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Water is one of the fundamental elements to mix limestone. We add rock by rock, because it will bubble and burn. It is even better to let the lime dissolve from one year to the next. Rain washes away the lime. And the sun blisters the wall. alenejano

First, one coat is applied to the wall, you wait for it to dry and then paint again. In the end, the wall is smooth, really white. In the end there is the reward of whiteness, light, texture and purification when it solidifies, lime absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air.

White lime paints the Alentejo horizon and encourages ancient gestures to be repeated as a family.

Live Lime, the flesh of Alentejo

The Beja Municipality is preparing an application for the activity associated with artisanal lime kilns to be classified as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Traditionally, it was men who cooked the lime and took it from the kilns to pass on to the women. Lime kiln tenders and whitewashers complemented each other. However, lime kilns fell into disuse and now only a handful of men master this technique. If anyone took the trouble to scrape one of these whitewashed walls, they would discover the cxncioneiro, songs and conversations that lie beneath, truly a layered family album handed down from one generation to the next.


This is still how we paint our home. The rugs that paint the Alentejo with colour and history Monte Alenteuano Gallery: Privacy and Cookies Policies. Are you lawfully permitted to consume alcoholic beverages? Yes No To access this page you must be lawfully permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in your country.

Subsidio paro o cancioneiro popular do Baixo Alentejo – Manuel Joaquim Delgado – Google Books

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Thank you for signing up. Live Lime, the flesh of Alentejo.


Lime is limestone in its liquid state, used as paint or plaster since the beginning of time. In the Lascaux caves, there are rock paintings that indicate lime was used by artists It was a task performed only alenteano women and passed down from generation to generation. All my life, Allentejano remember my grandmothers, aunts and my mother doing this job.

Our encounter with Felismina, a seasonal painter with her paintbrush in hand, took place in Casas Novas de Mares, a small village in the Alandroal council.

This was where we were treated to a mini-workshop in the art of whitewashing.

International Research Center for Traditional Polyphony

While the Alqueva dam is just minutes away. Lime is also a reflection of Alentejo patience, because every step has its own pace, from preparing to drying. The rugs that paint the Alentejo with colour and history. To access this page you csncioneiro be lawfully permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in your country.

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