Get this from a library! Szép új világ. [Aldous Huxley; Benedek Totth]. This short film was inspired by Aldous Huxley’s novel The Brave New World. In this film I tried to capture moments, small details or special. Get this from a library! Szép új világ. [Aldous Huxley; Péter Szentmihályi Szabó].

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Szép Új Világ (Brave New World)

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Beyond Strange New Words rated it 7 months ago http: Linda78 rated it 1 year ago http: Brave New Shock Value: Or listened to that. I can see why this was a revolutionary novel when it was written. Huxley set out to write a satire of the utopian novels vliag popular in his day and wrote a horror story instead.


It’s certainly imaginative, and not entirely What I am reading rated it 1 year ago http: I have heard so much about Brave New World and after One Hand Clapping in which Burgess shows us, that the world has been going to shit for quite some time, I decided to finally dive into it and read some dystopian fiction.

And I liked it. All of this must have seemed pretty crazy inbut fro Book Thoughts rated it 2 years ago http: A difficult book to rate.

First let me say that I now understand why my high school students all talked about not enjoying this book at all in their English classes. I feel like it would over the top of their heads with its philosophy. I also was surprised to see the amount that sex and open relatio Tyson Adams Reviews rated it 2 years ago http: Giving up on this classic.

Brave New World (TV Movie ) – IMDb

Several chapters in and no main characters, no real plot, just a heap of exposition. At least had a clear protagonist and plot to follow. If I’m going to be bashed over the head with world building and social criticism I want it to be engaging.


Books by Aldous Huxley.