Gary Cooper in Beau Sabreur () Noah Beery and Roscoe Karns in Beau Sabreur () Evelyn Brent in Beau Sabreur () Gary Cooper and Evelyn. Title: Beau Sabreur Author: Percival Christopher Wren * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Edition: 1 Language: English. plural beau sabreurs\ˌbō-​sa-​ˈbrərz \ or beaux sabreurs\ˌbō-​sa-​ˈbrər \. Definition of beau sabreur.: a dashing adventurer. Love words? You must.

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She was the amie of a French officer, and had been carried off during the last massacre, and was in the hareem of the big man of the sabteur. Tools on which I can rely absolutely. Her brother, by the way, was an honorary ornament of the American Embassy at Paris, and was spending his leave with his adventurous sister and her maid-companion in “doing” Algeria, and seeing something of the desert.

No good smacking their faces neither, for they don’t take ‘No’ xabreur an answer, when they’re looking out for a wife. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. I raised my eyebrows inquiringly, and with my right hand twice patted my left shin, my heart, my stomach, and the seat of my trousers.

bsau When the squad had been marched back to prison, Sergeant de Poncey attended to me. The feast ended at long last sbareur we got away, surprised at our power to carry our burden, and staggered home through the sabreug moonlit night, preceded by Dufour and followed by Achmet my splendid faithful servant, loving and beloved, Allah rest his brave soul! Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation. Each bed was so narrow that there was no discomfort in eating one’s meals as one sat astride the bed, as though seated on a horse, with a basin of soupe before one.

Get out of this–go on–before I. He has often saved me from suicide–simply by a kind word and his splendid smile. You needn’t pursue him any more. I do not mean prettiness nor handsomeness, but beauty. Evidently a humane and kindly soul this. He had indeed fulfilled the Arab saying, ” A man should not sleep on silk besu he has walked on sand.


No one need drink alone when he was there, he said, and he gave up his valuable time and energy to frequenting the canteen beua such hours as it might be empty, and a man might come and fall into sin. Tried to throw me into the muck-heap when I wasn’t looking.

Name of an Anointed Poodle, I will! You may remember my valuable contribution to the great ideas of the evening.

Vintage Novels: Beau Sabreur by PC Wren

I liked this Sergeant de Poncey from the first. Nay, he was a lion of strength and courage. Well, the brutes have asked for it, and they’ll get it–but I think it bequ a case of the sooner the quicker.

I was in the Soudan a long while. But I must be just to the brave Colonel–for he died in Zaguig swbreur a reddened sword in one hand and an emptied revolver in the other, at the head of his splendid Zouaves; and he gave me, thanks to this officious command of his, some of the best minutes of my life.

A little careful management, and I should have friend Becque where I wanted him, give him the fright of his life, and sabrreur put him out of the “agitating” business for a time.

The Colonel had rather foolishly consented to their coming to Zaguig “to see something of the real desert and of Empire in the making,” as Otis Eabreur Vanbrugh had written to him.

beau sabreur

The hood of my dirty burnous was well over my ingenuous countenance and the evening was growing dark, but I got a clear glimpse of his face, and then fled for my life. I beheld an enormous parade ground, about a quarter of a mile square, with the Riding School in the middle of it, and beyond it a huge barracks for men and horses.


He made me laugh, and that made me angry and him furiousfor it was no laughing matter. A man in the Blue Hussars, a dozen years and more ago?

Doubtless you wonder how a man may be an Etonian one year and a trooper in a French Hussar Regiment the next. However, I could but try, and if I failed on my own account, I could still take what action I thought fit, on the word of Dufour.

And so Fate, my uncle, and my own hard, dangerous and exciting work, brought me to the great adventure of my life, and to the supreme failure that rewarded my labours at the crisis of my career.

I could have wept at myself.

The Governor’s house would be in the thick of the fighting, and it was more than probable that Ibrahim Maghruf’s house would be looted and burnt. Old friend of mine.

What is “beau sabreur”

It might as well, you say, have been written by Rosie M Banks. It wraps up with a plot twist–or maybe more of a slight hiccup–that does not amaze, since we guessed it on page 37 when it was first bdau. Always use the point until you are brought to a standstill, and then use the edge with the speed and force of lightning.

The top of that inch-thick, red felt garment, hard and stiff as a board, literally cut me. He wrote that his very soul was bequ within him, and his life “but dust and ashes, a vale of woe and mourning, a desert of grief and despair in which was no oasis of joy or hope.

The Vanishing Pioneer To my stiff query, “Why Ivan, Miss Vanbrugh?