For manuals not available in the Document library, contact your local ABB representative. ACS Hardware Manual to kW ( to hp). ABB industrial drives, ACS, drive modules, 1 to Hp. Contact and web kW. For more information please see the ACS hardware manual. ACS to kW/ to hp. Catalog. Low voltage AC drives manuals. Maintenance assistant. The maintenance assistant reminds the user about.

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The chapter describes the contents of the manual. It also contains information on the compatibility, safety and intended audience. Safety instructions Follow all safety instructions delivered with the drive.

Control locations and operating modes describes the control locations and operation modes of the drive. The control panel can be used to control the drive, read status data, and adjust parameters. The ACS control panel 17 Layout LCD display — Divided into three main areas: Status line — variable, depending on the mode of operation, see section Status line on manjal The ACS control panel 19 Operating instructions Basics of operation You operate the control panel with menus and keys.

ABB ACS850 Manual

The keys include two context- sensitive soft keys, whose current function is indicated by the text shown in the display above each key. To be able to start or stop the drive by using the control panel, the drive must be in local control. The display briefly shows a message about changing the mode and then returns to the Output mode. How to select a parameter and change its value Keeping the key depressed for a while first quickly changes the current digit until the cursor moves left one position.

For the latter option, see page A bit pointer parameter points to a bit value 0 or 1 of one bit in a bit signal. When adjusting a bit pointer parameter on the control panel, CONST is selected in order to fix the value to 0 displayed as C.

In the Assistants mode, you can: The ACS control panel 39 Parameter Backup The Parameter Backup option is used to export parameters from one drive to another or to make a backup of the drive parameters.

Scs850 stores all drive parameters, including up to four user sets, to the Control Panel. The ACS control panel 45 Trying to load a user set between different firmware versions If you try load a user set between different firmware versions, scs850 panel shows you the following fault information: Editing is allowed only in the LOC state, the option always edits the local reference value.

Serial number in manufacturing You can reset the parameter change log by setting Control locations and operating modes 53 Acd850 locations and operating modes Acz850 this chapter contains This chapter describes the control locations and operating modes of the drive. ACS External control 2 3 1 3. Program features 57 Program features What this chapter contains This chapter describes the features of the control program. Drive configuration and programming The drive control program is divided into two parts: Drive control program Firmware Application program Speed control Note that parameter changes made via the application program override changes made via the DriveStudio PC tool.


Application program licensing and protection The drive can be assigned an application licence consisting of an ID and password using the DriveSPC tool. If the value is 0, no licence has been assigned to the drive.

cas850 Program features 61 Motor control Constant speeds It is possible to predefine up to 7 constant speeds. Constant speeds can be activated, for example, through digital inputs. Constant speeds override the speed reference.

ABB ACS850 User Manual

Settings Parameter group 26 Constant speeds page Critical speeds A Critical speeds function is available for applications where it is necessary to avoid certain motor speeds or speed ranges because of, for example, mechanical Program features 63 The figure below is a simplified block diagram of the speed controller.

The controller output is the reference for the torque controller. Derivative acceleration compensation Proportional, integral Torque Speed Error reference reference value Derivative Actual speed Settings Parameter group 23 Speed ctrl page When a jogging function is activated, the drive starts and accelerates to the defined jogging speed along the defined jogging acceleration ramp.

When the function is deactivated, the drive decelerates to a stop along the defined jogging deceleration ramp. Program features 65 Start Phase Description enable Normal operation overrides the jogging. Drive follows the speed reference. Drive accelerates to the speed reference along the active acceleration ramp. When IR compensation is activated, the drive IR Compensation gives an extra voltage boost to the motor at low speeds.

On the other hand, a standard pulse encoder determines the rotor position when it rotates but the initial position is not known. Program features 69 The drive is capable of determining the rotor position when started to a running motor in open-loop or closed-loop modes. In this situation, the setting of Flux braking The drive can provide greater deceleration by raising the level of magnetization in the motor. The controller can be used to control process variables such as pressure, flow or fluid level.

In process PID control, a process reference setpoint is connected to the drive instead of a speed reference.

Program ,anual 71 Sleep function for maual PID control The following example visualizes the operation of the maunal function. The drive controls a pressure boost pump. The water consumption falls at night. As a consequence, the process PID controller decreases the motor speed. However, due to natural losses in the pipes and the low efficiency of the centrifugal pump at low speeds, the motor would never stop rotating.

See also page Mechanical brake control A mechanical brake can be used for holding the motor and driven machinery at zero speed when the drive is stopped, or not powered. Program features 73 X: The function keeps the internal start command on until the brake is closed in spite of the status of the external stop command.

Effective only when ramp stop has been selected as the stop mode Program features 75 Example The figure below shows a brake control application example. Make sure that the machinery into which the drive with brake control function is integrated fulfils the personnel safety regulations.

Note that the frequency converter a Complete Drive Module or a Maanual Drive Module, as defined in IECis not considered as a safety device mentioned in the European Machinery Directive and related harmonised standards.

The time periods can be used to control four different timers. Units equipped with a main contactor must be equipped with a hold circuit e. UPS to keep the contactor control circuit closed during a short supply break. The overvoltage fault level is set to V. The intermediate DC circuit is manhal over an internal resistor which maanual bypassed when the capacitors are considered charged and the voltage has stabilized.


The user is responsible for installing the emergency stop devices and all the additional devices needed for the emergency stop to fulfil the required emergency stop category classes. For more information, contact your local ABB representative. The emergency stop signal is to be connected to the digital input which is selected as the source for the emergency stop activation par.

The resistance of the sensor increases mxnual the motor manula rises over the sensor reference temperature Tas does the voltage over the resistor.

The figure and table below show typical KTY84 sensor resistance values as a function of the motor operating temperature. The drive monitors the status of the Safe torque off input. It is possible to adjust the supervision limits current, frequency and time and choose how the drive reacts to a motor stall condition. Program features 85 Energy saving calculator This feature consists of three functionalities: Limitations A backup can be done without interfering with drive operation, but restoring a backup always resets and reboots manuao control unit, so restore is not possible with the drive running.

It is manuxl possible to use digital inputs to switch between different user parameter sets. See the acs50 of parameters Application macros 89 Application macros What this chapter contains This chapter describes the manuxl use, operation and default control connections of the application macros.

More information on the connectivity of the JCU control unit is given in the Hardware Manual of the drive. General Application macros are pre-defined parameter sets. In external control, the control location is EXT1. The drive is speed-controlled; the reference signal is connected to analog input AI1. The sign of the reference determines the running direction. The selection between the control locations is done through digital input DI3. The macro offers seven preset constant speeds which can be activated by digital inputs DI4…DI6 see maual Application macros 99 Default parameter settings for Sequential control macro Below is a listing of default parameter values that differ from those listed in chapter Additional parameter data page Parameter Sequential control macro default Name Parameters Parameters What this chapter contains The chapter describes the parameters, including actual signals, of the control program.


By default, a selective list of parameters is shown by manuxl drive panel or DriveStudio. All parameters can be displayed by setting parameter Actual signals can be monitored, but not adjusted, by the user. Parameter groups 1…9 typically contain actual signals. Can be reset by entering 0 using the DriveStudio PC tool.

See also chapter Control through a fieldbus adapter on page See section Jogging on page