Abstract. VIASUS PEREZ, Diego F.; PINILLA, Análida E. and LOPEZ, Myriam C.. Immunology of the amebic liver abscess. Rev. salud pública [online]. , vol.6 . Ciencias Médicas. Enero-febrero, ; 19(1): Absceso hepático amebiano, presentación atípica. An atypical presentation of amoebic hepatic abscess. Se presentan dos casos de absceso hepático amebiano con complicación torácica. Se comenta brevemente la patogenia, clínica, diagnóstico y tratamiento de.

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Am J Med ; SRJ is a prestige metric based on the idea that not all citations are the same. CT-guided percutaneous drainage was carried out in 6 cases 5 heptico them with abscess sizes exceeding 10 cmand surgery in 4 cases. Metronidazole is the drug of choice for the treatment of ALA and amebic colitis adult dosage of mg orally three times a day for days.

A second blood cultures were sterile. Mean hospital stay was 18 days and two patients died. Absesi, the abscess only causes fever. Med Clin Barc ; The sensitivity increases in the second to third week of the infection. A short review of amfbiano pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis and management asbeso the entity is included.

In Spain, during the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of autochthonous cases. We report a case of an amebic abscess, initially unsuspected due to the absence of epidemiologic risk factors and the negative serology for amebiasis, in the early stages of the disease.


Pyogenic liver abscess was defined as the observation of one or more ultrasound and CT images with positive cultures, or by positivity in two or more blood cultures of germs consistent with the diagnosis.

The increase of the number of cases in the absence of epidemiologic risk factors in our country, as derived from the increasing number of cases lately reported, and the present case, lead to consider the existence of autochthonous cases. Med Clin Bar ; An Med Interna Madrid ; Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; Introduction The incidence of pyogenic liver abscess PLA ranges from 1. Ann Rev Med, 32pp. Estudio de una serie de 45 casos. Overall mortality was related to the diseases that needed surgical treatment acute cholecystitis, obstructive icterus, infected hydatid cyst in the liver, peritonitis, postoperative biliary stenosis, and carcinoma of the gallbladder.

The micro-organisms isolated from the pyogenic abscesses were: Immunology of the amebic liver abscess. The antibiotic regimen was changed to imipenem. In developing countries like Vietnam, were infection by Entamoeba histolytica is endemic, the annual incidence of amebic liver abscess is 21 cases perhabitants. The radiological findings are those of a liver abscess and consist of a low density collection absezo CT or a hypoechogenic lesion on ultrasonography, with posterior acustic shadowing and inner echos that mobilize with postural amebiabo.

Current concepts in parasitology: Garmendia 3M.

Absceso hepático amebiano sobreinfectado sin antecedentes epidemiológicos

Li E, Stanley SL. Manuscripts will be submitted electronically using the following web site: Treatment with metronidazole was initiated with disappearance of fever. Predisposing conditions for pyogenic abscesses were: How to cite this article.


A total of Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol ; 2: There are small series of cases and isolated cases described in the literature Rev Clin Esp ; Enfermedades infecciosas de los pulmones. The serological test for E.

The ALA is most common in men and usually locates in the right lobe of the liver.

Little, Brown and Company,pp. In blood tests in amoebic infections there is often a moderate increase of alkaline phosphatase; icterus is rare and, when present, moderate.

This therapeutic regimen should be followed by a luminar agent like paramomycin for a period of seven days 2. Two cases of amebic abscess of the liver are described. The amebic liver abscess ALA has a worldwide incidence of 50 cases per year 1. Services on Demand Article.

Antibiotic therapy was initiated with piperaciline-tazobactam and a percutaneous drainage was performed. He denied respiratory symptoms or changes in bowel habit.

Serum tests are usually very helpful in the diagnosis of the disease. Entamoeba histolytica is a protozoa that infects humans by fecal-oral contact. Service of Digestive Diseases. An Med Interna Madrid ; 5: Antibiotic treatment without drainage is controversial. Parasitism by Entamoeba histolytica in developed countries occurs in specific population subgroups: Am J Gastroenterol ; Ann Intern Med, 93pp.