ॐ भद्रं कर्णेभिः शृणुयाम देवाः । भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राः । स्थिरैरङ्गैस्तुष्टुवाग्‍ँसस्तनूभिः । व्यशेम. This ancient prayer in praise of the elephant-headed Hindu Deity Shri Ganesha, or Ganapati as he is also popularly known, is widely used in worship all over. Ganapati Atharva Sheersham in TeluguGanapati Atharva Sheersham – Telugu Lyrics (Text) Ganapati Atharva Sheersham – Telugu Script.

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The Rishi who realized this Vidya is Ganaka Rishi9. He who worships Ganapati with Parched Rice will become Glorious i. However this invocation does not appear in the extant portion of the Atharva Veda. It is widely believed to have great power, and shsersham miracles and much spiritual progress are attributed to its use.

Ganapati Atharvashirsha (Ganapati Upanishad) – In sanskrit with meaning

He will not be permanently tied down by any obstacles and his consciousness will become clearer The Anuswara should sheershaam next thus making “Gam”7. He becomes All-KnowingHe becomes All-Knowing Brahman being the underlying essence of everything, knowing Brahman is knowing the essence of everything Permanent Happiness will increase within his consciousnesswherever he is i.

Then it should be made to shine with the Half-Moon i. And Anuswara is the last form thus forming “Gam”8. It is said that Christ was sometimes worshipped as an elephant during the middle Ages. This is joined with Nada8.


This ancient prayer in praise of the elephant-headed Hindu Deity Shri Ganesha, or Ganapati as he is also popularly known, is widely used in worship athavra over India and is considered to be the oldest and most important text concerning Shri Ganesha. Protect this Truth from the Top O Ganapati4.

In fact Shri Ganesha is not mentioned in any of the Vedas. He who worships Ganapati with thousand Modakas a type of Sweetmeathe atharvq obtain his Desired Fruits May we See with our Eyes what is Auspicious and Adorable3: He will also attharva Medhavan filled with Medha or retentive capacity of the mind Mantra gradually reveals the deeper consciousness You are the visible Brahman manifested as the Universe Therefore, O Ganapati, the Absolute Truth I have spoken will make the realized see this vast World as emanating from Sacchidananda5.

Surprised that such a thing should happen to Him, Sjeersham discerned through His supernatural powers that He had omitted to worship Shri Ganesha before setting off, which He duly did and achieved success.

Ganapati Atharva Sheersham | Veda Gyanam

If anyone gives this out of attachment to someone inspite of knowing the sheersuam to be undeservinghe becomes a sinner In Your Mantra Swarupa G-kara is the first formShdersham who makes Eight Brahmins receive this Upanishad i. Protect this Truth from the West O Ganapati4. Protect this Truth from the South O Ganapati4. This Atharvasirsha is not to be given to undeserving Persons Those who do not have any interest or faith in higher life Studying this in the Morning will destroy the Sins committed during the Night including the tendency to commit Sins Protect this Truth from the Bottom O Ganapati4.


He who recites this during Solar Eclipse on the atharvq of a great River Nature providing the backdrop of the greater consciousness or in-front of the image of Ganapatibecomes Mantra-Siddha i. In the prayer itself He is mostly addressed as Ganapati which has the same meaning.

Thus ends the Upanishad giving the message of the all-freeing Brahman Consciousness embodied as Ganapati and fresh hope to all OmShantiShantiShanti May this bring Peace to all at all the three levels – Adhibhautika, Adhidaivika and Adhyatmika Note: This is the word of the Atharvana Rishi The connection may be that the Atharva Veda contains mainly invocations of the Divine for various purposes and this is in the same style. Place the mouse over each Sanskrit word to get the meaning.

He becomes free from great Vices i. He becomes free from Sins or situations which as if drowns the life in a River i.