The AS50 fifty caliber (mm) sniper / antimateriel rifle is the latest development of the famous British company Accuracy International Ltd. First displayed in. Specifications. ( – Present). Type: Sniper Rifle. Caliber BMG. Weight: 27 lbs ( kg). Length: in ( cm). Barrel length: in ( cm). Accuracy International is based on the principles of world class manufacturing, teamwork, mutual respect and trust with the objective of maintaining our.

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The AS50 is a. The AS50 enables operators to engage targets at very long range with high accuracy using explosive or incendiary ammunition. The AS50 employs a gas operated semi-automatic action and muzzle brakeallowing for lower recoil than the AW50 bolt-action rifle and faster target acquisition.

The rifle is highly transportable, ergonomic and lightweight. It can intrenational disassembled in less than three minutes and serviced without tools. This high rate of fire is due mostly to the floating barrel and the lightweight titanium frame. The rifle has an accuracy of 1.

The barrel is free-floating. The two-part machined steel receiver features an integral accessory rail for mounting optical sights.

Two additional rails are mounted on the sides of the short barrel shroud. The AS50 weighs The AS50 employs a gas operated semi-automatic action and muzzle brake, allowing for lower recoil than the AW50 bolt-action rifle and faster target acquisition.

Two additional rails are mounted on the sides of the The AW50 is a. It is a re-engineered version of the Accuracy International Accurzcy Warfare L96 sniper rifle the standard issue sniper rifle in the British forces.

Overview The AW50 is intended to engage a variety of targets, including radar installations, light vehicles including light armoured vehiclesfield fortifications, boats and ammunition dumps. The standard ammunition combines a penetrator, high explosive and incendiary effect in a single round.

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle is a bolt-action sniper rifle designed and manufactured by the British company Accuracy International.

Accuracy International AS50

It has proved popular as a civilian, police, and military rifle since its introduction in the s. The rifles have some features that improve performance in very cold conditions, without impairing operation in less extreme conditions. Variable telescopic sights can be used if the operator wants more flexibility to shoot at varying ranges, or when a wide field of view is required. The German and Russian forces preferred a telescopic sight made by Zeiss[3] over Accuracy International’s recommendation.

History Original design The Accurac Devised as an upgrade, it is the latest iteration of the AW50 rifle and is built to withstand sustained, heavy usage. Inheriting all the attributes acxuracy its predecessor, it allows the operator a high level of accuracy and performance in the harshest of conditions. Fabricated by Accuracy International to meet the modern demands of military and police units alike and was designed with long range internatonal accuracy in mind for a more accurate anti-materiel weapon.

Special Operations Command solicitation. An undertaking by the U.

File:Ai aspng – Wikimedia Commons

Although the contract was lost to Remington’s Modular Sniper Rifle. Accuracy International is a specialist and world renowned British firearms manufacturer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, and best known for producing the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare series of precision sniper rifles. All were highly skilled international or national target shooters.

Accuracy International’s high-accuracy sniper rifles are in use with many military units and police departments around the world. Accuracy International went into liquidation inand was bought by a British consortium including the original design team of Dave Walls and Dave Caig.


Dave Caig remains in the business as a consultant. On 9 SeptemberAccuracy International announced that the.

As such the design details of the AWM variant are similar to the ones found in the basic AW rifle system. Compared to the AW, the AWM has a longer bolt to accommodate dimensionally larger magnum-length cartridges such as the.

The M99 is a semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle first introduced in It has since seen use by the People’s Liberation Army Navy and Marine Corps in anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden,[3] and has been seen in the hands of various rebel groups involved in the Syrian Civil War.

It features a large muzzle brake to aid in the mitigation of the tremendous recoil produced by its cartridge. A trial conducted by the Pakistan Army indicated that the rifle is capable of 1. Bullpup, drum magazine-fed variant. US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician with a McMillan Tac An anti-materiel rifle AMR is a rifle that is designed for use against military equipment materielrather than against other combatants “anti-personnel”.

History The origins of the anti-materiel rifle go back to the First World War, during which the first anti-tank rifles appeared.

While modern tanks and most other armored vehicles are too well protected to be affected by anti-materiel rifles, the guns are still effective for attacking unarmored or lightly armored vehicles. They can also be used against stationary enemy aircraft, missile launchers, radar equipment, small watercraft, communications equipment, crew served weapons and similar targets. Their value is in being able to precisely target and disable enemy assets from long range for a relatively low cost.

