Find the most up-to-date version of ANSI N at Engineering became ANSI N, “Administrative Controls and Quality Assurance for the Operational Phase of Nuclear Power Plants”) and ANSI0ASME N ANS Issues Clarification on ANSI/ANS (Formerly known as N),. “ Administrative Controls and Quality Assurance for the Operational Phase of.

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Home Help Login Register Like stats. Send this topic Print. I have been hearing one of my supervisors at work talking about how he is an ANSI certified chemistry technician who became a supervisor, but when I questioned him as to what it meant to be ANSI certified he didn’t really give me a straight answer.

Being the new guy and not really being satisfied with the answer that the supervisor gave me, I started asking some of my coworkers how one goes about gaining his ANSI certification as a chem tech. None of them had any idea, but all assumed that they were ANSI certified as well. I assume that after I complete the site specific training program that this will meet the requirements for the certification.

This leads me to my next question: If not, what more does one need to do to gain this ANSI certification, and is there a formal process i. I know I’ll still have to complete the site specific training program, I’m just trying to resolve this issue in my mind for my own edification.


The days that I keep my anxi higher than my expectations, I have really good days. Did I say that out loud? ANSI does ani issue Certificates. They are not a certifying agency. ANSI develops and publishes standards. The ANSI Standards for technicians at nuclear plants is a list of criteria for who may perform b18.7 job without direct supervision.

Anyone can perform the work under supervision. Your ELT time is probably worth a year. Your research lab time is another year. Five months is five months. Then maybe you can apply for a promotion to supervisor. Thanks to all who replied.

That n1.7 much clarified my confusion about the issue. I wasn’t sure if the 3. After further review, it looks like I may already meet the standard after I add my degree into the mix. I’ll be sure to check with the training folks at work to ensure that I’m not off target with that though before I start listing it on my resume.

Thanks again for the input. I’m a Chem tech at a plant and I have now completed all of my training and qualifications. I’m been an official Chem tech for 1. The training document at my site says that in order to be considered a “Journeyman Tech” a number of requirements must be met “according to ANSI-N One of them is 24 months of plant expereince.

Nuclear reactor safety system – Wikipedia

My promotion has been delayed due to having only been a tech for 1. However I interned in Chemistry for a year prior to that and performed Chem tech work.


Should my intern time count? My site specific document only says 24 months of nuke plant expereince. Sep 29, No longer a nuke. ANSI makes recommendations. Remember who you love. Remember what is sacred. Remember what is true. Remember that you will die, and that this day is a gift. Remember how you wish to live, may the blessing of the Lord be with you. First on the list should be to learn to spell. Tell Recruiters to use NukeWorker.

SCMasterchef on Sep 29, HouseDad on Sep 29, You’re right, ANSI makes standards. But plants treat them as recommendations for minimum qualification. Yes, it is entirely up to the utility how they interpret the experience. Pay and promotion are HR issues, and HR and line management decides what counts as experience.

Again, you gotta talk to your site people. It’s entirely up to them.

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