Anatomija domaćih sisavaca-udžbenik i atlas. Horst Erich König ATLAS TOPOGRAFSKE ANATOMIJE DOMAĆIH ŽIVOTINJA. Peter Popesko ,00 din. Fiziologija domaćih životinja. Ur. hrv. izdanja: Suzana Milinković Tur, . Anatomija domaćih sisavaca-udžbenik i atlas. Horst Erich König, Urednici hrv. izdanja. Title, Sources. Anatomija domaćih sisavaca: udžbenik i atlas u boji za studente i praktičare: slika od čega fotografija u boji, 61 crno-bijela fotografija.

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Anatomy with Organogenesis of Domestic Animals I.

Data STATUS | Veterina

The anatomy of the domestic animals is fundamental medical, preclinical course whose purpose is acquisition of knowledge from macroscopic anatomy and embryonic development of the systems and organs of the domestic animals organogenesis.

The aim of this course is to introduce aisavaca with macroscopic structure and embryonic development of the organs and organic systems of domestic animals, so they could monitor and understand the physiology, pathological anatomy and clinical subjects. A systematic approach to instructing and learning of the limbs morphology is taking up during the course of Anatomy and organogenesis of domestic animals I Course content 1 Introduction history and classification of anatomy, place of anatomy in morphology, principles of veterinary anatomical nomenclature, areas of thoracic and pelvic limb ; 2 Skeletal system in domestic mammals bone classification and structure, development of skeletal system and ossification types, limb bones ; 3 Joints development, structure, function and classification of joints, limb joints ; 4 Muscle system of joints general myology and embryology of muscles, special myology, statistics and dynamics, limb muscles ; 5 Cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation system of limbs; 6 Nervous system of limbs principle of forming medullar nerves and innervation of nerves ; 7 Skin and skin derivates wnatomija of skin – hair, horn, skin glands.


Lessons are held in Croatian; the lessons are not desinged to be held in foreign languages or off campus.

Anatomija domaćih sisavaca : udžbenik i atlas u boji za studente i praktičare

Lecturers and assistants which will hold the lessons, the way of taking the exam and examination standards for the sisavqca Anatomy with sisavava of domestic animals I in the autumn semester are being defined as follows: Knowledge of each student will be checked at least 10 times per semester 5 times during the first half, and 5 times during the second half of the exercises.

Such checking is marked by a points 0, 0,5 or 1.

At the end of the semester the total grade is calculated as final number of points. Continuous knowledge checking Continuous knowledge cheching will be done by written preliminary exams. In each semester a student will have the opportunity to take two preliminary exams that domacuh occur upon completion of a teaching unit.


Every preliminary exam is worth 16 points max. Final exam The final exam is the last part by which a student can gain a final grade in the course. It consists of oral examination worth 40 points max.

Vodic za topografsku sekciju prednje noge domacih sisavaca. Skripta za internu upotrebu. Poljoprivredni nakladni zavod, Zagreb.

Babic, Vesna Gjurcevic Kantura, D. Topografska sekcija glave i vrata. Kratak pregled anatomije domace peradi. Handbuch der Vergleichenden Anatomie der Haustiere. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Jena.

Lehrbuch der Anatomie der Haustiere. Paul Parey Verlag, Berlin und Hamburg. Lerhbuch der Anatomie der Haustiere II.