Despite having been designed to be used against equipment, Anti-materiel rifles have also been used for killing soldiers from distances that are beyond the effective internationa, Precision is a description of random errors, a measure of statistical variability. Accuracy has two definitions: More commonly, it is a description of systematic errors, a measure of statistical bias; as these cause a difference between a result and a “true” value, ISO calls this imternational.

Alternatively, ISO defines accuracy as describing a combination of both types of observational error above random and systematicso high accuracy requires both high precision and high trueness. In simplest internatlonal, given a set of data points from repeated measurements of the same quantity, the set can be said to be precise if the values are close to each other, while the set can be said to be accurate if their average is close to the true value of the quantity being measured.

In the first, more common definition above, the two concepts are independent of each other, so a particular set of data can be said to be either accurate, or precise, or both, or neither. Common technical definition Accuracy is innternational proximity This page is a listing of major precision rifle variants used by snipers from around the world. A hunting or precision rifle equipped with a telescopic optic has been long described as a sniper rifle. A person trained in the skills and art of sniping uses many weapons to complete the task accurscy mission given.

The weapon doesn’t necessarily have to be equipped with a telescopic optic. All snipers have a primary weapon. The secondary weapon is a precision rifle of some kind equipped with a telescopic optic and it is this weapon that is mistakenly referred sa50 as a sniper rifle.

Below is the list of precision rifles used by both military and law enforcement trained snipers and marksmen.

The table is sortable for every column. A semi-automatic rifle is a rifle that fires a single round each time the trigger is pulled. They are also known as self-loading rifles ‘SLR’ or auto-loading rifles.


Entering service officially inthe round is thought intwrnational some to be based on a greatly scaled-up. The cartridge itself has been made in many variants: The rounds intended for machine guns are made into a continuous belt using metallic links.

A wide variety of ammunition is available, and the availability of match grade ammunition has increased the usefulness of. The Barrett M82, standardized by the U.

– Accuracy International USA

Despite its designation as an anti-materiel rifle, it is used by some armed forces as an anti-personnel system. The M variant is also called the Light Fifty for its.

The M82A2 is no longer manufactured, though the XM can be seen as its successor. Overview Barrett Firearms Manufacturing was founded by Ronnie Barrett for the sole purpose of building semi-automatic rifles chambered for the powerful The weapon was first sold to the Swedish Army in Inthe United States armed The th Special Mission Battalion Hangul: History The unit was formed after the Munich massacre, which forced the South Korean government to create a counter-terrorist unit in time for the Olympics that would be held on South Korean soil.

The unit’s soldiers — once distinguished by their black berets before the standardization of the black beret for all active soldiers — are tasked with conducting urban counter terrorist missions, The L number alone is not a unique identifier, for instance there is an L11 automatic pistol, machine gun and tank gun.

Rather, it is used in conjunction with a weapon description e. Use of L numbers starts in the s and an equivalent system for military vehicles is the FV series fighting vehicle.

Sometimes, the number following the letter designation is an indicator of the year the weapon was adopted. For example, the SA80, adopted into British service as the L85, was first adopted in Some weapons such as the M18A1 Claymore[1] and M mortar[2] were not given L numbers and are referred to in official documentation by their manufacturer’s designations instead.

Likewise, legacy items such as the No. Royal Navy weapons systems a This is a list of currently in service equipment of the Royal Danish Army. The Equipment of the Singapore Army can be subdivided into: Will be replaced by a “next-Gen” AFV. Founded on April 15, on the orders of the late King Hussein, its primary roles include reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, search and evacuation, intelligence gathering combat, and the protection of key sites.

The Special Operation Forces are also charged with carrying out precision strikes against critical enemy targets.

Karabin Accuracy International AS50

The 7,strong unit[3] are equipped and trained to be able to operate behind enemy lines for long periods without any logistical support, and is considered one of the finest special forces units in the world. Their organizational structure has evolved significantly over the past half-century, as internal and external threats changed. This is an extensive list of small arms—including pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, personal defense weapons, assault rifles, battle rifles, designated marksman rifles, carbines, machine guns, flamethrowers, multiple barrel firearms, grenade launchers, and anti-tank rifles—that includes variants.

Russian fully automatic anti-materiel rifle, similar to the Russian KPB Never adopted by any military. Prototype everywhere A A. Intenrational variant of the American Colt Buntline Special.