized change-over switch. They will not work if they are on the left side. How can I mount the motorized change-over switch on the panel? On table mount, horizontally and vertically.

For motorized change-over switches, ceiling mount is not recommended. Can I use ABB motorized change-over switches in environments with temperatures higher than 40 degrees? Yes but deranting factors needs to be checked. Where can I get spare fuses for the motorized change-over switches? ABB factory does not provide spare fuses.

You can use any brand that meets the requirements specified in the catalog. I have ordered an OMD controller as a spare part and after doing the connection correctly the product does not work as it should.


Check the operating mode of the OMD controller. Can the OMD controller be used in a 3 phase system? The OMD controller does not work without neutral line.

This means that you need to get the neutral reference from a separate place or use a transformer. Can the OMD controller be used in 3 phase system? This means that you need to get it from a separate place and select the option “Neutral in use” from the OMD controller. If this is not done, the power source to motor does not work. OMD controller shows an alarm. What do I need to do? First, you need to detect what the reason for the alarm is and shut it off – to check how to do it, refer to the user manual.

We recommend to order a controller, a motorized change-over switch and 3 sets of OZXT6 terminal clamp sets. Are two pole change-over switches available?

ABB ATS>ATS(included)

For most of the switch products, ABB offers special two pole models. The product locking information output feature in the OTM does not work. The locking infromation output feature in the OTM does not work if aats010 motor operarator is not supplied. The Automatic Transfer Switch does not change its position even if both networks are available. Check that the fuse of the motor operator at the bottom of the switch is ok, that the OMD controller does not show any alarms and that the switch has a power supply.

In motorized change-over switches from 40 to Amperes OTM40….

Automatic transfer switches

How does the connection terminal with the mark “this terminal is for OMD connection” works? When using another type controllers, connection C-II-I-0 must be used. Can I use an external handle and shaft with a motorized change-over switch or automatic transfer switch? It is only allowed to use the direct mount handle emergency handle to operate switch manually. What is the transfer time of the Automatic Transfer Switches? The total transfer time range is 2 -6 seconds. To find product specific operating times, refer to the user manual.

I have ordered a pre-wired ATS solution with voltage sensing on top. Can I change the voltage sensing cables to bottom? The voltage sensing cables are installed inside switch body and cannot be removed or changed. The only possibility is to do completely new wiring. Thank you for your inquiry and interest in ABB.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. An error occurred and your inquiry could not be sent. Please try again later or go to https: Learn more I agree. Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. Login to myABB There was a problem with your request. Go to myABB Logout. Rate this page General impression. Your cart Learn more abv shopping on ABB. Automatic transfer switches Instantaneous automatic switching between power sources ABB offers a wide selection of automatic transfer switches ATSfrom to Amperes in range.


It is also possible to purchase the control units and motorized change-over switches as separate components, allowing you to build the automatic transfer switch yourself. Our switches also come equipped with numerous other safety features such as ab possibility to prevent unwanted operations unwanted operations anb O position.

Reliable in extreme conditions. You can rest assured that your automatic transfer switch solution works as expected without the need to carry out any testing. The entire solution has been tested by ABB and is guaranteed to fulfill all the requirements according to the IEC standard.

Ensuring a high performance level and an easy user experience for you is of the utmost importance to us. Ats0100 has been made simpler than ever before with an LCD display with menus available in eight languages. Are you looking for support or purchase information?

New interactive catalog for transfer, change-over and bypass switches is now available! New Spare Parts catalog is now available! ABB Transfer switches — Securing your power to perform A secure power supply is essential to any application relying on electricity. Transfer switches OTM… A — Easy installation of accessories Save installation time and cost with our transfer switches. ABB supports Olympic stadium transformation Electrical infrastructure provides uninterrupted power supply to former Olympic Stadium.

Compact ATS Compact without compromise. Download a document for accessories. Main catalogue – Change-over, bypass and transfer switches Technical data, ordering information and dimension drawings of the entire range of manual and motorized change-over, transfer and bypass switches.

It includes a guide to select the appropriate change-over switch and a customer case.

Automatic transfer switches – Switches | ABB

Frequently asked questions 1. English – pdf – Brochure Securing your power supply. Change-over and transfer switches for Critical Power applications. English ast010 pdf – Brochure Switches, Spare parts for motorized change-over switches.

English – pdf – Catalogue Transfer, change-over and bypass switches. Installation and operation instructions. Downloads Switches, Spare parts for motorized change-over switches.

English – pdf – Catalogue Switches. Manual operated change-over switches. Motor operated change-over switches.

Manual operated bypass switches. Motor operated bypass switches. Contactors and overload relays. Contact information What would you like to do?