Thank you for making the Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire a part of your studio. The goal of this manual is to get you the information you need as quickly as possible. Manuals and User Guides for Alesis MULTIMIX 8 USB FX. We have 2 Alesis MULTIMIX 8 USB FX manuals available for free PDF download: Quick Start Manual. Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX Quick Start Manual.

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It is intended only for the use of those authorized by Alesis. If you are not the authorized, intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution or duplication of this document is strictly prohibited. If you are not authorized, please contact Multimux and destroy all copies of this document.

You may contact Alesis at servicemanuals alesis. Together with the User Reference Manual, this document provides a complete description of the functionality and serviceability of the Device. Any comments or manaul you may have pertaining to the document are welcome and encouraged. Only Service Centers authorized by Alesis in writing are authorized to perform service and repairs covered multimic an Alesis warranty if anyand transfer of the Manual to you does not authorize you to be an authorized Service Center.

Therefore, if you perform, or if the Manual is used to perform, any service or repairs on any Alesis product or part thereof, any and all warranties of Alesis as to that product and any service contract with Alesis for that product shall be voided and shall no longer apply for such product, even if your services or repairs were done in accordance with the Manual.

All service or repairs done by you or with reference to the Manual shall be solely your responsibility, and Alesis shall have no liability for any such repairs or service work. All such service or repairs are performed at the sole risk of the person performing the service or repairs.

You agree that all such work will be performed in a competent, professional and safe manner at all times and to indemnify and fully hold Alesis and its successors and assigns harmless in the event of any failure to so perform. Your purchase of the Manual shall be for your own ultimate use and shall not be for purposes of resale or other transfer.

Multiimix the owner of the copyright to the Manual, Alesis does not give you the right to copy the Manual, and you agree not to copy the Manual without the written authorization of Alesis. Alesis has no obligation to provide to you any correction of, or supplement to, the Manual, or any new or superseding version thereof.


Alesis shall have the right to refuse to sell or otherwise transfer repair parts or materials to you in alesls sole discretion. You shall not use, sell or otherwise transfer spare or replacement parts supplied by Alesis to you i to repair or be used in products manufactured for or by third parties or ii to any third parties for any purpose.

You shall not make any warranties or guarantees with respect to the products of Alesis or the use thereof on behalf of Alesis or in your own name. The foregoing describes the entire understanding related to sale or transfer of the Manual to you, and no other terms shall apply unless in a writing signed by an authorized representative of Alesis.

All Trademarks are property of their respective companies. The arrowhead symbol on a lightning flash inside a triangle is intended multimic alert the user to the presence of un-insulated “dangerous voltage” within the enclosed product which may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

The exclamation point inside a triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating, maintenance and servicing instructions in the literature which accompanies the product.

The product under service may employ the use of a replaceable fuse. Danger of fire or electrocution if fuse is incorrectly replaced. Replace with only the same type or equivalent type recommended by the equipment manufacturer. The product under service may employ the use of a internal battery.

Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Confidential Alesis Service Manual A Safety Instructions Carefully read the applicable items of the operating instructions and these safety suggestions before using this product. Use extra care to follow the warnings written on the product itself and in the operating instructions.

Keep the operating instructions and safety suggestions for reference in the future. The product should multimi be connected to a power multkmix which is described either in the operating instructions or in markings on the product. AC power supply cords should be placed such that no one is likely to step on the cords and such that nothing will be placed on or against them.

If the product is not mu,timix for any significant period of time, the product’s AC power supply cord should be unplugged from the AC outlet. Foreign Objects and Liquids.


Take care not to allow liquids to spill or objects to fall into any openings of the product. The product should not be used near any water or in moisture.

Do not place the product near heat sources such as stoves, heat registers, radiators or other heat producing equipment. When installing the product, make sure that the product has adequate ventilation. Improperly ventilating the product may cause overheating, which may damage the product.

The product should only be used with a rack which the manufacturer recommends. The combination of the product and rack should be moved carefully. Quick movements, excessive force or uneven muptimix may overturn the combination which may damage the product and rack combination. The product should only be cleaned as the manufacturer recommends.

The user should only attempt the limited service or upkeep specifically described in the operating instructions for the user.

Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire Audio Mixer Review

For any other service required, the product should be taken to an authorized service center as described in the operating instructions.

Damage to the Product. Qualified service personnel should service the unit in certain situations including without limitation when: Liquid has spilled or objects have fallen into the product, b. The product is exposed to water or excessive moisture, c. The AC power supply plug or cord is damaged, d.


The product shows an inappropriate change in performance or does not operate normally, or e. The enclosure of the product has been damaged. Globally switched phantom power. Internal digital effects processor with preset effects and an easy-to-read display — includes a variety of reverbs, delays, choruses, flanges, a pitch transposer and multiple combinations of these. Control room output level — provides control over the separate control room output 2-track send and return — lets you mix your audio to tape or other media and to add a tape deck or CD player to the mix.

Stereo USB input and output — routes the main output and the 2-track return through the USB port in crystal- clean, bit, It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.