Press Command-Shift-D to De-authorize Adobe Digital Editions. You can restore the backup copy of the Adept key by doing the following. Ran It found the key and saved as ” ” in the same directory where is. Then, I ran (v2. This will create the file in the same folder. Now, run the second script with wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Python27/

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This is one of old methods, if it is invalid to use other methods, you can have a try with this method.

How to remove DRM from ePUB PDF on Adobe Digital Editions

Try to follow instructions here http: I got the same problem with Dave Veilleux, just double click the files which script i got from pastebin and not any of them work, nothing happened: Make sure that the PyCrypto version matches the Python one.

I did and got this aeeptkey There won’t be any complicated operation like above. If the order you install the components is not as suggested, maybe they can’t be installed successfully.

After the download has finished, quit Adobe Digital Editions.

DRM Removal tool, all python scripts, Calibre plugins tutorial.

Could the source of the problem is that I have Python ver 2. I have downloaded it now, but I am afraid to uninstall version 2 and install version 1. I had try to solve this problem several months ago but it did not.

Check the folder with the script, cer will be the key: I then tried downloading the scripts from pastebin, the ineptpdf.


And once you are done, you should see this: Try to open your pdf book in Acrobat Reader now. My sugestion is always use a clean system with the latest version tools!!!

Posted in bookshowtoslinux 7 Comments. I hope these are the latest version? It worked for me with an encrypted PDF — thank you so much for your tutorial.

The same keyfile should work for all books downloaded with that account, so you only need to run the first script once per account. If everything goes smoothly, it will pop up prompt contents like below.

For those of you experiencing the Adobe Acrobat error: The good thing — you can read it for ninety-something percent now. Click here to download this tool. The first posting said: Follow the steps below to rebuild the Activation file. To run the adpetkey, we need the Windows version of Python get it from here and the cryptography package PyCrypto from here. Skip to content [updated 17 Oct ] Like Adobe says: Then I got ineptkey. At which point it fails for you?

Email me at adedrmsolution gmail. Right-click the Adept key and choose Delete. Thanks for your step by step clearly guide. Here are adepykey instructions which you’ll find in many places on the web – my version just makes it a bit easier for you!! For the ebooks containing DRM, they are not easy to be moved. Secondly, if you have downloaded the ebook afeptkey, and install the Adobe Digital Editions again now or update the Adobe Digital Editionsyou have to delete the old EPUB file first, then download it again through the new Adobe Digital Editions, or it also can’t be converted.

  750-461 WAGO PDF

Error “E_ADEPT_INTERNAL” | Download protected e-book | Digital Editions

Now, I just want to share with anyone who has tried to remove DRM with older version of software and fail. Hi Astrum, Thanks for the reply. Thanks for the great info. In the mean time, I thought I’d just cut and paste here what I tell people when they email me. You should then be able to copy the keyfile adeptkey. The Python version should be at adeptkry 2. These solutions are not supported, so using of exact version which proved to work might help.

Traceback most recent call last: When I want to compare the page by using foxit reader and adobe acrobet reader, I realize that it has a missing figures. The instructions aren’t always clear on the web – but I did find a thread on a site that was pretty simple to follow in the end!

Download the e-book again. But when you work with already decrypted document, you can sometimes fix it with other tools.

When I double click ineptkey, nothing happens, please help. Adrptkey, install Adobe Digital Editions on current computer. Before you modify the registry, make a backup copy of it. At last, click “OK” button. Come on now, this is The Registry Editor opens. You are commenting using your Facebook account.