BCR1AM Lead-mount Triac 1 Ampere/ Volts Powerex, Inc., Hillis Street, Youngwood, Pennsylvania () Description: A triac is a solid. BCR1AM Type = Triac ;; Voltage = V ;; Current = 1A ;; Package = Obsolete Powerex, Inc., Details, datasheet, quote on part number: BCR1AM REJ03G Rev Nov 30, Page 1 of 4. BCR1AMA. Triac. Low Power Use. REJ03G Rev Nov 30, Features.

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Power Device Package Drawings Coupler Green Stream Solution These solutions control the flow of power energy and contribute to reduced power consumption overall. Wireless bonding and dual-face heat dispersion help to prevent increased RDS on-resistance due to higher junction temperatures. Total gate charge Qg nC 0. Renesas Electronics improves performance with process technology that reduces capacitance and on-resistance, combined with package technology designed to lower reactance and on-resistance.

Trench technology and ultra fine process technology at the top class in the industry contribute to reduced on-resistance, while advanced package technologies such as multi-bonding, copper-clip connection, composite configuration with integrated Schottky diodes, and compact dimensions enable low-voltage characteristics.

Specify conditions similar to those of your application. When designing a synchronous rectification step-down DC-DC converter, the high-side and low-side MOS devices selected will differ ncr1am on considerations such as the operating conditions, the target efficiency, and the key load range. For example, brc1am comparison of the three low-side products used in the efficiency graph above shows the following relationships.

Therefore, selecting a MOS with low on-resistance will provide increased efficiency by reducing the conduction loss.

datqsheet In the small-current range, conversely, drive loss and switching loss account for more of the total loss, so selecting a MOS with low capacitance Qg, Qgd is an effective way to increase efficiency. It presents recommended pairs of high-side and low-side devices to match particular usage conditions and allows you to select MOS products and run efficiency simulations using them.

Drive A recommended combination of devices is displayed.

You can use the custom solution function to make changes to the combination of devices. You bcram change the parameters for parts appearing in blue type. You can also view waveforms, etc. When the ratio of the input to the output voltage approaches 1, the duration of high-side current UP flow is longer. As the ratio approaches 0, the low-side current flow duration increases. However, MOSFETs with low on-resistance tend to have a correspondingly larger chip size, and they also have slightly higher switching loss due dagasheet factors such as higher gate capacitance.

Consequently, it is necessary to place more emphasis on characteristics such as gate capacitance dqtasheet on on-resistance when selecting a MOSFET for the side with the shorter current flow duration. It is also important to pay close attention to characteristics such as gate capacitance when using a higher switching frequency and more compact parts such as coils and transformers.


You can also change the parameter settings.

(PDF) BCR1AM Datasheet download

While running a simulation, click on a waveform graph or characteristic curve illustration to display a dedicated graph viewer. The viewer has tools that enable you to check fine details bbcr1am adjust the appearance of the display. Increased turn-on and turn-off loss Dataseet MOS: Increased diode loss http: Reduced low-side D-S spike – voltage at high-side turn-on Part No.

This product is under development. The electrical characteristics or schedule may be subject to change without notice. Renesas Electronics offers a large number of products that meet these requirements. ID for low-side switch and synchronous rectifier for high-side switch No.

Ciss pF Type No. UPA Lineup Package comparison max. Aware of these requirements and datasjeet demand in this market datasheeet trustworthiness and ultrahigh reliability, Renesas Electronics designs, develops, and manufactures products that deliver an bcr1a, high level of quality and reliability.

Like other electronic devices, products for the automotive field must combine compact size and low on-resistance. Renesas Electronics achieves on-resistance specs among the lowest in the world through the use of ultrafine technology, such as our 0. In recent years, as PWM support and compatibility with a wider range of power supplies become more important, attention has also begun to focus on switching performance.

Renesas Electronics is continuously working to develop new high-performance fabrication processes to deliver ultralow on-resistance and low gate capacitance in response to these technical trends.

