First published: 05 November Reviewing two of the latest reports by social mobility tsar, Alan Milburn and ‘social justice’ champion, Iain Duncan Smith . Alan Milburn’s social mobility report – summary · • Lunchtime summary · • Afternoon summary. Alan Milburn is publishing his report on social mobility. Photograph: Matthew Fearn/PA. am: .. MichaelWhite (@MichaelWhite) May 30, Milburn’s report – the first of three on social mobility commissioned by In , nine out of 10 of those companies were offering vacancies in.

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The justice secretary told the Leveson Inquiry politicians were influenced by a “noisier and noisier” press, claiming newspapers could “drive weak governments like sheep”. Speaking to the ObserverMilburn said rdport country had the opportunity to encourage a level of movement between the classes last seen in the s but that he had found no evidence of this happening.

Alan Milburn: ‘Threat to new era of social mobility’ | Society | The Guardian

Greedy petrol companies will today be given “one last chance” to pass on price cuts to motorists — or face Government action. In the unlikely event of a disagreement between job sharing MPs, their votes would cancel each other out and they could decide not to vote. Milburn, who also examines the role of universities and government in causing and or, possibly, solving the problem, said: Here’s the top of the early story from the Press Association on Kenneth Clarke’s evidence to the Leveson inquiry.

When David Cameron arrived in Washington in March for a major official visit he was driven in a Mercedes, the German marque, prompting puzzlement from some observers, Freedom of information requests made by the Financial Times have established that only three out of 17 cars in the Brussels and Washington embassies were built in this country.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend everyone. Topics Social socjal The Observer. Mr Osborne’s reputation as the master strategist — the man who persuaded Britain to embrace austerity and who made the country a “safe haven” — has taken a battering. The letter has been signed by 68 chancellors, governors and university presidents, including those representing a number of elite Russell Group institutions, such as Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Warwick, Leeds, York, University College London and the London School of Economics.


Published 30 May And there should be transparent and fair selection procedures. Milbugn all the politics stories filed yesterday, including some in today’s paper, are here. The government has claimed that the idea raises significant practical issues, but Deborah King, the campaigner who submitted the e-petition, does not accept milbuurn.

And as a consequence they created new white collar opportunities in the regions and other nations of the UK. Lord Browne points out that when he first realised he was gay, in at boarding school, homosexuality was illegal, though the law was abolished when he went to Cambridge.

Broadly, he is saying very little has changed. Some who know the chancellor say he spends less time these days worrying about whether he will one day succeed David Cameron: He also says the media industry is the “worst offender” when it comes to abusing internships.

The further up the profession you go, the more socially exclusive it becomes. The problem with that is self-evident. Unfortunately, the evidence collected for this report suggests that there is only, at best, limited progress being made in prising open the professions.

Child poverty set to rise, says social mobility commission – BBC News

It needs to be more holistic in its approach and ensure that its efforts are better co-ordinated. Nick Clegg launching plans to extend pre-school childcare Photograph: It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use. And the short answer is: Leveson Mellow, worldly performanceby Ken Clarke today on newspapers and pols.

And are set to go on doing so. But, having now had the chance to have a look at Milburn’s full report pdfit is obvious that this silver lining is wrapped around a rather dark cloud. The senior ranks of mliburn professions are a closed shop.

It is an interesting argument that of the universities only 19 are capable of producing excellent graduates. So they don’t even get to all of them. Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page?

There is no sense of the sort of galvanised effort that the Neuberger Report induced in law. That is a welcome recognition. Milburn has been giving interviews this morning and, although there is some evidence that moobility mobility has stalled in recent years, he struck an optimistic note.

Alan Milburn publishes social mobility report: Politics live blog

Giving evidence to the inquiry into media standards, Clarke said: Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Data collected for this report indicates that the next generation of our country’s lawyers, doctors and journalists are likely to be a mirror image of previous generations. Here are the main socail. It’s an automated feed that tweets the start of every new post that I put on the blog.


Home Society and culture Community and society. As the Press Association reports, he unveiled the changes to introduce greater flexibility to allow more parents to take advantage of the scheme — already used by more thanthree- and four-year-olds. While I’m sovial, we’ll be running the readers’ edition as usual. Here’s an afternoon summary. Nick Clegg has given a series of interviews this morning to highlight his plans to extend free pre-school childcare.

If social mobility is to become anything other than a pipedream they will have to open up.

Child poverty set to rise, says social mobility commission

It now needs to be matched by action. Overall the Government has shown good intentionality when it comes to trying to improve fair access to a professional career, even though it is making more progress in some areas than in others. The report looks at the opportunities available to individuals from different backgrounds to enter and progress in professional careers. Chris Grayling, the employment minister, gives a speech marking the first anniversary of the work programme.

Journalism, with some honourable exceptions, does not seem to take the issue of fair access seriously. The question posed by this report is whether the growth in professional employment is producing a xocial mobility dividend for our country.

Prospective job sharing Mliburn would work out in advance how they would resolve these differences if they occurred and let people know they had arrangements in place for resolving differences of opinion. In a letter to David Cameron, they call on the Government to remove university students from net migration figures to help drive the economy and boost university income.