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It supplied many flight instruments in the s. The compass type A. AERA is also the designer of a famous drift calculator link to picture ktaalog descr.: Click on picture for an enlarged view. Magnetic Compass in Aircraft Air Pub. Click on the images for enlarged views. A P4 in situ in a Lancaster bomber’s cockpit Cockpit picture by courtesy of www. Link to a description of O. Photocopies of AM compass manuals can be ordered. Manufacturer’s flyer for gliders compasses.

Enlarged view of the compass card: Ad published in the book Der Flugzeugkompass Gansberg, Ad published in the list of participants in the world fair in Brussels click on image for view of products scope.

Pictures courtesy of Chr. Shock-mount described in the patent. This compass was selected by Pioneer in for the equipment of a highly integrated instruments panel. Click on images for enlarged views.

T Kagalog and Armoured Vehicles T. V VION including compasses for land vehicles. Technical Data The compass types A. Click on the images for exhaustive full descriptions in French. Two models called A. Picture courtesy ailesyport Link to description of mod. This compass is also listed as a type Bianchetti Type 6 NB – Click on the image to read the relevant descr. Click on the image at left to see full description of both compass types.

Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough.

See also BOES below. Click askana the pictures for enlarged views. Technical Data – Diam.: Some featured only the Army’s broad arrow “crow foot”. The compass card’s winged North symbol mirrored view: The system was apparently gimballed like ships compasses.


Rooney The casing without the divisions ring. The aircraft’s axis direction of flight was represented by means of a long pin located on the casing’s side wall opposite to the word AFT. The card’s south-north axis was enhanced by means of an arrow featuring a letter S at one end and a letter N in a red triangle at the northern end. The arrowhead features two bird wings with feathers like on the TYPE 06A’s card above click on link for askamia.

The center letters are masked by the S-N kqtalog.

This is the abbreviated trade name of H. LH and RH views: Technical Data Compass type: Only internal technical details vary. P4 top view and exploded view of P6 Click on the images for enlarged views. Technical Kataloy P4 – Built in Lancaster? Kent Click on the images for enlarged views.

The P4 compass was also available in an inverted overhead panel version click on the image for a view of the aircraft cockpit. A compass stowed in its transit container. Type P7 Stores Ref. Rooney Click on the images for enlarged views. Technical Data Type P7 aircraft course-setting compass with illuminated grid and a mirror in the base to reflect the compass reading.

Askania Werke, Berlin

Technical Data – Dia.: Type Kataalog – Stores Ref. Technical Data – Diameter: Technical data – Dia.: Fernkompass pneumatic tele compass. Technical Data The assembly comprises the following parts table: Technical Data See description in catalogue click on image below left. Technical Data – Weight: It is also integrated in their navigation equipment for divers. Houlliot – Serial no.: Printing plate for catalogues of Houlliot compass retailers s.

The tell-tale overhead version see pic. Two views of the overhead version. Type – Technical Data Dim. Type – Technical Askxnia – Dim.

type-number wizard

Photograph of the compass in Colonel Gaujour ‘s book on compensation of compasses Copies of the patents listed on the label are available. The upper plate masks a lamp. Rylsky also filed in a patent no. Click on image at left for view of full page – Photocopy available. The ring-light is provided with a plurality of light-reflecting surfaces fig.


The patent above was implemented into the model D Cut-away view Installation instr. It is said to have also been used in aircraft Installation Instr. WW2 Technical Data – Diameter: Click on the image for an enlarged view in working position as shown in katlog original user instruction.

Read more details HERE. Click here for viewing an ad dated Sept, Technical data – Diam.: Figures on patent photocopy available. Announcement published in a patents review Click on images for full view and text.

Figures on patent no.

Technical Data – Dimensions ht. Type F and P Pics at left courtesy fsplanet. Technical Data This compass type was designed to avoid specific problems arousing when the fluid kept turning in the bowl after the plane circled in thermals.

The first version was not askanoa. The indicator is a dart pointing to a divided circle on which E and W are swapped, indicating thus directly the heading. Katalogg acquired in by BNL. Click here for a view of the manufacturer’s label of H.

Technical Data – Dimensions: More than 50, pcs were built. Steady as she goesFanning, Early compasses were described in the document Aircraft Mechanics Handbookno pattern indicated. Description of Pattern in the U. Description and user instructions for Air Compasses French edition Below: The English issue attention: A special protractor was included in a pocket. Wiggins Click on the images for enlarged latalog.

Instrument panel compasses Pattern and Pattern Pictures courtesy Th.