Caesalpinia sappan L. (Leguminosae) is found in India, Malaysia, southern China, and tropical Asia, and its heartwood Sappan lignum is used as a red dye. Family Name: Fabaceae (Leguminosae). Common Names: Sappan Wood, Brazilwood Tree, Sappan. Chinese Name: 苏木. by; G. Renu, Sanjana Julias Thilakar, D. Narasimhan, Centre for Floristic Research, Department of Botany, Madras Christian College, Tambaram. (0 ratings).

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It is also used to cure wounds also with a plaster of macerated leaves and barktuberculosis, diarrhoea and dysentery and is reported as having antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, cytotoxic, hypoglycaemic and xanthine oxidase-inhibitory activities. In tropical Africa about 25 species are indigenous, naturalized or cultivated. Related observations Show all.

Inhibition of the development of collagen-induced arthritis caesalpinai Wistar rats through vagus nerve suspension: Effects of brazilin from Caesalpinia sappan L.

Caesalpiniaa significant difference was evident among the three collagen-sensitized groups. Schematic diagram illustrating the sequential purification of brazilin 7,11 b -dihydrobenz [ b ] indeno [1,2- d ] pyran-3,6a,9,10 6H -tetrol from methanol extract of Caesalpinia sappan L. The powder is mixed with water during 3 hours in a big amount of water 20 times its weight.

BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands. Brazilin from Caesalpinia sappan wood as an anti-acne agent.

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The colour deepens to dark red upon prolonged exposure to sunlight or air. All extracts stimulated osteoblast proliferation and exhibited anti-osteoporosis activities [ 31 ].


The heart of the trunk and larger branches only are used for the extraction of the dye.

Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. Or Suou Japanese.

Brazilin caused marginal weight loss in CIA-induced mice compared to normal animals, but this was not accompanied by any observable toxicity. Caesalpinia sappan Caesalpinia sappan, Biancaea sappan x – 78k – jpg toptropicals. User specific search options User. Dominant-negative inhibitors of soluble TNF attenuate experimental arthritis without suppressing innate immunity to infection.

The wood of Caesalpinia sappan is the wood-dye that is known to have been used at a large, international scale throughout world history. The BMD decreases in control group may be attributable to increased bone surface erosion and decreased trabecular thickness. Protective effect of folinic acid on low-dose methotrexate genotoxicity.

The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. Statistical analysis was performed with a 2-sample t-test comparing each sample group to the related normal group.

Freshly cut sappanwood is pale orange in colour. The left tibial metaphysis and the distal part of the left femur of the control group were thin and distorted, compared with those of the normal group. Rheumatoid arthritis RA is a systemic inflammatory disease of the synovium, cartilage, and bone.

Showing 0 of 0 comments. Or, Login with your user account:. It is still used for dyeing textiles, but only on a smaller scale by craftsmen and artists. Le monde des teintures naturelles. We explored whether brazilin purified from C. There are citation in scholarly articles related to Caesalpinia sappan L. This Caesalpinioideae -related article is a stub. Caesalpinia sappan caesalpinia sappan 01 jmpg.


Dictionary of Chinese drugs. Journal of the Formosa Medical Association 89 6: It prefers clay and limestone lands. Planta Medica 64 5: Caesalpinia sappan Rimbun Dahan — Family Leguminosae We induced the development of chronic inflammation and closely monitored the effects thereof in terms of joint edema, erythema, and immobilization.

The origin of Caesalpinia sappan caesalpinai not certain, but it is thought to be in the region from central and southern India through Myanmar and Thailand to Peninsular Malaysia and to Indo-China and southern China.

Caesalpinia sappan L. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Brazilin prevented joint destruction, surface erosion, and enhanced bone formation as revealed by microstructural examinations. Effects of Viscum album L. Biological basis for the use of botanicals in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis: Intermittent rises in plasma homocysteine in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with higher dose methotrexate. Dyeing is usually carried out using a highly concentrated bath and then repeating the operation several times.

Each mouse was weighed 2 times caezalpinia week.