Jetzt bei entdecken: Unser umfangreiches Sortiment zu ‘body reset’ Verwandte Suchvorgänge zu „body reset“ . Jacky Gehring, Mario Magistris. Body Reset: das Erfolgsprogramm: Schluss mit Cellulite, Übergewicht und Haarausfall. Front Cover. Jacky Gehring. Weltbild, – pages. Body Reset: das Erfolgsprogramm ; Schluss mit Cellulite, Übergewicht und Haarausfall! ; mit Beilagen: Front Cover. Jacky Gehring QR code for Body Reset.

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What cellulite is for women, the bald patch is for men: By eliminating the causes of these two common complaints, we can help the skin regain its firmness and the head hold on to its crowning glory. Not just beautiful, but healthy too: In order for a child to grow, they say, female connective tissue must be extremely elastic—and the later consequence of this is cellulite.

Wirksam entsäuern Teil 1: Die basenüberschüssige Ernährung – My Natural Way

As if the womb were located in the thigh! Nonetheless, God was fair when it came to delivering imperfection: Something that we women—at least till now, thank God! With all this in macky, why is it that baldness and cellulite are still a relatively unfamiliar sight in primitive peoples?

Why do we seldom see bald heads in old pictures? Admittedly the fashion of wearing wigs may have somewhat misrepresented this perspective. The answer is quite simple: The cause of each rather unattractive phenomenon is not, in fact, due to a temporary blackout in the mind of our Creator, but in our eating habits.

This is why neither hair tonics nor cellulite gels rset truly effective.

Jacky Gehring – BodyReset

We can only regain a bushy head of hair and smooth legs from the inside. Because all of them are linked to the same thing: It is a functional organ found throughout the entire body.


First and foremost it is a massive transport network. All nutrients, oxygen as well as medicine, for example, must be able to be conveyed without congestion. If this tissue is overloaded, it can cause congestion and consequent disruptions to the entire system. Illness is caused when the normal function of connective tissue is disrupted and is not remedied over a long period of time. However, the flow of information in our body is only possible if this huge telecoms network is in optimal condition.

Female connective tissue is somewhat more efficient than its male counterpart when it comes to absorbing metabolic waste products and storing them like a kind of rubbish bin.

If we start dumping too many of these substances, i. At this point, they react by producing increasing amounts of acidic metabolic waste—and the vicious circle starts afresh.

In fact, per cent of the food and drink we supply our body is acid-forming, thanks to our denatured modern diet! Too much acid can be fatal. The wrong food choices, stress, tension, noise pollution and feelings of fear and anxiety can contribute to considerable hyperacidity in the body. Typical acidosis complaints are:. That said, the body needs a minimum amount of acid as this can be burned to supply feset. But if we continue eating too many acid-forming foods, the body will simply give up.

Your lymph system is activated by exercise and sport climbing the stairs, rapid walking, etc. One of the gehrinb ways to activate the lymph system is trampolining. Lymph drainage also helps the body to transport waste out of the body; drinking plenty of water is a very important factor in this. Most people drink much too little, which means that the body is not able to rid itself of waste effectively i. If we are acidotic, the body is forced to turn to our mineral stores for help.


They are involved in all metabolic processes: And where does the body get these minerals?

From the skin, hair, nails, bones, cartilage, etc. Hair grhring is not only a hormonal issue; in other words, the hormone balance also depends on the acid-base balance. Professional and personal stress, fear, irritation—all this leads to both a higher production of adrenalin and an increased acidic metabolic status.

If you continue eating too many acidic foods, an alkaline deficiency will soon be the result. Suffering an emergency situation, and to neutralise the acid that will otherwise at some point become life-threatening, the body robs the urgently-needed minerals from its biggest and most expendable store—the scalp.

The hair roots no longer receive nutrients and the hair falls out.

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Jacky Gehring has some consolation for desperate men, however: The complete text, with practical advice on how to deal with acidosis, and on the best methods for treating cellulite and baldness, is available in our Facts are Facts print edition no. Readers’ letters About us Contact us. Home Facts are Facts No. Goodbye to Cellulite and Baldness!

Share the article with your friends and relatives or send us Feedback. Order this edition now and read further articles on this topic: Is the US President an “Illegal”? Causes and Cures Heart Transplants: Films in the Language of God Sergey Lazarev: The Diagnostics of Karma Gdhring Acids: