Neu. Electromagnetic Flowmeter. FSM Commissioning Instruction – EN. DBU Rev. C. Manufacturer: ABB Automation Products GmbH . FSM AnalyzeIT. ControlIT. EngineerIT. FieldIT. InformIT. OperateIT. PowerIT these systems. ABB has now developed a universal flowmeter with. 2. FSM THe eLecTroMAGneTIc FLowMeTer oF cHoIce. — electromagnetic flow measurement with the FSM made in ABB. The FSM at a glance.

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It assists the user with the safe and efficient operation of the device. Supports for meter sizes larger than DN Preliminary checks prior to start-up Read and follow the instructions in this manual. Excluded from this are repairs performed by ABB-authorized specialist shops. The symbol indicates a possibly damaging situation. If it is not avoided, the product or something in its area can be damaged. Important The symbol indicates operator tips or especially useful information.

This is not a message for a dangerous or damaging situation. The model number of the flowmeter sensor or transmitter see nos. Before the use of corrosive and abrasive measuring fluid, the operator must clarify the resistance of all parts that come into contact with the fluid to be measured. ABB will gladly support you with the selection, however, cannot accept any liability. Proper disposal prevents negative effects on people and the environment, and supports the reuse of valuable raw materials.

If it is not possible to dispose of old equipment properly, ABB Service can accept and dispose of returns for a fee. Use the supplied cable DDU01 for the magnet coil circuit.

In this event, the magnet coil is supplied via the supply power see name plate for the flowmeter sensor. When the housing cover is open, EMC and protection against contact are suspended.

There are electric circuits within the housing which pose a contact risk. For flowmeters with preamplifiers, the signal length is increased to m. Avoid chains since these may damage the housing. Transport of flanged units smaller than DN Pos: Transport of flanged units larger than DN Pos: Do not expose the transmitter fzm4000 direct sunlight.

Provide appropriate sun protection as necessary. Improper support for the device may result in deformed housing and damage to internal magnet coils.

Meter size DN Max. The factory flow in upward direction. Use a copper wire min. This element grounds the measuring agent. For vertical installation, align the cable glands pointing downward. The supplied cable signal cable part no.


DDU01 fulfill the submersion requirements. Wait a few hours before closing the cover in order to allow the compound to dry, and to release any possible gas. Ensure that the packaging vsm4000 and the drying bag are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. The wire cross-section for the supply power must meet the requirements for the main fuse VDE If the flow indicator shows the incorrect direction after successful startup of the meter, e.

The resistance R and capacitor C form the bus termination. They must be installed when the device is connected to the end of the entire bus cable.

ABB FSM4000 (Magmeter)

The flowmeter sensor must be installed at a largely vibration-free location. The flowmeters sensor have an end number of X1, X2, etc. The transmitters have the end numbers Y1, Y2, etc. Operating Mode submenu of the transmitter. First switch off the Programming Protection “Prog. Then select the parameter “Flow indication” and change “Standard” to “inverse”. Finally, activate Programming Protection via “Prog. For uncomplicated configuration Pos: This can be re-ordered at any time from ABB at no cost part no.

The upper limit of the current is electronically limited. In the event of an error, the integrated FDE function Fault Disconnection Electronic integrated in the device ensures that the current consumption can rise to a maximum of 13 mA. If closed, use the magnet stick 5 and the magnet sensors. The stick is held over the appropriate NS symbol.

When entering data, the values are checked for plausibility and, if necessary, rejected with an appropriate message. All entries in the standard menus can be read Locked All “Standard” menus are shaded in gray Prog.


Contains all menu items needed to operate the device. The transmitter first changes the pulse factor and then the pulse width. Display adjustment value for transmitter for the current Adjust Iout 4 mA output at 4. Mains Frequency, Type with “Older Model” DEP function will run properly in “Standard” mode.

Not displayed, if DEP is switched off. You can also adapt the Display contrast of the display to local conditions by pressing the arrow keys. The substatus is displayed after the status, if applicable. For information about the numeric code, refer to the interface documentation. Overflow 12 x No entry for standard devices without HART hardware. User-defined text Description max. Setting the ID no. Switch Contacts – Contact Output. Every point in the dot matrix is activated Display one after another.


Once all points are activated, a missing point is easily detected. Alert Coil Volt Lower range limit for alarm Min. If coil resistance is being measured at least every 60 sthe last valid flowrate value during the measure- ment is retained approx. To properly display the electrode voltage, the electrode zero must be adjusted. For additional information, see “Submenu Adjustment” on page Defines alarm behavior in case of a short circuit or a wire Submenu break in the electrode circuit.

This function can only be used after adjustment of the electrode zero. Copies the current data record in the Fingerprint “as to Product 1 Product1”. Current measured electrode AC voltage E1 N1: Current measured electrode AC voltage E2 N2: Stored zero E1 A1: Stored zero E2 A2: Display the count of mains interrupts during operation. HMx Status register for enhanced diagnostics.

For additional information, see chapter “7.

ENTER to perform the automatic adjustment. If the value is outside this limit, no calibration is performed. During this measurement, dsm4000 flowrate cannot be measured and Gd the last valid flowrate value is retained. The EB can be determined without affecting the flowrate measurement, i.

Zero Point” see page For additional information, refer to the relevant error registers. These can be selected and accessed in the Submenus Display or Status.

You might need to allow the flowmeter to cool off overnight. Added documentation for the additional points Pos: Messages and tests Pos: When entering information, the error codes To properly process requests, you must include the ABB order number and unit number of the flowmeter sensor. After installing the FRAM and switching on the power, you can start up the system. Review all flowmeter sensor data and setup data for the system, and enter this information again, if necessary.

After completing the flowrate can be simulated. For repairs to the lining, electrodes or magnet coil, the flowmeter must be returned to the local office of ABB.