ULC is pleased to announce the publication of the Fifth Edition of CAN/ULC- S, Standard for. Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems. This National. Fire Alarm Inspection, Maintenance, and Service by Anubis Systems Technologies. SCOPE. This Standard provides requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions to be inspected.

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Record time for diesel engine to crank: The fire signal receiving centre transmitter is integral to the fire alarm control unit. Operation of each individual s5366 and supervisory zone indication gives the identical indication, or lights the identical indicators at the other annunciator s and sequential display s. Heat Tracing – check pipe insulation for cuts or abrasions.

Standards Council of Canada

Hose Rack Pressure Reducing Valves: Identify active field device and supporting field device, data communication link DCLaddress and location. Standard sprinklers less than 50 yrs old.

Monthly Testing – Requires the building management or designated individual to actually initiate a fire alarm by activating one of the building’s pull stations. Yes No Water Temperature: Circuits for emergency telephone trouble operation, including visual N indication, operates.

Time for engine to normal run speed: If in doubt, replace the unit and dispose of the old one in a safe manner. Date of last compressor service: Where fault isolation modules are installed in data communication links serving field devices, wiring shorted on the isolated side, annunciation of the fault confirmed, and then a device on the source side operated, and activation confirmed at the control unit or transponder.


Fire Alarm System Periodic Inspection (CAN/ULC-S)

Audible trouble signal operates. In some municipalities e. No Summary Work Order Number: Pipe and fittings shall be inspected from floor level?

Alarm signal silence visual indication operates Alarm signal and visible signal devices, when silenced, automatically reinitiate upon O subsequent alarm.

Standpipe Hydrostatic and Flow Test Results to be completed every five years Date of last hydro-test: Tested for Operation results are recorded in the Device Test Record. Outlet hose threads are undamaged?

It might be a good idea to suggest that they practice their individual escape plans during the test as well. Older model alarms may be switching normal household voltage VAC in order to sound an audible alert when a sprinkler head activates.

Diesel Natural Gas Other: Ancillary devices, which are powered from the control unit or transponder, are recorded. A copy of this report will be given to: There is a possibility that you may inadvertently set off the fire alarm system.

D B Terminal connections clean? Annual Special Inspection Contact Person: For detectors that cannot be properly tested, your local authority may require you to initiate a replacement program where a certain number of detectors are upgraded automatically every year.


Free from mildew, cuts and deterioration? O Emergency telephone verbal communication operates.

CAN/ULC-S | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Backflow prevention assemblies shall be inspected locked or properly supervised by an acceptable electrical means. Gauges tested and calibrated or replaced?

Direct Connection yes no Number of Conventional Zones: AH R Record the battery terminal voltage after tests are completed. Supporting documentation attesting to this is on site and has been reviewed.

Sprinklers shall be inspected from floor level? Are all existing fire protection systems in service? Record the date, revision and version of firmware: Detector tubes must be pulled and their alignment confirmed if results indicate any abnormalities.

Annual Operate emergency starting means without power Trip circuit breaker if provided? V Visual indicator test lamp test operates. F Confirm that the alarm transmission to the fire signal receiving centre is received.

Batteries 2 uoc current is normal Check pump coupling alignment? Applying household voltage to the interconnection wire will result in the destruction of any connected alarms and may even cause a fire.