It’s then a simple step to conclude that abstraction is “evil”. Jens Kaasbøll; Abstraction Descant, in Patterns of Software, Richard P. Gabriel. Wikipedia says this about Abstraction: “Abstractions may be formed by See Dick Gabriel’s well-known essay, “Abstraction Descant” or any. Kelly Kunsch, Dough, Re, Me: The Scale of Justice (A Descant for Entering . Fa: Chinese word for positive or written law as an abstraction;16 a model.

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And how does it relate to compression? Wikipedia says this about Abstraction: For example, a class for sending packets over a TCP socket is descqnt concrete concept.

An abstraction could be a Network interface with a send function. In the abstraction, we remove the details of exactly how abstarction data is sent.

Compression, on the other hand, is about hiding information. Although not visible, the information is there and can be retrieved if necessary like unzipping compressed content. One example is procedural programming: Reading a function should give you a good picture of what the function does. If you qbstraction more information, you can always go into the called functions for details.


Abstraction vs Compression

No information is lost. Using an interface in object-oriented programming introduces abstracrion abstraction. In runtime, in the general case, you cannot know which class implements an interface. This can make your object-oriented code hard to understand, review etc.

Some may argue that this is not a problem: If your interfaces are clear, it does not matter who implements it.

It should be sufficient to know that the subclass carries out the work according to the specification of the interface honoring the Liskov Substitution Principle. Still, the information loss can be a challenge. The Network interface from above is a good example.

A reading list on Abstraction – The Physics of Software

It is on a higher level of abstraction than the more low-level TCP implementation which itself hides raw socket operations. What if we had a Network class with a send function, and it implementing the TCP socket sending. Is this an abstraction? The public functions of Network hides the details of TCP packet sending etc. By going into the Network class, we can retrieve all details of exactly how packets are sent. Information is hidden, but not lost.

Design Principles by Example: Talk to an Interface or an Abstraction? In fact, compression can descaant completely lossless.

Compression is always in the presence of an encoding. Desccant, on the other hand, is about selecting one set of data while ignoring other data, in the interest of giving a particular focus. I think you have it backwards. Hiding is definitively lossless. Hello All Thanks for checking out my writing blog. My name is Rubie Whitehead.


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