With the success that she has enjoyed from The Lady’s Tutor and, currently, The Lover, Robin Schone has made a name for herself as one of. Awaken, My Love By Robin Schone – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. In The Lover, Schone took us on a journey “into the very heart of sensuality and Now, Robin Schone will thrill us again in “Awaken, My Love”, her very first tale.

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A bit steep live a paperback, but money well spent on what I believe is a collectible classic. I believe its notoriety, stems from the controversial opening with the heroine, Elaine Metcliffe, a 39 year old 20th century computer analyst, pleasuring herself while she lies in bed next to her, conservative but dependable husband Matthew.

This scene caused quite a stir. At exactly the same time that she is pleasuring herself, though years earlier in England, Charles Mortimer, 12th Baron of Arlcotte, is finally consummating his marriage with his 21 year old cold-as-ice wife, Morrigan, on the eve of their 1st wedding anniversary.

What follows is a candid look at a 20th century woman dealing with the inconveniences that were scohne norm with 19th women unshaved legs and armpits, homemade sanitary belts, lack of Sara Lee Danish.


The only positive note for Elaine is that her plump, 39 year old body is now the body of a svelte 21 year old. schome

When Elaine finally realizes who and where she is, her mind starts to constantly churn with questions ranging from how she got here and where Morrigan went to why Morrigan waited one year to finally sleep with her husband.

Until she figures out a way back to the future, Elaine is concerned about giving herself away.

Charles starts to notice changes in his wife; changes that, ironically he concludes, started to take place after they had consummated their marriage. He senses that aqaken first night together had finally awakened his cold, little wife and plans to build upon her sexual awakening with a little help of the Tantric methods he picked up in India.

Awaken, My Love

The pillow book scene in the library could burn a hole clear through a block of ice! At first Elaine is scared, yet intoxicated by the powerful desire Charles stirs in her.

She also feels guilt because, after all, she does have a husband in the 20th century who, in 17 years of a passionless marriage, could loe satisfy her. The plot starts to thicken with first one, then a second note from Morrigan. Will Elaine be able to stop Morrigan from tearing her away from the only man she has ever loved? In a nutshell, the plot is original, and highly intriguing.


Awaken, My Love: Robin Schone: : Books

The sex is burning but is written with such tasteful flair it will have you wishing the love of your life would whisper some of the incredibly erotic words that Charles whispers to Elaine. This scene comes full circle in the last paragraph of the book. As stated in the beginning, this book is out of print. If you can find a reasonably priced one, snap it up, devour it then lock it up for safekeeping!

Desert Isle Keeper

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