bordereaux de détaxe translation english, French – English dictionary, meaning, see also ‘bordereau’,bordeaux’,border’,bordée’, example of use, definition. 7 févr. Le paiement des achats doivent être réalisés intégralement par la personne reprise sur le bordereau de détaxe. En magasin, que doit faire le. The Swiss said: Fill in the declaration form in the declaration box in Lausanne- gare. attach your original “bordereau de détaxe” (what you got.

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According to the information from the French customs website, I need to find a customs official who will stamp the form when exiting France. The problem is that I have never seen customs officials aboard a boat from Thonon to Lausanne nor in corresponding ports.

Here it says that if I cannot find customs officials, then I can leave the forms in a declaration box at the train station in Lausanne. To reclaim the tax, it says, I have to go through a complicated and time consuming procedure of contacting regional Directorate of Customs and Excise and explaining my case why I wasn’t able to get the forms stamped by French custom officials.

So, now I’m confused which source of information to trust. Does anyone has an experience of reclaiming the EU VAT through these declaration boxes without getting the forms stamped by a EU customs official?

You need to find an open French customs office when you leave France with the goods. This user would like to thank fatmanfilms for boedereau useful post: The problem is that in Thonon there is nordereau customs office.

The only customs control that is definitely going to be open is on the highway to geneva. But I’m not sure if I can access it without a car. Regardless, that’s what you have to do.

Arrivée – Franchises douanière

We have had this problem when leaving the UK. You have a period of days before the stamp is required. You can then get the paperwork processed at another border control that is manned on a regular basis. If the VAT refund is substantial get in a car and drive, but you will need to have the goods with you for inspection.

I recently bought a present for my Wife in London.

Could not get the paperwork stamped in the UK, so I took borderezu to the Ferney Voltaire customs, french side and they stamped it for me. A little complicated but if you travel a lot it’s no problem at all. Remember you are allowed to bring in I think euros of goods with out paying Swiss Tax whilst still claiming back the EEC tax.

Bordeteau user would like to thank stuartq for this useful post: These days you just find manned controls at the major crossings and occasionally on the Swiss side in remote area’s. Ferney Voltaire is accessable by foot, but you still need to get there. I think your best bet is to ask a friend who does have a car for help.


The following 3 users would like to thank Pernilleskokken for this useful post: I know it’s a bit of a distance for you, but there always seems to be officials at the crossing at St. Gingolph, going back into Switzerland.

bordereaux de détaxe translation English | French dictionary | Reverso

Difficult to get to though without a car, although I think the borderreau still goes from Thonon to St. If you took the bus to St. I suppose it all depends on how much VAT you’ll be claiming back, whether it’s worth all the hassle.

The French said you need to go to the french embassy or consulate with all your merchandise and get a french stamp. You can also go back to a border stop on the motorway but they have no obligation to stamp your ticket since this is not where you left France after your shopping.

Fill in the declaration form in the declaration box in Detade. The Swiss customs will then check that you do not need to pay import taxes ie.

Should you have spent more than CHf, dtaxe Swiss customs will first send you a bill to pay import tax.

How to pronounce bordereau de détaxe

The Swiss customs then send you back the bordereau with the french stamp and maybe the swiss stamp depending on their mood, since it is not required for amounts of less than CHF and then you can send it to the refund office in the prestamped enveloppe that you received from the shop.

I hope this is clear And I’m very happy to learn myself that there is no need to trek to an embassy or border stop!! I believe there is a also a quite high minimum purchase detaxr some Euros in one store under which they don’t detax Here is a follow up post based on my experience: At the shop I asked for the VAT reclaim form. The vendor at the shop gave me two VAT bordereeau forms and an envelop.

I was told at the shop that I will have to have both of the forms stamped when leaving France, mail one of the forms to Global Blue, using the provided envelop, and keep another form to myself. Then I will have to come back to the shop with the form to receive VAT refund. Of course there was no one at the French border and the Swiss border too. So, I located a declaration box, filled in the customs declaration form, and dropped it together with the two VAT reclaim forms bordeteau the box.


However I kept the envelop to myself thinking that I will receive back both of the forms. About a week later I received a bill from the Swiss customs. However, the Swiss customs sent me only one VAT reclaim the one which I was supposed to return to the shop. Moreover, the form was stamped only by Swiss customs, there wasn’t any French customs stamp on the form.

This week I went to the shop with the form. When I gave the form to the vendor, she didn’t say anything about a missing French customs stamp but made a phone call to some company. I don’t know French dee I couldn’t follow their conversation, but I guess the vendor was calling to Global Blue to ask them if I sent them another form. Several minutes later I received my money back. The bottom line is that Swiss customs didn’t send the forms to French customs as was pointed out by Pernilleskokken and they sent only one of the two forms.

But I’m still puzzled why did I receive it despite of the missing French customs stamp.

Tax free form after shopping?/ Bordereau de Détaxe – Paris Forum – TripAdvisor

Quick follow up on this story: It’s been a couple of months since he submitted it. So apparently this trick does not work. There are 2 others in Pontarlier and Vallard. Good overall summary here. I was told yesterday that you have 3 months to detaxe, but of course, you still need to take the goods with you to show and also your Swiss ID card which the retailers also often require to see at purchase to issue the form.

This user would like to thank M-T for this useful post: Yes, the refund is substantial. But I don’t have a car.

Is there a French customs control near Geneva which is manned on a regular basis and accessible by foot? This user would like to thank catandmouse for this useful detxe Ferney Voltaire and Moillesulaz nearly always seem to have French officials there and both are accessible Ferney by F bus, Moillesulaz by 12 tram.

The following 2 users groan at Paquito for this post: SublimeToday only. By the way, anybody knows if both systems FR-SW are synch? This user would like to thank Mark75 for this useful post: Posting Rules You may not post new threads.

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