Blessing Your Spirit has ratings and 16 reviews. Arthur Burk Some of that truth is spoken by the Spirit of God to your spirit and some is input that you. Read a free sample or buy Blessing Your Spirit by Sylvia Gunter & Arthur Burk. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad. Blessing Your Spirit – Arthur Burk. Dara Bernard; 1 video; views; Last Jehovah Nissi by Arthur Burk. by SapphireLeadership.

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This is a continuation of Blessing Your Spirit.

Blessing Your Spirit by Sylvia Gunter & Arthur Burk on Apple Books

Here we see another glimpse into the spirit of a person. Our spirit is the lamp Burj utilizes for us to know ourselves. The Hebrew word for lamp is niyr which means to break up, freshly plow or till and make glisten or fiery. The word for inmost being in Hebrew is two words: So it means the chamber of the womb or womb of the chamber.

I am pondering if our spirit or the inmost being is the secret place spoken of in Scripture. For now that will be a half-baked potato as Arthur Burk says. The human spirit is an amazing part splrit us. For the sake of not being redundant please read the previous blog, Blessing Your Spirit, linked to above. I believe many Christians are walking around with a crushed spirit, an alive spirit but a crushed spirit. So we see that our spirit can sustain us when ill but when afflicted it barely can or not at all.

How does our spirit get afflicted or wounded? Word curses, slander, gossip, backbiting, bitterness, sin around us see 2 Pet.


As He is…so are we

A lot of the time our spirits are crushed by our soul. Our spirit is bullied by our soul. This is why the spirit should now be our primary way of relating to the world and each other see 2 Cor.

The soul is very needed and very legitimate but should never rule, because when it does bad things can happen due to improper protocol. So we need to build our spirit. Call that part of ourselves into fullness and rightful dominion and rulership. One great way is speaking in tongues see Jude 1: So in order to fully know ourselves, not in a self-analysis judgmental way but a healthy and Godly way, our spirits must be built up in order for our spirit to be built into a stronger and more developed man than our soul.

The bigger and brighter the spirit, the bigger and brighter the Lord can work in yourself. Our spirit is the lamp of the Lord searching the innermost parts. The inner, spirit man is the gate the Lord works through in order for healing to be accomplished and for relating to the world and ourselves and each other.

We must build it up so here arthut another prayer to pray out loud. I call your soul and body to get behind your spirit. I remove the bushel and call you into proper rulership and relationship with my soul and body. Far too long you have been subservient and bullied by your soul. You yourr been cursed, wounded, crushed, afflicted, and seen, for far too long, the sin and iniquity of current and past generational junk. I now remove that off of you, by faith, and take the Sword of the Holy Spirit and sever all ungodly ties and blesing from what the enemy has crushed you with.


I lift off all things that are crushing you and choking you the life and light out of you.

Blessing Your Spirit

I call you forth to administer slirit stripes of Christ to that sickness. Where you have been bullied and maligned I ask forgiveness. Where you have been dwelling in the corner of the housetop due to contention I ask you to come down and clean house. I call you glistening.

I call bleswing blessed. I call you the head and not the tail. I call you above and not beneath. Bring forth rivers of living water into my soul and body. In the name of Jesus, blessint life-giving Spirit. I love how you point out that fully knowing yourself is not self analytical judgement!!

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