allama iqbal poetry, allama iqbal urdu english poetry, poem, shikwa, iblees, jawab (Bal-e-Jibril) Masjid-e-Qurtaba (مسجد قرطبہ) The Mosque of Cordoba. Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Taj Company. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): Classification (IAP): 8UA2. Pages: Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Iqbal Academy Pakistan. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): /ا۔ق۔ب. Classification (IAP): 8UA2 .

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I wish, your efforts to spread the message of Iqbal be very successful. Allqma is a miraculous poem. It is as sublime and majestic as Beethoven’s 9th symphony. This is an excellent work to translate Iqbal with such high class English.

However, I think may be W am wrong that the last verse is not translated correctly. In allxma opinion, Khoon-e-Jigar should be travails, toils, or hard work. I just returned from visiting the great Cordoba Mosque and was compelled to find Allama Iqbal’s great work above. Even present day Christians respect the mosque enough to say they are attending the Sunday Mass at the Mosque! The architecture is amazing and it felt so peaceful and pleasantly cool to visit it in the mid afternoon heat.

I have visited the mosque. The spain is called as capital of European architecture due iqbaal buildings introduced by Muslim. The architecture of mosque is wonderful. It consists of jjbreel of pilloars and arches,and when we stand under an arche we have our face toward kaba. The government has changed its status from mosque to Church and before entering they take oath from muslim that muslim will not offer prayer inside.

The local muslim are used to offer Tarivih on the road in front of mosque. The Iqbal poetry about mosque truly reflect the great work of Muslim Ruler. Allama Iqbal is a great man.

May Allah bless him Its not easy to express it through words. He did it excellently. Allah iqbal Sahib ka Martba hmesha buland rakhy. Jjbreel is pride of all muslims espacialy we the Pakistanies areproud of him.


Espacialy his Thoery of Khdi That unfolds the Masseges of self repect.

Bal-e-Jibreel By Allama Iqbal

Hazrat Allama’s every poem is marvelous. May Allah almighty shower His blessings on Hazrat Allama’s grave. I also request my young generation to read Allama’s poetry.

Kindly check the search index of this poem. It is not searchable through any word combinations given in search textbox e. Thanking you in anticipation. Its working, pls search again, Better to use Google for search.

First result will be this blog InshaAllah. In my opinion, in the following couplet, the word Baraat actually is Birraat acquittal and the meaning of this couplet changes accordingly as death is the finally the acquittal for less treacherous souls. This is a masterpiece of Allama Iqbal’s poetry.

Really hard to control emotions The wisdom of Allama bak commendable and his thoughts irrefutable. No boundary can control the tears as soon as you dive into the ocean of his thoughts that drive you to the agony of life and instill your heart with love and humanity. Masjid-e-Qartaba is Iqbal at his most sublime! But the beauty of his verses is all lost in translation. Therefore it is best to “render” his verses in english, as I jibrdel attempted below reproduced from my book “Cries of the Flaming Moth”: If I come up short on measure or you come up short as well; We are consigned to dark oblivion or an equally ignominous fate!

A timeless stream of life events!

An unrelenting flow that does not abate! How ephemeral are miracles of human ingenuity that so high we rate! Transient are all the pleasure we seek that serve as our life’s template! Yet in this despairing gloom there gleams a colour of permanence; In the creative handiwork of a Man of God, aglow in spiritual radiance! All deeds of a Man of God are the workings of his Spiritual-Passion! His creations are immune to decay; His creativity – divine in essence!

The perfection of Spiritual-Passion awaits times beyond this worldly life; Times still wrapped in mystery! Times whose names are yet cloaked in silence!


Spiritual-Passion flows on the Angel’s breath! It resides in the Prophet’s heart!

Bal-e-Jibreel ebooks by Allama Iqbal | Rekhta

Spiritual-Passion personified as God’s Allaa It is the Quran’s quintessence! Spiritual-Passion is the Divine Flask! Like a dynamic kaleidoscope It manifests in myriad forms of colourful irridescence! Welcome to all of you at Online Isitkhara center. You know that Istikhara is Religious act for before start any work or business or other daily life matter must perform Istikhara for knowing the Allah decision for work is better for us or not.

Wah amazing poem I like stand first. As seem when iqbal wrote this poem he went to Muslim golden age. In this poem iqbal describe Muslim rulers who were good for their people he talked about love with Allah and Islam. I am non-muslim, but love islam only because of iqbal. Amazing Poet Allama Iqbal was. His poetry is iqba. Muhammad 3 June at Anonymous 22 October at Anonymous 19 August at Iqbal Urdu Blog 20 August at Expert Decisions 8 October at Naema 27 November at Anonymous 10 December at Anonymous 16 December at Batura 16 March at Anonymous 6 May at Aaleen Shafaat 18 May at Anonymous 24 July at Anonymous 30 August at Anonymous 6 October at Anonymous 13 October at Anonymous 30 October at Anonymous 7 December at Anonymous 20 January at Zahid Iqbal 10 February at Anonymous 14 March at Anonymous 29 March at Professor 14 April at Anonymous 4 September iqbql Mary 4 October at Anonymous 9 November at Anonymous 15 November at Anonymous 18 November at Naeem Akhtar 20 February at Anonymous 22 February iiqbal Ashfaq Ahmad Chughtai 22 February at Anonymous 3 June at Iqbal Urdu Blog 13 July at Anonymous 13 June at Anonymous 10 October at Anonymous jibteel November jibrfel