Febr. bworld-Spielwelten sind im Katalog in Produktgruppen gegliedert, die Wir bei BRUDER produzieren nicht einfach nur Spielwaren, wir. bworld-Spielwelten sind im Katalog in Produktgruppen gegliedert, die . BRUDER® and bworld® are registered trademarks of Bruder Spielwaren GmbH + Co.

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Dear Customer, as a result of outstanding services reflected in the quality and justified pricing of our products, we feel obliged to brduer supply you with our products.

Bruder Spielwaren – Übersicht: Baufahrzeuge

Consequently, we have once again enhanced our product range by a number of appealing items this year to offer you many hours of fun. The numerous BRUDER ve- hicles and bworld themed worlds are structured by product groups throughout the catalogue to transparently illustrate the values and combination options in arrangements that promote sales. Pictograms additionally indicate special features.

All but a few potential item variants are comprehensively illustrated on images to make it easier for you to choose. We hope this catalogue provides valuable support for your activities. Benefit from our offer — as your competent partner, we will do our utmost to make you happy. So haben wir auch dieses Jahr wieder unser Programm durch eine Vielzahl attraktiver Artikel mit hohem Spielwert erweitert. Machen Sie von unserem Angebot Gebrauch — wir als Ihr kompetenter Partner werden alles daransetzen, Sie stets zufrieden zu stellen.

Bruder Paul Heinz Bruder, Dipl. High investments in new, innovative products and our production facilities have been and remain the basis for both your and our success. Company founded by Paul Bruder. Establishment of a man- agement building as well as warehousing and shipping facilities. Extension by an assembly and warehousing facility with approximately 13, square metres. Introduction of soft tread tyres to the fully functional professional series at a scale of 1: Establishment of produc- tion facilities to enable plastics injection moulding production.

Establishment of a logistics centre with shipping facilities and 6, square metres of warehousing space and offices. Die Echtglieder- kette aus Kunststoff ist ein Novum. The genuine chain links made of plastic are a novelty. The excavator functions replicate the original. Bruder Toys America Inc. Zusammen mit der Profi-Serie entstehen nun komplette Spielwelten.

Introduction of the bworld series with realistic and multifunctional figures and buildings.

Bruder Toys – Home

Create entire themed worlds in conjunc- tion with the professional series. Enhancement of the logis- tics centre by warehousing facilities equipped with an approximately 17 metre tall high bay rack system. Production expansion thanks to plant in Pilsen CZ. Accessory represents the ideal supplement. Eine tolle Erweiterung ist ein Fahrer aus unserer bworld Figurenserie.


Our new tank truck and tank trailer is suitable for carrying water which can then be drained via the hose using the pump and operating console. The driver from our bworld set of figures is a great enhancement.

Im Folgenden stellen wir einige der neuesten Funktio- nen im Detail vor. BRUDER products not only impress with their attention to detail and high levels of durability, but also with a multitude of different functions.

These functions are scaled replicas of those on the original vehicles. We will demonstrate some of the most recent functions in the following section. Thanks to our ample range of accessories the playing functions can be enhanced even more. Unseren gibt es sogar im Set mit der passenden Werkstattausstattung und Mechaniker. The wheels can be changed on all our tractors in the andnewtractorsintheseries. Ouris even available as part of a set including the matching workshop equipment and mechanic.

Die bworld Figur macht jedes Spielethema komplett. Mit beweglichen Armen und Beinen kommen sie in allen Themenwelten zum Einsatz. Featuring movable arms and legs, they can be used as part of all themed worlds. Be it as fire service person- nel, mechanics or construction workers, figures master any challenge and enhance the playing experience of any Bruder vehicle. Excavators, cement mixers, loaders, cranes, trucks, tippers, rollers Logistics, garbage collection, service vehicles Farming, harvesting equipment, tractors, trailers, stock breeding Timber transport, timber processing, tractors We exclusively produce in the Europe- an Union.

All rights for listed brands exclusively owned by the proprietor of the rights. Subject to change in design, color, technology, scale and function. Die Rechte an den genannten Marken liegen einzig beim Rechteinhaber.

Dynamische Inhalte wie Videos und Animationen auf den Bildschirmen erregen die Auf- merksamkeit der Kunden und beeinflussen die Kaufentscheidung.

Products with video icon Our new video icon highlights products featuring videos on YouTube. This is where we showcase the most recent functions for retailers and end customers. Dynamic content, such as videos and animations on the screen catch the eye of customers and influence the decision to make a purchase.


All product videos are available on our retailer portal. Gitterpalette, Seilwinde und Frontladergabeln Accessories: Box-type pallet, winch and forks for frontloader VE PU mm inch x x x x 4 Logistics set VE PU mm inch x x x x 6 92 Show-jumping obstacles VE PU 4 mm inch x x x x Show jumping VE PU mm inch x x x x 16 45 7.

New Products in 2018

VE PU mm inch x x x x 6 Zwillingsbereifung mit gelben Felgen Accessories: Twin tyres with yellow rims mm inch D: VE PU mm inch x x x x 2 Zwillingsbereifung mit orangen Felgen Accessories: Twin tyres with orange rims mm inch D: Zwillingsbereifung mit roten Felgen Accessories: Twin tyres with red rims mm inch D: Zwillingsbereifung mit silbernen Felgen Accessories: Twin tyres with silver rims mm inch D: VE PU mm inch x x x x 4 Zwillingsbereifung mit silbernen Felgen Accessoires: Twin tyres with white rims mm inch D: Zwillingsbereifung mit hellgrauen Felgen Accessoires: Frontloader VE PU mm inch x x x x 4 9.

Frontloader VE PU mm inch x x x x 4 70 7. Heckbagger mit Greifer Accessories: Rear hydraulic arm with grab VE PU xpielwaren inch x x x x 4 60 5.

Gitterpalette, Seilwinde und Frontladergabeln Accessoires: Kartoffelimitate 5 Spritzrahmen je 40 Stk. Imitation potatoes 5 frames, 40 pcs. VE PU mm inch x x x x 4 68 75 2. Posch Holzspalter mit 4 Holzscheiten Accessories: Our safe and secure introductory models: Realistic functions lend these vehicles valuable characteristics for playing indoors and outdoors.

Soft tyres emphasise the durability and quality of this series. Brjder in der EU. Produced in the EU. Kunststoff Construction toy helmet, Material: Plastic foil Meter metre mm inch 28 x x 1. Papier Consumer catalogue, Material: Dear Customer, We produce all products according to strict quality standards.

Products are made of high-quality materials and for this reason, they are particularly bfuder. However, should a component break or in the event that you lose a part, we can support you in restoring all its functions in the majority of cases by fitting spare parts. We are happy to answer any of your queries regarding spare parts jatalog Sie bestehen aus hochwertigen Materialien und sind deshalb besonders langlebig. Anfragen zu Ersatzteilen beantworten wir Ihnen gerne unter: Order spare parts Ersatzteil bestellen 5.

Fit spare parts Ersatzteil einbauen 1.