Prokopios, The Wars, translated by H. B. Dewing, revised and modernized, with an introduction and notes, by Anthony Kaldellis; maps and genealogies by Ian. Anthony Kaldellis’s 29 research works with citations and reads, including: Political freedom in Byzantium: the rhetoric of liberty and the periodization of. While the identities of eastern minorities were clear, that of the ruling majority remains obscured behind a name made up by later generations. Anthony Kaldellis.

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The Byzantine Republic — Anthony Kaldellis | Harvard University Press

Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. For all my publications, see here: Europe, Asia, and America Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, Literary and Historical Interpretations Routledge Scholars often assume that historians in late antiquity ended their narratives with the previous regime because it was too dangerous for them to write candidly about the current imperial reign.

While this was generally true, there are While this was generally true, there are some notable exceptions to the pattern which, when studied together, show that this rule was not iron-clad and cannot safely be relied on to date the composition of texts and the scope of their coverage in the case of lost works.


Both the rule and the exceptions illuminate the nuanced play of ” truth ” and ” power ” in late antiquity. In assessing our evidence we must often read between the lines, but not all historians were as timid as we might assume.

The Roman em-pire’s ” secret history ” could sometimes be aired. Journal of Social Sciences kkaldellis Humanities 2 What do we know about its original architecture and adornment? Dumbarton Oaks, Fictionality and Narrative in Byzantium Wiesbaden: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections Athens: Benaki Museum The original source for Tzimiskes’ Balkan campaign AD and the emperor’s classicizing propaganda more.

Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies.

Peter Lang, Oxford University Press, Le texte en tant que message immediat Paris: Rome and Constantinople in Late Antiquity Oxford: Arizona State University Press, The Great Medieval Mythogenesis: Medien, Transformationen und Konstruktionen.

A Historian and a Writer Geneva: Cambridge Intellectual History of Byzantium more.

Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood

kaldlelis A Cabinet of Byzantine Curiosities: Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood: The Rise and Fall of Byzantium, A. Notre Dame University Press Genesios, On the Reigns of the Emperors: Why bother studying the remote, ancient past?


Can we have any sense of connection with the people who lived kaldellia, two or three thousand years before us? Is the history of early Europe at all important to our understanding of the continent Is the history of early Europe at all important to our understanding of the continent today?

Come and enjoy a lively discussion of these and related questions with a distinguished group kaldelpis panellists. To register for this event, please email historia-learning ep.

Romanland — Anthony Kaldellis | Harvard University Press

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