Chromolaena odorata is an aggressive weed that adversely affects cereal crops and grazing lands in Serengeti-Tanzania. This study investigated allelopathic. Allelopathic Effects of Chromolaena odorata (L.) King & Robinson on Seed Germination and Seedlings Growth of Paddy and Barnyard Grass. Fulltext – Effect of Chromolaena odorata on the Growth and Biomass Allelopathy is defined as the direct or indirect harmful or beneficial effect of one plant on.

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Once entered into the soil, the bioactive concentration of allelochemicals is determined through the sorption, fixation, leaching and chemical and microbial degradation Blum, Treated Petri dishes were each supplied with 25 ml of extract while the untreated control was treated with 25 ml of distilled water.

Inter-allelic interactions were detected for shelling outturn, pod weight, count, seed weight, sound effeft seeds, pod length, seed diameter and ratio of seed length to seed diameter using F or t statistics.

Five kg of the product was alleloptahic in 20 litres of distilled water for a period of four days 96 hours. Seeds of Celosia argentea were watered with mL of tap water every morning.

July | Australian Journal of Crop Science

Allelopathy in the search for natural herbicide model. Identification of allelopathic odorsta from rice Oryza sativa L. Principles and Practices in Plant Ecology: Crop Protection 20— Seeds of three crops — corn maize var.


A Petri dish was lined with sterilized filter paper for each treatment. Allelopathic activity allelopathix annual worm wood Artemisia annua and the role of artemisinin. Tax E and two weeds — siam weed and tridax Tridax procumbens L. Siam weed Chromolaena odorata L King and Robinsona perennial weed belongs to the family Asteraceae.

The effect of Nitrogen deficiency on the concentration of caffeoqunic acids and scopolin in tobacco. However, the crop dry weight at 10 WAP was markedly inhibited by the extract Table 4.

Empirical modeling of the impact of Mollisol soils variation on performance of Cuphea: Allelopathic effects of Chromolaena odorata L. The fresh and dry plant parts were weighed on Meltler Toledo balance to obtain fresh and dry weights of plant parts. Thesis, University of Ibadan.

It is not yet clear whether allelopathy is responsible for such a growth behaviour. The result was contrary with the finding of Chengrong et al. Potential allelopathic quaianolides from cultiver sunflower leaves var.

Siam weed extract had some inhibitory effect on soybean growth at the later stage of crop growth, while the growth chromolaens maize, cowpea, tridax and siam weed itself was stimulated by siam weed extract. Effect of fresh shoot aqueous extract FSE of Chromolaena odorata on the dry weight of root and shoot of Celosia argentea. Carbon cycling under Chromolaena odorata L.


Laboratory and greenhouse experiments were conducted at I. The allelopathic potential of Chromolaena odorata on seed germination and seedling growth of vigina unguiculata var. However, this stimulatory effect of siam weed extract would not benefit weeds which germination has been marked prevented Table 1. Table of Contents 8 7 Crop seed germination was generally less affected by siam weed extract than was weed seed germination Table 1.

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

Effects of aqueous extract of Chromolaena chromolaen on the shoot height of Celosia argentea Table 2: Harvesting of the plants were on weekly intervals for a period of five weeks. ACS symposium series The fresh and dry weight of the root of the seedlings in the aqueous extract treatment regime were not significantly different from those of the seedlings in the control regime Table 45.

Data on weeds could not be taken at this period because weed growth was slow.