Kazys Boruta ( m. sausio 6 d. Kūlokuose, Liudvinavo valsčius – m. kovo 9 d. Vilniuje) – Lietuvos rašytojas, poetas, politinis veikėjas. Jurgos ir Girdvainio dramatiška meilės istorija. Aš manau, kad tai Baltaragio sutartis su velniu ir šios sutarties pasekmės. Meilė- tai galinga jėga. Kazys Boruta – Baltaragio malūnas. Projektą atliko: Vievio gimnazijos. VIIIc klasės mokinė. Liveta Kazlauskaitė. Kazys Boruta – Baltaragio.

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Upon hearing these words spoken in frustration, Whitehorn was, for some odd reason, pleased, and even cheery, which was a rare thing with him.

Baltaragio malūnas by Liveta Kazlau on Prezi Next

He went about mysteriously, with a cunning smile, as though he was getting ready to deceive baltarzgio and the very thought cheered him. Out of the carriage stepped one serious gentleman with a gray beard and a young gentleman with a smart little hat.


Could her long-awaited prince have arrived at last? In the meantime, the gray-bearded matchmaker, barely setting foot into the parlor, without even taking a seat, still standing by the door, started in on his speech: She glanced out of the corner of her eye — the suitor was unspeakably handsome.

The couple was seated at the table, upon which immediately maknas the appropriate bottle decorated with a green sprig of rue.

Behind them followed that shameless Whitehorn — a distant relative, but worse than an enemy! It was just that while she was leaving, she noticed the suitor gave him some sort of paper, which he cheerfully tucked into his jacket. The bay steeds hardly stood still by the baltaragik, their ears twitched and their eyes flashed lightning.

The bay steeds leapt from the spot like dragons, the ground thundered, and the carriage flew off as if caught up in a whirlwind. Everything happened so quickly. Then lightning flashed across the heavens, and suddenly everything vanished.

Not only that, but something was janking at her terribly by the legs, intending to submerge her entirely.


Baltaragio malūnas by Kazys Boruta

She wanted to get her baltarzgio on him again, but he broke free and started tearing about, squealing and whining but still not backing off. Begone from my sight!

But then the roosters in the village began to crow. What could baltarwgio do with it, defiled and shredded as it was by a devil? As she ran, she kept turning back to shake her clenched left fist threateningly in the direction of the mill, while with the similarly clenched right one she crossed herself, and all the while a stream of maledictions flowed.

Volume 53, No 4 – Winter Editor of this issue: