“MagnificentThis adult fairly tale entertains and delivers a message in the best tradition of the fantasy classics.”– “The Denver Post.”With the critically. Beauty is the daughter of a noble, a father with a wonderful estate but little in the way of attention for his daughter. This is just part of life. Locus Award in for Beauty. Sheri Stewart Tepper (July 16, – October 22, ) was an American writer of science.

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Horlakand B. Instead, the rules that govern a fantasy story must be even more solid and clear than regular fiction for us to believe it and buy into the world.

We are a long lived family, so Papa says, and Grandfather was still very hale and fervent at that age. For more information see www. To introduce so many ideas, and at the same time create complicated characters who grow and change, and render so many different worlds, each with their own internal logic, is an amazing trick.

Her father neglects her and her mother going on excessive pilgrimages to find various holy relics. While I liked the fractured fairy tales, I didn’t think the ideas on religion, feminism, ecological destruction, and the apocalypse were fleshed out enough to make sense in the end. Sheri S Tepper – Fish Tales cover art and synopsis. Stewart recalled she “spent ten years Although, I can see how it might for some.

The fact is that I shall be ravishing when I grow up if I continue in good habits and do not take to drink. Of course, there would be no way to pull this off without the fantasy element. It’s a shame that so many of the Faery are stupid and a little silly, which makes it difficult for the Faery war subplot to gather much emotional momentum.


When people force me to choose a single favorite book, I often name this one. You can help by adding to it. It’s a ham-fisted morality tale about the sins of environmental destruction and However I did find Sheri S Tepper awfully annoying for her cluttered preaching. I do like a book with grounded principles and a moral stand I agree with but I just felt like the author tried too hard and interrupted the book with pages and pages of feminist and environmental views.

Other editions – View all Beauty Sheri S. Refresh and try again. The story hops around between all these times, telper, and realities, leaving our protagonist – Beauty of the Sleeping Beauty tale – stronger and more broken by turns. I was confirmed when I was nine, rather late in life, truly, though Father Raymond considered it soon enough.

Detailed Review Summary of Beauty by Sheri S. Tepper

Faery is also wonderfully described and illustrated, as Ms. What Tepper accomplishes here is nothing short of miraculous. This time, I jumped in with determination, and was stunned to find – mere pages after the part where I had given up twice before teppre the plot took a complete swan dive off the deep end and the book became something completely different than what I had expected it to be.

Expect, perhaps not to weep, but to ache for the inevitable loss. Beauty brings a practical empathy to the stories and a wry amusement when she recognizes them along with the reader having learned them during her time in the twentieth century. This isn’t minutely realistic historical fiction, but Tepper does a good job of putting stories into a 14th century context, adding some complexity to the supporting characters, and coming up with amusing explanations for minor details.


Less successful is the time travel dystopian plot. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. She might as well have said “It’s hard to be a woman, and humanity sucks. Finally she comes to understand what has been her special gift to humanity all along. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Sheri S. Tepper

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. It’s a fairytale – a collection of fairytales woven into a single tapestry – with more realism than might be thought, and with a clear, strong but still good moral message: I think she could have done really interesting things with the time travel, and the idea of fate, which she seemed to just ignore.

Buried among all those stepdaughters, Grandmama would have been unlikely to find a second husband, especially since there was nothing left of either her dowry or her dower.

It transported me to the Realm of Fae and I was completely immersed in the novel.