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The travel zoom category is more competitive than ever, bedienungsanleityng all the major manufacturers having powershoy take with some great models to choose from. Thanks to increasingly compact designs, the travel zoom category sees long zoom lenses packed into a body that in many cases is only fractionally larger than regular compact dimensions. The left hand is equally foxed by the pop-up flash, which sits on the left shoulder of the camera, so pretty much where your left index finger will be sitting.

Canon Powershot Sx Hs Compact Camera SX HS user manual – – Solve your problem

Otherwise the design is fetching, the concave silver waistband contrasting nicely with the dark grey of the body of our review model. As mentioned the controls lie to the right-hand side of the 3-inch The power button finds its way onto the back slope which we found to be conveniently placed to hit when needed and avoid when not.


The mode dial on the rear instantly grabs your attention, set slightly to an angle and offering up a knobbly grip to make changing modes quick and easy. The mode dial rounds out with the normal run of program, aperture and shutter priority and finally full manual control.

Canon Powershot Sx220 Hs Compact Camera SX220 HS user manual

Power on the camera, the rear display blinks to life, the lens extends to the widest 28mm equiv. Deploying the lens to the full mm equiv. The absence of a viewfinder means this is essential and the size thankfully means it is a pleasure to use, accepting that when you’re not shooting in You can shoot stills at the top megapixel resolution in 4: Control of the camera is pretty much straightforward, despite the level of control offered in such a compact bundle.

When it comes to changing settings in the manual modes, the rear dial will change the pertinent setting i. The same dial offers shortcut functions too, although these are not printed on the physical button, instead being portrayed on the display.

Not printing the control means that these can also be context sensitive: Video capture swings in offering x at 24fps, with various lower settings on offer too, including slow motion at lower resolution. The quality is impressive and stands-up on a large screen, something that not all compact cameras can claim. And yes, it will let you use the full range of the zoom whilst filming, accepting a purr as the lens moves. Focusing in video is generally good, although it can pulse a little as it confirms the subject is sharp.


In static scenes this is more noticeable, but where there is lots of movement it is less of an issue. The sound quality is good. Internally the SX HS offers you a The aim is to deliver better results in lower light conditions, better coping with higher ISOs than previous generation cameras.

The metering and white balance are generally very good so when you press the button to capture that shot you invariably get usable results which is exactly what you want from this type of camera. Purple fringing can be a problem with high-contrast subjects and more so as the zoom moves out.

The range of options on offer makes it bedienungsanleiting camera that will perform for those who just want a point and shoot and those that want the benefit of a long zoom in a pocketable camera.

Overall, a highly enjoyable camera to use, affordable a packed with features and control options. Best camera deals for Bedienungsaanleitung The best GoPro photos in the world, prepare to lose your breath. Best DSLR cameras The best interchangeable lens cameras available to buy today.

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