Audioquest Double Quad Helix Slate Speaker Cables Slate Full-Range. Slate Bi- Wire Audioquest Cable Design Details Audioquest Speaker Cables Infromation. I have been happy with the performace to date, bought the Slate cables used and already broken in so they were an immediate improvement. AudioQuest Slate Bi-Wire for sale. This double star quad geometry “Flat Rock” cable does not look normal on the outside, and it is not at all.

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Ask the Cable Guys. AudioQuest Slate Cable Cable Suggested Retail Price: Up until a few months ago I had been using generic 16 gage radio shack speaker cables and had been happy.

Cable Asylum: REVIEW: AudioQuest Slate Cable by Joe Blow

What convinced me to try a “real” speaker cable stems back to this spring when I picked up a Musical Fidelity A3 integrated amp a wonderful amp, by the way. The amp’s long depth made my old audio cabinet obsolete it didn’t fitso I built a varient of the TNT flexy rack. When that was finally done in late summer, I moved everything onto the rack and noticed my 10 year old RS cable was badly oxidized and corroded.

That put me in the market. I initially considered just getting more and heavier generic speaker cable, but decided I might try DIY to get a good speaker cable inexpensively.


I quickly stumbled onto Jon Risch’s site which shares a plethora of information and demystifies much of the snake oil and mystique of speaker cables and interconnects.

The CAT-5 cable sounded nice but, quite frankly, I don’t think I have the time for something like this.

I thought I might try my own DIY design with braided 18 gage twisted pair teflon wire, however the cost for this put it audioquets the league of low end off the shelf cable, and my lazyness got the sllate of me. I will one day know if my DIY cable is success though, as I recently found a buch of wire in the scrap bin at work and will make a cable for my center channel speaker Anyway, based on the advise of this forum, I picked out the Audioquest Slate being closed out on Audio Advisor as being a relatively neutral to slightly warm cable.

AudioQuest Slate Speaker Cables

Note this is the old “garden hose” style 8 conductor cable, not the paralleled four pair shown on AQ’s web site. The Slate employs eight mulitple gage “spread spectrum” conductors. Each conductor is claimed to pass certain frequencies better due to skin effect. I remain skeptical that this happens to a significant degree in the audio band, but so-be-it.

The wires are solid “long grain aucioquest and oxygen free to improve conductivity, and finally are wound in a spiral “hyperlitz” over a audioquesh material composition unknown.

AudioQuest Slate Speaker Cables user reviews : out of 5 – 16 reviews –

Upon reciept my first impressions were for a solid cable it seems remarkably flexible, though it is stiff and heavy none-the-less. The termination appears first rate, but solder is used. Hook them up and turn it on and listen to a few CD’s.


I was audiiquest very impressed. These cables sounded exceedingly dark to the point that I wanted to return them. I perserviered though and put some hours on them.

They have opened up imensley I never thought I would be writing about the effects of cable run-in, much less speaker cables.

These cables add audioqhest very slight warmth to a very slightly warm amplifier slatee the resulting ballance seems to be just about “right” for me. This does an excellent job of helping to tame digital nasties and would very likely go a long way in taming overly bright or nauciously detailed sources and may explain why I very much enjoy my ATML cartridge where others complain of it’s brightness.

Out of the box this is a dark sounding cable.

This is a heavy stiff cable not for wimpy binding posts. Mostly transparent – i. Associated Equipment for this Review: Philips CD, Pro-Ject 1. Product Owner This post is made possible by the generous support of people like you and our sponsors: