Since then, she has established the most secretive of Teragen enclaves. Known as the Nursery, this hidden encampment in the jungle of her native Zaire is. Aberrant: Teragen – The Old World Must be Destroyed Cast as monsters, villians and rogues, the novas of Teragen are hatred by Project Ut. Aberrant: Teragen [White Wolf Publishing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Boulle, Phillippe, Soulban, Lucien.

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Aberrant: Teragen

The issue is, what is more important to belong among Teragen, willingness and ability visibly to forsake humanity, or dedication to the ideals of Teras?

As for the Cult of Mal, I assume it could go both directions: Mal and Scripture would probably more accepting of such a character mirroring the attitude of Mal vs. Orzaiz than the Apostle. For a related topic, now, let’s instead or also assume that such a nova works like an elite, but still professes allegiance to Teragen and a code of honor roughly compatible to Teras: Such a character would likely not raise to the top tiers of elite popularity, due to his refusal to kill other elites, and his willingness to work for baselines would proabably sully his popularity somewhat with the most radical separatists e.

As a general note, Teragen disdains going elite, both for the nova loss of life for the sake of baslines, and for the implied exploitation, but if an elite acts to minimize the former, and makes it clear that he’s doing it a voluntary lifestyle choice, but his ultimate sympathies go toward Teragen, how is going to be different?? I’m asking this because of the strong affinities that exist between Teragen and some elite subcultures, e. DeVriesso I think at least some novas should exist that both want to belong in Teragen, and work as elites.

First off, you have one of the founding members of the Teragen, Count Orzaiz, being developed as a rather moderately powered, low-taint leader of an entire faction.

I think he is the only founder to be first stage Things more like personal risk and the value of the services you provide are considered more important. The counter-point to this is the radical Harvesters like Leviathen and the Apostle’s faction of the Cult of Mal.

Obviously, if you aren’t wracking up the hight taint, you aren’t really serious about the Teragen movement, are you? Between the two, you have less severe viewpoints.

The Pandamonium is likely to take a dimmer view of racking up the teraagen, as it makes partying with the baseline pawns more difficult. As for elites and the Teragen On one hand, they say they hate the elites for prostituting themselves. On the other, the whole-heartedly give influence to Epoch, who is a aberratn elite. I’d forgotten about Epoch. He’s even 2nd stage Portent, so he’s serious about Qberrant.

He’s Nova Vigilance, so that faction teragne protecting novas more important than baseline interests. I suspect that Primacy aberratn be less accepting. Note that their leaders, Confederate and Shrapnel, are abegrant, so they gave up on the elite culture as baseline-pandering. About Epoch, he is peculiar about his elite occupation: Note also that he ‘s described as an elite of note, second only to totentanz. NV and other pragmatical terats probably warmly welcomed such a power.


Actually this is a matter of factions, and who is the terat you’re talking about. Elite sourcebook and Teragen sourcebook are not necessarily contradictory: Teragen, on the over hand, tends to see them as willing or unwilling tools for baselines, and as a big waste, but surely not as much as Utopia members moreover they tend to fight each over much less frequently.

Overall I think Teragen as a movement won’t deny an Elite the right to be a part teraben it. Same thing about low-taint novas. Many terats tend to see monstruosity as a sign of high evolution Apostle, Leviathanand the perception of even Chrysalis differs among members. For many, Chrysalis is probably just a mean to increase their anerrant over quantum without incurring madness or monstrousity, and NOT a sign of devotion some like Mathematician aberratn even don’t understand any “devotion” point.

I would add that low-taint nova and 2nd gen novas should probably NOT be amalgamated, at least among terats. Even “pro-monstruosity” Terats see them in a whole different way I guess. They tend teragn suspect low taint novas as Orzaiz to love humanity too much, to refrain themselves in their own evolution. In my opinion, 2nd gen are the whole purpose of the Teragen movement and are seen as teargen Second Coming of Mal remembereven The Apostle wants to sire a child with Narcosis.

Actually, do they really see 2nd Gen as that marvelous? In abstract, they may be a sign of the future. In practice, they’re just more pawns. Envy may be an issue as well. By adolescence, it might be only a point to rebel against sigh, kids these days ABA describes 2nd gen as something close to pawns or even liability to Terats, and this is just another point of desagreement to me.

Preservation of the future generations is a constant among species, why Terats should consider discarding their whole future just for powerplay? This is preposterous, and I think personally this abergant related in ABA to the bad opinion the authors seem to carry about Teragen movement ABA more than once tends to use negative words about Teragen belief.

I think that more aberrrant a few Pantheon members would see 2nd gen as dangerous The Mathematician because they arez unpredictable, Leviathan because it’s dangerous for his dogma ,the Apostle because he’s crazyBUT we must consider that many Terats came to aberraht Nursery to have children.

Why would they reject them now? And I don’t think it was just a mean to get more power to them, ’cause it’s way too impredictable.

I don’t know if I ever use it, and of course I’ll be free to change it as any other GM would. I don’t mean to criticize their hard work, this is just a comment around what could be qualified as “cannon topic”.

And that said, the Nursery could have as many defenders as attackers. There are many factions and views in the Teragen. When making their choices, mileage may vary. When a Terat sires a kid, he may watch over it, ignore it or micromanage it. And who knows what a rival might think about that kid? Neither the Teragen nor the factions therein are monolithic in their attitudes.

When it comes to crunch time, all the usual human nature responses will be seen, good and bad. The kids may or may aberdant be able to defend themselves.


In your tragen, what happens abeerrant shape the future of novadom. Maybe that’s why Mal wanders off into his own universe, he just can’t stomach how it all works out. What you’re saying makes much sense to me, I have to agree in more than a few points.

About Teragen members and 2nd, this is more or less what I meant: Anywayabout Mal and his reaction, I think he would have one at least and I don’t know which. Bounty has played her cards rather poorly for this kind of aberrqnt.

She could teragfn should have a set of nova body guards, whose interests and personalities are more or less compatable with her own. She doesn’t, and it’s too late in the game to do this. Or is it both? So obviously your abeerant has to send someone to watch that person, and now we have the start of both an arms race and wberrant war with the nursery as ground zero. Maybe, are you all forgetting that in Cannon 2nd Gen’s have obscene amounts of powers even as children?

Adam had the ability to Teleport his way out of Brahaim through the Mox and the Quantum dampeners. The Nursery might be a playground that turns into a carnage, but not every kid will be a victim in that place if it does.

I think more than a few Terats could handle this Ignore for the moment that Adam might have been a freak of nature. Assume for the moment that Adam had Q6 a big if, he might have just had a very high node. Tedagen see nothing in there that suggests he didn’t have a one bullet life span.

What makes anyone think Divis ever tried to do this?

Aberrant: Teragen by Phillippe Boulle

He let his people suffer there for a teraben, he’s not big on solving other people’s problems for them. Then when the cameras were rolling, he made his move in a big showy way. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted May 11, A question that I’ve been reminded of, while reading ABA: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

NV will follow the leads of Geryon and Epoch. Posted May 12, Posted May 14, Posted May 15, Not to mention the likelihood that Mal or Scripture would step in to prevent damage to the Nursery. Posted May 16, Posted May 17, Posted May 18, Okay, but Adam is a very specific 2nd, his aberrznt potential seems unlocked already.

Adam Ignore for the moment that Adam might have been a freak of nature. Teleporting into Bahrain What makes anyone think Aberrnat ever tried to do this? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to teraven a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account.

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