Adoniram Judson biographies, American Baptist missionary to Burma. Adoniram Judson, Jr. (August 9, – April 12, ) was an American Congregationalist and later Baptist missionary, who served in Burma for almost forty. Adoniram Judson. ( – ). Apostle of the Love of Christ in Burma by Eugene Myers Harrison. THERE IT WAS — the site of the historic Let-ma-yoon prison.

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To the Golden Shore: For almost two years he was incarcerated in a prison too vile to house animals. Their ancient oracle traditions, handed down for centuries, contained some startling echoes of the Old Testament that some scholars conjecture a linkage adonira, Jewish communities or possibly even Nestoriansbefore their migrations from western China into Burma perhaps as early as the 12th century.

Spotted Face, was a brute in human form.

Adoniram Judson

Translated into Burmese by Adoniram Judson. Ko Tha Byu was no sooner baptized, when he set off into the jungle alone to preach to his fellow tribe members. Sarah Hall Boardman, widow of a fellow missionary, became Judson’s second wife. Finally, all became quiet in the next room. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource.

While studying for the ministry at Andover Seminary, MA, inhe and several other students determined to devote themselves to the judsom missions. In he visited the United Statesand on his return to Moulmein ; now Mawlamyine he completed and published his Dictionary, English and Burmese. When a depraved slave, a bandit and murderer, was brought to Judson inwho would have imagined that, a century later, the Christian Karens alone would have many splendid high schools, hundreds of village schools, some self-supporting churches and a Christian constituency of more than ,?

We are hastening toward the termination of the two adonoram years of which he spoke and, due to the tremendous increase in population, there are more — vastly more — unreached and unsaved people in heathen lands today than there were when Carey inaugurated the modern missionary movement. We cannot understand it now, but what a beautiful study for eternity! Warburtonand C.


Judson’s spirit groaned within him. Adoniram JudsonBaptist missionary, was the first American clergyman to devote himself to Christianizing Burma. Steven completed the English-Burmese half. When he finished it at last inhe had been labouring on it for 24 years. Finally for three long weeks she did not appear; but, upon her return, she bore in her arms a newborn baby to explain her absence.

The students inspired the establishment of America’s first organized missionary society. A study for eternity! Burma’s desire for more territory, and Britain’s desire for more trade. In a letter pleading for missionary reinforcements, he speaks of “the sin of turning a deaf ear to the plaintive cry of millions of immortal beings, who, by their darkness and misery, cry, day and night, ‘Come to our rescue, ye bright sons and daughters of America.

On one occasion Judson, pitifully weak and emaciated, was driven in chains across the burning tropical sands, until, his back lacerated beneath the lash and his feet covered with blisters, he fell to the ground and prayed that the mercy of God might grant him a speedy death. He accommodated to some Burmese customs and built a zayatthe customary bamboo and thatch reception shelter, on the street near his home as a reception room and meeting place for Burmese men.

Inimpressed by the four men’s politeness and sincerity, the elders voted to form the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. What seemed to be a clever plan occurred to Ann: Two irreconcilable hungers triggered the First Anglo-Burmese War of When a member of the Mission Board in America wrote, deploring the lack of results, and inquired adoniiram the prospects, this intrepid ambassador of Christ replied, “The prospects are as adonirsm as the promise of God.

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New York University Press, You may find it helpful to search within the site bography see how similar or related subjects are covered. After a long journey to the Isle of France, they returned to India and landed at Madras. Credit is due also to the three missionary pioneers to the Karen people, George Boardman and his wife, Sarah; and Adoniram Judson. The New Testament in Burmese.

Judson Harmona former Governor of Ohiowas named after him. Thomas Ranney, a fellow missionary. InJudson “made a solemn dedication of himself to God”.

Judson, Adoniram () | History of Missiology

He continued home, where he was greeted as a celebrity and toured the eastern seaboard raising the profile of and money for missionary activity. He was ordained the next day at the Tabernacle Church in Salem. Assured of their Lord’s presence! Influenced by contemporary romantic sentiments for preaching to the heathen, Judson joined other youthful seminarians in forming the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Inside the campus of Yangon University is Judson Church, named in his honor, and in Judson College, named in his honor, merged into Rangoon College, which has since been renamed Yangon University.

Thus began the fourth epoch in the life of this amazing man, this apostle of the love of Christ in Burma. Luther Ricewho had also converted, was in poor health and returned to America where his work and William Carey’s urging resulted in the formation of the first national Baptist denomination in the United States for Foreign Missions commonly called the Triennial Convention and its offshoot the American Baptist Missionary Union.