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In the ancient times literature of this kind was read during the wars to enthuse the warriors to heights of glory and heroism stedk today the same tradition prevails.

His poetry is and his conduct was filled with a longing for peace and harmonious fellowship, which sometimes even extended even to those who had attacked him and his devotees in the past. Thy love-lorn eyes have pierced my heart. He wanted the people to understand that there is only One God.

Written in fifty-five stanzas, this is the only composition this is in Punjabi. Only then could the people who cowered with fear against tyrannical forces could rise and face the foe undaunted. The third piece of writing associated with the portrayal of Chandi is called Chandi di Vaar.

The Dasam Granth is all rhymed poetry. The entire description follows the tradition of gurbani and elucidates the main ideas that are presented within it.

Akal Ustat Steek

It was You who created Durga so as to destroy the demons. In fact the aim of dawam this piece was to delineate the courage, the strength and the might of Guru Gobind Singh Ji against the backdrop of a world stage. Sri Harkrishan be meditated upon whose mere glimpse removes all sorrows.


This is how close Guru Sahib Ji regards himself to the Khalsa so it follows that Guru Ji wants to protect and make us aware of what goes on in the area of Kaam so that we are fully prepared for any eventuality.

There is no security for the Sikh children and women in any habitation. The Jaap Sahib has no equal. This composition has two main divisions.

Charitropakhyan the character of women and men Pages to Chapter 12 — from website Srigranth. The descriptions of scenes of battle are couched in extremely vigorous staccato rhyme often reduced to lines of one word each. So, if everything is as He wills it then why is it so difficult to accept that the Gurus wrote about it also. The letter had aakl a gumukhi affect on Aurangzeb that he realized his mistake and felt such a great remorse that his death followed soon after.

In fact, of all the transcendental literature written in the middle ateek the Jaap Sahib stands out unique for delineating the humanitarian attributes of God who is without attributes by presenting them in a worldly and universal form.

The descriptions of the battles have been brought out beautifully through the use of similes and metaphors. How then can Guru Ji be worshipping Durga?

He created both gods deities and demons and then created polemic. At various points, in this composition Guru ji has spoken out usrat the caste system. Dassam Lord of Death, Akal, is my refuge and He saves me is all tribulations.

Akal Takhat took strict action against them, by excommunicating many and organize various seminars with other Sikh organizations, where they proved that whole Dasam Granth is Bani of Guru Gobind Singh.

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Whenever the earth gets weighed down by evil and sin, God sends down lord Vishnu as an avatar. Actually Guru Ji wanted to dispel the false belief that there can be different Gods. The earliest surviving full manuscript of the Dasam Granth dates to[12] although it appears not to have been publicly available.

Akal Ustat Steek – Khalsa Library

Moreover they break musical instrument saranda he had with him. He created the oceans, mountains, earth and sky which stands above, unsupported by any pillars. Any one even moderately acquainted with Hindi can tell from the internal evidence of style grahth Chandi Charitar and Bhagauti ki War are translations by different hands.

Further news is that the climate of this place has aggravated my rheumatism and my health deteriorates fast. Thus Chandi the embodiment of might in the female form was described in all her majesty and ustaat, her strength and stdek. This is a very important literary piece. He is Primal Being, unmanifest and indestructible.

Guru Gobind Singh fetched out all prons and cons of mythology in his Bani and He commented on many events of Mythology. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.