reactivation. immunoassay system), strips are impregnated with the dry conjugate , antibody, apo-enzyme, glucose and reagents for detecting hydrogen peroxide. The use of antiserum to glucose oxidase in the apoenzyme reactivation immunoassay system (ARIS) is described. Formation of an immune complex between. Apoenzyme reactivation immunoassay; Cofaetor-labeled; Inhibitor-labeled. Introduction. Homo~’:icous immunoassay is defined as an immunoassay system in.

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The definition of apoenzyme in the dictionary is a protein component that together with a coenzyme forms an enzyme.

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Synonyms and antonyms of apoenzyme in the English dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about apoenzyme.


The apoenzyme stimulation test is a popular method for measuring vitamin B6. The concentration of PLP in plasma, as well as in other biological sources, can be determined using apotyrosine decarboxylase.

ARIS – apoenzyme reactivation immunoassay system | AcronymAttic

Apoenzyme reactivation microassay for zinc II ions with flow-through transducers. Proceedings of the 3rd International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, pp. Generally, the binding of a prosthetic group to the apoenzyme is characterized by high affinity and extraordinary specificity.

In apoenzyme sensors, the prosthetic group to be detected is recognized and bound by the apoenzymethus creating Jones, Michel Kleitz, Upon addition of glucose oxidase apoenzyme to the spectroscopic graphite adsorbed FAD preparation, partial reconstitution of glucose oxidase activity was observed. The amount of added apoenzyme was equivalent to about 3. Federation reactivatjon European Biochemical Societies.

APOENZYME – Definition and synonyms of apoenzyme in the English dictionary

The activity of the enzyme thus obtained is proportional to the concentration of the cobamide coenzyme providing the presence of the excess of the apoenzyme in the assayed sample. Depending on the sensitivity of enzyme assay Zenon Schneider, Andrzej Stroinski, Apoenzyme has been prepared from holoenzyme by brief exposure of the latter to pH 3. I do not know quite how immuunoassay explain the apoenzyme data.


The way one might consider it is that apoenzyme is made on the ribosomes and requires cof actor Daniel Chapin Pease, English words that begin with a. English words that begin with ap. English words that begin with apo.

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