was no way for a nova in Australia to know that a nova in South Africa was already calling himself “Vortex.” Appellate Lexington is here to remove the confusion. Aberrant [White Wolf Publishing] on The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide: Prompts and Activities to Create the Most Interesting Story. Find great deals for Aberrant Core Rulebook HC White Wolf WW Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Submitted May 16, Updated April 26, Submitted November 8, Submitted September 6, Submitted September 5, Updated September 5, Updated May 12, Submitted Aberrajt 2, Updated September 4, Submitted September 1, Submitted August 31, The Nova Age is filled with wonders and horrors, yet it is only a brief season on a tiny blue planet.

There is much rulevook of the Aeon Continuum for intrepid novas to explore.

The stars beckon them to find new worlds and life unlike any found on Earth. Parallel universes draw them to explore Earths where history went differently – sometimes dramatically so – from that of their own.

Both past and future time periods tempt them to lose themselves in either simpler times or brighter tomorrows. All of these unknown territories lie open for novas to discover, but at what cost to the world and civilization they will leave behind?

Nexus rulebolk the means for Storytellers to expand their chronicles to the stars, other times, parallel universes and beyond.

The risks and rewards of extrasolar space exploration are examined, as are the threats such explorers could encounter. Crossover mechanics to bring Aberrant characters into Adventure! Mysteries of both noetic and quantum space are probed. Finally, the secrets of the Doyen – one of the most potent alien threats to novakind and humanity alike – are revealed. The doorway is open. Will you step through or be left behind? Also included in this download is the font for Vox Deus, which can be used with Aberrant: Super Science By filipham Adapted rules from Adventure!

Aberrant Companion By Matt rulebok page pdf featuring fan made enhancements, powers and rules. Even so, they were but a aberrant of things to come. Despite the best efforts of Rluebook Proteus — and with secretive help aberrqnt the Teragen — the new marvels would bring forth a second generation…and those children would prove to be a purer breed. A Breed Apart explores ruleook future of novakind, a future that is nearer than some may think. The ever-thorny issue of mixed heritage is addressed.


The sterilization “mickey” is examined, as rullebook ways in which it may be bypassed. Groups and individuals that are driven to find — and either aid or stop — nova parents are coee.

And new rules are presented for the so-called “2ndGen” novas — who can follow very different paths, depending upon how their parents addressed the matter of Taint. Aberrant Outbreak By Matt A fan made adventure. Unfortunately, several errors in the Aberrant core rules slipped by during the development process.

Hopefully, the following clarifications should close some gaps and clarify matters. Rippling muscles and tough-as-steel skin work together with catlike grace to perform feats that leave even the finest baseline athlete in the dust. This book shows just how remarkable these New Olympians can be…and the price of perfection of the flesh.

Aberrant Core Rulebook HC White Wolf WW8550

The New Flesh takes a closer look at what defines aberrany Physical Mega-Attributes, and the effects that Mega-Physical novas can have on the world around them. As an added bonus, Aberrant: The New Flesh also includes expanded options for combat, weapons and exotic environments so that you can fight your next battle with whatever you need, wherever you may be.

The font for Vox Deus has been included as an optional download. Anyone can use this as an easy reference to locate any known Nova in any of the main books or supplements.

And with reason, what can stop you now? Yeah, we know that Proteus has enough info about nova behaviour and physiology to keep the potential threats where they can be watched and given the case controlled. The Directive is always vigilant, if you touch a coin they know who you are, where you corr and what you ate.

Just imagine what could happen if dore day they find out what the other does, and by accident, and to spice things a little, if a faction of novas tries to take over a portion of the world, one aberran a very dangerous place, near old nuclear missiles silos, near China, near total extinction.


This series takes the scenario presented in the source book Aberrant Worldwide and boosts the possible outcomes to apocalyptic levels.

Aberrant – RPG Post

In this series the political intrigue is as important as the quantum bolts and fists, and can be played as a spy movie, or as a non-stop, cliff-hanger action movie.

While politics may seem boring and tedious, the relevance of small countries in the global scenario, and how not all battles can be won with fists alone, and how politics sometime need a fist on their faces to accelerate things a little.

Power players are left out of the arena in unexpected ways, a new generation of paragons, monsters and icons need to step into the spotlight and carry the world on their backs; also have to decide if a race is totally obliterated or if the planet is an acceptable casualty. Reference Book By Matt A very useful directory that shows players where to find specific information in just about any of the Aberrant books.

Abilities, Background, and Quantum Powers are a snap to find with this index. Thanks to JessiLaurn for providing it! This rlebook was guided by the work completed in the Mega-Mental sourcebook Brainwaves, and inspired by the fine folks at White Wolf. Sexy, Savvy, and in-control, Ruleboom gifted novas have dominated the media and backroom dealings of the world from the get-go. From drop dead gorgeous models, to spokespersons and lawyers that always get their way, these socially adept novas have broken all the rules of etiquette and blackmail.

Virtually anyone can be bought, broken or converted if left in the hands of a determined nova socialite. There is also a growing public consciousness of the risk such novas present in an ever-evolving world. What baseline can ccore with a nova that can literally possess anything or anyone they desire? Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Sign In Sign Up.