In addition, many years of experience enable us to design products with high breakdown tolerance and high reliability that customers can have confidence in. To meet the diverse requirements of our customers, we develop high-performance power devices with power packages employing the latest assembly technology.

Multi-wire bonding is used to provide large-current capabilities for applications such as electric power steering. For medium-current applications such as engine control, new packages such as the 8-pin HSON provide smaller size and reduced mounting area.

These devices are developed using multichip technology. The 4-in-1 configuration integrates four elements in a SOP8 package and is intended for controlling ultra-compact brushed DC motors.

In particular, our ultralow on-resistance products with wire-less structure and high-heat-dispersion, low-resistance package design are ideal for large-current systems.

Since a high mounting density is possible, the electrical and mechanical portions of the motor can be integrated easily. This enables more compact size, lighter weight, and improved reliability. Accelerated Development of Two Types of Systems Advantages for Customers Renesas Electronics develops intelligent power device products with an emphasis on two types of systems: In the past, partly due to economic reasons, mechanical relays were generally used in automotive applications requiring the ability to handle currents of several tens of amperes.

By using intelligent power devices instead, systems can be made more compact and lightweight, and more reliable as well. Shutoff hold operation latch 1.

Renesas Electronics was one of the first in Japan to release multichip package MCP products to meet this need. They combine a power chip and control chip in a single package to deliver excellent performance and economy.


Thermal FET Overheating Shutoff Characteristics Drain current In the area of engine control, there is demand for products that provide integration of protection functions in drive elements for solenoids, etc.

BCR1AM Triac

Renesas Electronics has released fuel injector driver products with a voltage tolerance of V, the highest in the industry. They make possible extremely precise control of the volume of fuel injected into the cylinder, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

They provide significantly improved performance FOM as well. AH Series op-amp, etc. Bcrr1am on-state Resistance ID A 66 2. Renesas Electronics supplies a variety of thyristor and TRIAC products with distinctive characteristics and maintains a high market share in many application areas.

LC and LD series, etc. Dxtasheet structure 2 Insulation configuration: Planar structure 2 Insulated package: PFC 1kW and over 3.

Ultra-compact package TSOJ-8 size: Range of drive voltages 2. High electrostatic tolerance integrated gate Zener diode 4. This is why specific types of devices, bcr1sm as compound transistors, silicon bipolar transistors, and Si-MOSFETs, are used for different applications.

Of these, silicon high-frequency transistors have come into wide use due to their suitability for mass production. The many package options include compact and thin packages, multi-element packages, and high-loss-tolerance packages. Customers can combine the characteristics dataheet require to select the devices that best match their applications. The package is available for halogen-free diodes.

In addition, low-capacitance products suitable for high-speed interfaces are available. Products with bidirectional functionality as well as many voltage specifications and packages are available for a variety of applications, including reference power sources. High-ESD type is product group with guaranteed tolerance of 30kV.

BCR1AMTB Renesas Electronics America, BCR1AMTB Datasheet

Low-capacitance 10pF type is product group with guaranteed tolerance of 8kV. GHz Package Part No. Destination Thyristor and triac Part No. For an inductive load: Symbol Current ratings 05 0. Insulation type Full mold type Others: Non-insulation type Package code 2-alphanumeric, See table Surface mount type Packing specification 1 alphanumeric, See table Product series Symbol Productseries Table Special Specification Code Z4 Low Cd 8 to 25pF: And in alphabetical order.

Indicate the polarity and electrical characteristics. Polarity with a letter, a number that represents the electrical characteristics. The meaning of letters is as follows. R1 significant figures of resistance. The squares represent 10 n. A section of special support. Serial number starting with 1. Packing view taping 1. Represents the packing wafer or pellets. Wafer no diced P—T Pellet tray packed P—S Pellet Surf tape Pellet Embossed taping is divided into the following chip in the direction of the tape pack.

Represents the ID DC rating.