In an autotransformer, the common portion of the single winding acts as part of both the “primary” and “secondary” windings. The remaining. Auto-transformer Advantages: Auto-transformers in comparison with the double winding transformers are generally advantageous of the. ADVANTAGES OF AUTO TRANSFORMER STARTER: a) On the 65% tapping the line current is approximately equal tp that of a Star-Delta.

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The transfer of power between two circuits connected to an autotransformer occurs through two phenomena: Likewise, a transformer increases its capacity to transfer power when connected as an autotransformer. If an alternating voltage is applied between points C and D, and the output voltage is measured between points A and B, the autotransformer is said to be a voltage booster.

The operating principle is the same as that of the common transformer, so the transformation ratio between voltages and currents and the number returned is maintained.

The primary and secondary currents are in opposition and the total current flowing through the coils in common is equal to the difference of the current of the low voltage winding and the high voltage winding.

It has a single coil wound on the core, but has four terminals, two for each circuit, and therefore has points in common with the transformer. It consists of a autotranxformer of ends A and D, which has been made a derivation in the intermediate point B. For now we will call primary to the complete section AD and secondary autotransforker the portion BD, but in practice it can be the other way round, when you want to raise the primary tension.


The voltage of the primary network, to which the autotransformer will be connected, is V1, applied to points A and D.

Advantages and disadvantages of autotransformer | Simply Buy(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. Blog

disadvantagew We call the total current of vacuum I0, as we have done in other opportunities. There are autotransformers with several sockets in the secondary and therefore, with several transformation ratios.

In the same way as transformers, autotransformers can also be equipped with automatic tap changers and used in transmission and distribution systems to regulate the voltage of the electric network.

There are also autotransformers in which the secondary intake is achieved through a sliding brush, allowing a continuous range of secondary voltages ranging from zero to the voltage of the source. This last design was commercialized in the United States under the generic name of Variac and in practice it works as a source of alternating current in disadvahtages.

In this way we have a more effective AC machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of the autotransformer

This situation must be taken into account when deciding to use an autotransformer for a certain application. For higher voltage ratios, either the conventional two-winding transformer is more compact and economical, or it is impossible to build the autotransformer.

  AMT 9502 PDF

The advantages and disadvantages of autotransformers will be explained below. In short, we say that there is a wide range of advantages of autotransformers.

Auto-Transformers Advantages Disadvantages

Advantagee are very important applications for the operation of other machines that require autotransformers. In this investigation we conclude with the points mentioned above in which we find a wide range of advantages of the autotransformer and disadvantages explain the operation and how the autotransformer operates if advantzges say that the autotransformer is characterized by the others by having a single winding.

Elsewhere we say that autotransformers offer applications such as railway systems, squirrel-cage motor starters and the rural distribution system.

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