Adat Temenggung is favourable to men compared to Adat Perpatih. It is based on the characteristic of the patrilineal form of organisation and. Adat Perpatih are customary laws which originated from the Minangkabau Highlands in Sumatra, Indonesia. It was found by a Minangkabau leader named . Adat (Jawi: عادت) is the generic term derived from Arabic language for describing a variety of . The major concern with adat, both Temenggung and Perpatih in the research and literature, has been with so-called adat law, or the definition of.

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A ncestral Properties e.

Female members hold the property in trust for the family. Will cannot dispose off the Adat properties and female members tribe can only inherited in equal shares. Perpatiih in Adat Perpatih do not have the right to the Ancestral Properties.

Adat Temenggong is favourable to men compared with Adat Pepatih. The Adat Temenggong has been Islamised and has adopted a more patrilineal character in favor of men in the distribution of inheritance. Home What is Customary Law? What Makes Your Will Valid?


What are the Characteristics of Your Will? What Assets of Yours Cannot be Willed? When Your Will is Revoked? Can a Muslim write a Will? What are the Advantages of a Will Wasiyyah? What are the choices of distribution in a Wasiyyah? What if a Muslim Dies Without a Will? What is Customary Law? What is Estate and Temengguny Planning?

Adat perpatih

Why Should You do Estate Adah What are the Executor duties? What if your Executor demised or no Executor Appointed in your Will? How to apply a Probate?

Wills Executed abroad is Valid in Malaysia? Who can Vary Your Will? What About My Foreign Assets? What information is required to write a Will? What is a Perpayih Why Set Up A Trust? What is a Living Trust? Join us on Facebook. Customary Law is an ancient or native unwritten law for a particular local place.

It is a set of laws that not enacted by legislative authority in a country.

Commercial Law: Customary Law in Malaysia : Adat Perpatih

In Malay local term we call it as Adat. It was democrtatic perpagih Adat brought from Minangkabau, Sumatera in Indonesia. Adat Pepatih is in conflict with Islamic rules in the sphere of land inheritance. Land is entailed to the women of the tribe who form the permanent members of the customary society. All females must be identified with a piece of customary land. The female heirs inherit equally their mother’s property irrespective of whether or not they predeceased their mother.


Their respective daughters in turn inherit the share of predeceased daughters. In other words, the granddaughters of a deceased female inherit through their deceased mother’s right of inheritance.

Men are compensated through the system of the tribal exogamous marriage marriage outside a tribe.

adn When a man marries into a female tribe, his wife already owns a piece of land e. The unmarried males have the right of life occupancy over the property of their mothers.

Adat Temenggong basicly holds the same rules on distribution of inheritance as Quran, which explains why Adat Temenggong is more acceptable in Malay society. If there is no son, the daughter is entitled to half of the estate.