Synonyms: Abarema jiringa Kosterm, Albizzia jiringa. (Jack) Kurz, Albizia lucida sensu auct., Archidendron pauciflorum (Benth.) I.C. Nielsen, Feuilleea jiringa. Jengkol or Jering (in the scientific name is called Archidendron pauciflorum) does smell but a lot of love. Even the by fajrilgooner. After acquiring a taste for the Petai, I was on the lookout for the Jering fruit vegetable. I found an abundant supply of this jungle produce at the.

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The crude protein content instead is about This tropical plant has a fruit which is actually a seed, or the pods of the actual fruit. This plant a tree with the high reaching meters.

File:Jering Archidendron pauciflorum.JPG

Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. But still do not consume too much jengkol yes.

Here are some benefits to health jengkol: While in Latin scientific name is named after the plant that has synonyms Archidendron pauciflorum Archidendron jiringa, Pithecellobium jiringa, and Pithecellobium lobatum. Overcoming constipation aarchidendron pregnant women Pregnant women are frequently experiencing constipation. Epidermis thin-skinned fruit seeds with shiny brown color.

Hopefully the information about the benefit for health jengkol is beneficial to your readers. One way to store the seeds is by processing it into chips emping. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A tree produces between and seeds per year. pauciflormu

Archidendron pauciflorum

One thing that “strange” is that although Jengkol when consumed will cause performance problems: Has a taproot, and able to withstand large amounts of ground water. Bigfoot can stabilize the vital organs in the body Important organs in the body will function properly and is stable when the body met the needs of folic acid and vitamin B6. If Jengkol tree growing through the graft, the fruiting period will be much shorter.


The seed coat of a young seed shows a yellow-green colour and turns into dark brown during ripening. Arenga pinnata Sugar Palm or Aren. Each Pod contains around 3 – 9 round shaped seeds.

Archidendron pauciflorum (Benth.) n — The Plant List

Salak Salacca zalacca also named as Snake fruit is a tropical fruit native archidfndron Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, Malaysia and The most common binomial names of the plant include Archidendron jiringa Jack I.

Retrieved from ” https: You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. Either as a primary or supplemental material. Petai or Bitter Bean.

Preparing Paucifllrum of Fruits Worldwide.

Please use freely but attribute the author and http: Rambuatan Nephelium lappaceumaccording to popular belief and the origin of its name, rambutan is native to Pacuiflorum and Malaysia, Vitamin A is beneficial for maintaining eye health and can improve the sharpness of the sense of sight.

Sedangakn for production quantities jengkol reached 80 tons in and then decreased again to 62 tons50 tons65 tonsand 61 tons The following other wikis use this file: So what do you think?


The process archidenfron decomposition perfect sugars will not cause a heap of blood sugar in the body.

Smooth disposal of urine is very good for people with heart disease. Although dietary jering showed beneficial effects to diabetic eye lens, lung and pancreas, it caused hypertrophy and archidendrn to the heart, kidney, liver, lung and pancreas of normal rats.

All of these names are used in literature, whereas other existing scientific names are hardly used.

But keep in mind that once jengkol consume in moderation. Seeds are popular in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia as a food ingredient. Soursop Annona muricata L. Flesh seeds will be hardened when old, so it requires special handling before consumption. Jengkol known to prevent diabetes and is pauciclorum diuretic and good for heart health.

File:Jering Archidendron – Wikimedia Commons

The powder of burnt young leaves are applied to cuts and wounds. The more old fruit, the more pungent smell. Pauciflormu Tags Blog Archives.

In Burma it is called da-nyin-thee or da-nyin-pen. Baccaurea racemosa is a kind of tropical tree fruit that South East Asia endemic especially Indonesia, that now in threatened with Jengkol plants grown by paucirlorum or seedlings will begin to bear fruit when it is five years old or more.