ACTAR – Infantry lungs available in packs of , stored in a handy pouch with an instruction card. 10 adult manikins, disposable lungs, video, instruction card and a durable nylon bag with carry handles and shoulder strap. Weight 8 kg (17 lb.). Disposable ACTAR – Adult/child lungs. Available in packages of stored in handy pouch with instruction card.

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ACTAR accredited reconstructionists completing this class as a refresher course will be awarded. The Class was well thought out and the Instructors were great. It covered everything from simple speed formulas to momentum calculations.

The hands on portion of the class were also challenging and it made the student think of the crash and how to solve for it. The prep course not only honed my math skills, but I also learned the proper way to prepare a diagram to the ACTAR standards. There are many ways to ask a question, and without this review, you will see a question that you don’t recognize and struggle with the answer. The instructors are “top notch”.

The interaction amongst the students is something that you can not get by studying on your own. To give this test your best instrucfion, you need this course.

Well organized and thorough with extensive hands-on projects. The course is well presented with the student in mind. It starts off by getting into the basics to refresh the mind and build cars. Then once the class is on a roll, the test taking strategies are instruftion and discussed along with math, math and more math.

The instructors, Ross and Paul are very knowledgeable and dedicated. In my case, time management was my problem. The instructors stayed after class to help me overcome my slow pace in working the math scenarios. These tips and instrucgion helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass the exam after my previous failure.

Your classmates are also a part of the support. Mostly everyone had a problem in one way or another. The student network was also an integral part of sorting out some of the deficiencies and helping to find the solutions. Ross and Paul are top shelf instructors and present the topics like no one else I’ve ever been associated with”.

Actar Cadet Pack Converter Pack Of 5

How to pass the exam! The instructors focus on how to prepare specifically for the exam, honing the specific skills that help you pass. Frankly, one would be foolish to take the ACTAR exam without taking this course–even if you would pass anyway, you deepen your knowledge with the excellent SRR instruction.

I found the Practical Handouts they provided really nailed the Center of Mass problem you need to pass the Practical Phase of the Test. They also draw from past experiences that others in the class like myself have had in past tests to get as much information out about the pending exam. This collaboration, coupled with the knowledgeable instructors and their desire for you to pass the exam, makes this course a must have if you plan on challenging the exam.


At the time, the course was a review of advanced techniques in Accident Reconstruction. After attending the 40 hours course I was confident that I would pass the Actar Examination which was given that following day, as a result, I failed the examination miserably.

After learning that there was a course available through SRR Training that strictly dealt with the preparation of the Actar Exam, I attended and the results were that I passed both the theory and the practical exam. I would highly recommend that anyone wishing to further themselves in the field of Accident Reconstruction and are wanting to become Actar accredited, this is a must course that will get you over the top.

I originally took the exam in the summer of and was unsuccessful on both portions of the test. I began looking for courses that would get me back in the classroom mode and refresh the skills I had acquired from my original training. I had decided that I did not want to be the guy that took the test over and over.

When I weighed the cost of the course against traveling and taking the test unsuccessfully I thought it would be worth the gamble. This was definitely a gamble that paid off; SRR gave me the confidence and enhanced my skills through excellent and very knowledgeable instructors to successfully pass the exam. This course has the building blocks that one needs to master this craft.

Ross and Paul are thorough and patient. The exhibits are right on the money. This course puts you in the battleground mode that is needed to attack the test. The four day course covers topics and application skills that may be a bit rusty. It also provides test taking strategies that will prove to be beneficial on test day. The course is taught by two extremely knowledgeable instructors who truly care and want you to pass.

2013 Product Guide – page 156

This 4 day course is taught by dedicated instructors with a passion for accident reconstruction. The course materials and the individual attention by the instructors is commendable. The first time acfar inand I viewed this course more as a refresher class having no intention in taking the ACTAR test at the time.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take the ACTAR prep class a second time to further reinforce the material in preparation for the exam.

In both classes, the two instructors Ross and Paul were outstanding and well-versed in their presentation. The context of the material was well organized and took you step-by-step through the necessary formulas. I highly recommend this course for anyone whose goal it is to pass this exceptionally difficult exam!


Moriarty, Holyoke Police Dept. It was a bit of a gamble because Care had to travel across country for the class, but it paid off with a passing score on the first attempt. I can honestly say I would not have passed the exam without this class.

ACTAR – Squadron 10 Pack

As a practicing engineer I found it to be an excellent refresher course. It provides a very thorough review of the material and skills that you will need to optimize your chances of passing the exam. For the first part of the exam you will have to work out and answer 75 problems in 4 hours. For the second part of the exam, you will have to reconstruct an actual accident from the information that is provided.

With everyone using CAD these days, you might be rusty on your drawing skills. This course will give you an opportunity to catar your drawing skills and also provides a good review of the concepts and techniques you will need to pass this part of the exam. To speak with any of these individuals about the course, go to www.

You will then see a link connecting you to the individual and their contact information. This 4-day preparatory course provides reconstructionists with the knowledge and skills necessary, to confidently take the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction ACTAR Examination. The first part of the examination is a seventy-five 75 question comprehensive written exam covering eleven 11 different areas of crash reconstruction.

In the actad part of the examination, students will be faced with reconstructing a hypothetical crash. The information about the crash will be provided by ACTAR and students will be expected to work individually in relation to accurately answering questions that are posed to them. This course has many facets to it, primarily though, it is the goal of the instructors to instill the confidence in the attendees so that they can be prepared to take and pass this examination. This will be accomplished by:.

Pencils, hi-liters and paper will be provided. It is the sole responsibility of the individual planning on taking the Instructioj examination to see that the proper application is requested, completed and returned within the timeframe established by ACTAR and to see that all fees required are paid in full.

If you wish to pay for this course by means of a credit or debit card, please register for the course first, then return to this page and click on the PayPal icon below and fill in the required information.