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Para ubicar el perfil de olsetas empresa, se indica que las siguientessiglasserefierena: Likewise,wedisplayitsbehaviorandeconomicindicatorsamongotherdecidingaspectsfordevelopmentofForeignTrade in our country. All of this in order to provide certainty to foreign businesspeople regarding ForeignTrade,favoring in this way the increase of trade between nationals and foreigners. A clear example might be that of the group hunters, specialized in their task.

With this we can look at the birth of two great universal concepts that persist to our days, specialization and services. These have evolved and adapted to diverse societies, going from simple individuals to large multinational enterprises.

However, in essence they have not suffered of a change in its historic conception, to provide of a highly specialized service.

Very diverse are the human activities that are enclosed in the concept of services such as, financial, logistics, distribution, storage, accountancy, engineering, architecture, law, energy, tourism, etc. This allows us to see that we are all services loaners and what porcelwnite better, we are all users of others services loaners, that is, services trade goes hand to hand with commodities trade. Commodities export finds its greatest collaborator in service exports, and its there where export services finds its biggest challenges and opportunities.

The new technologies offer great opportunities for the enterprises for the enterprises, that is it allows enterprises to relocate some productive processes into countries in which due to the competitive advantages it can catalpgo in lower costs, creating in these countries employment and a better level of life.

And even though not everything is for good, because these same agents canmoveinanymomenttoamorecompetitivecountry,itisthetaskofthe entrepreneurs,government porcelanife workers to provide competitive conditions, technique,and intellect,in order to retain these investments and enhance them. Referring to Foreign Trade, it is imperative to keep quality services that allow to lower transportation, storage and operation costs, in order to have a llsetas impact in the export costs to facilitate market access elsewhere and therefore achieve the most wanted and searched porcrlanite diversification.

This had an overwhelming effect in the GDP making cataloto achieve a historic level of Inflation placed in a 4. This a reason by which is necessary to redefine the road, and to convert ourselves in a country that exports technical, practical and professional serviceswithahighintellectualandexperimentalcontent,butalwayswith a high attitude of service and more productive costs, not only nationally but also in the international level.

Our third event is dedicated to the Small and Medium Enterprises dedicated to foreign trade activities, in which the government, the academy and the private institutions bring the support for theseenterprisestogether. Thefourtheventisfullydedicatedtotheacademy and students, in order to educate the human resources needed in foreign tradeoperationsandourmembers.

Therefore, the members have with no cost, representation before the public and private sectorforthesolutionofspecificproblemsoftheirtradeoperations. Tiene la facultad discrecional de suspender y negarlosmismos. Ley de Comercio Exterior y su Reglamento. Ley Federal deArmas de Fuego y Explosivos. Documentos que comprueben el cumplimiento de regulaciones y restricciones no arancelarias: This way,the current work serves as a guide for an enterprise already established and will start foreign trade operations,knows what to do and where to go to realize its procedures.

Here,is porcelanige description of these and their functions: Republic Federal Procurement PGR In foreign Trade,it is the organism in charge of inspection in the entrance and exit points of the country,in order to fight porcelanitw traffic and illegal trade.

It is also the organism in charge of psychotropic import and chemicals. Ministry of Communications andTransportation SCT This Ministry is in charge of watching and regulating the diverse transportation that provide services to foreign trade processes. It regulates the movement of cargo in the country and infrastructure related. ThisMinistryhasthediscretional faculty of avoiding permits. Ministry of the Economy SE This Ministry is in charge of establishing international trade treaties, promoting foreign trade through programs,give import and export permits and support Mexican industry.


Ministry of Governance SEGOB This Losftas has an indirect role in foreign trade, by officially validating therequireddocumentationrequiredbyothercountriesandprovidepermits for some special products. Ministry of Natural Resources en the Environment SEMARNAT Is in charge of formulating treaties loseyas international covenants in the environment area, and to give permits forcertain commodities that can endanger human,vegetal or animal health,and the ecosystem. Ministry of Health SSA This Porxelanite watches, regulates and dee the sanitary quality of the products that will be exported and imported.

Mexican Institute of Industrial Property Its objective is to protect the patents and trademarks which becomes very important in foreign trade in order to not face problems regarding property rights. Porcslanite here are also contained the franchise registries.

Mexican Council for Coffee This council is in charge of regulating the trade,export and import of coffee in Mexico,and therefore the necessary certificates. Porccelanite Financing Institution NAFIN Is the one in charge of financial promotion for productive means,in order to enhance the competitiveness in local and foreign markets.

ProMexico Is the decentralized organism that serves as the promotion arm procelanite the Mexican government,in order to improve and augment trade and investment. Non-Government Organisms There are some private organisms that help importers and exporters, and regardless their different objectives than foreign trade, they help sometimes. Specialized organisms in foreign trade 1.

Among the main objectives that an affiliate has in ANIERM is the representation before the public institutions involved in foreign trade,as well as permit operations and consultancy on tax and dd barriers for exporting or importing.

Commerce Code This code is applied to all the acts derived from trade,that is every acquisition, rentverifiedforcommercialpurposes,maintenanceofcommodities,furnitureor merchandise in a neutral,labored or manufactured state. Also to the activities derived from public contracts,state enterprises,public construction,factories or manufacturers,sea trade,and internal and external shipments.

FederalTax Code This code indicates that the persons and enterprises ara obligued porceelanite contribute to public expenditure,according to the law,that is,it regulates all the payments poorcelanite should prcelanite done to the State for the concept of sell of commodities, services, import and export of the same.

This Code is complemented by the Custom Law. Custom Law and its Regulation This is one of the main parts of the judicial frame, because it regulates the entrance or exit of every commodity and service from or to the country,and the means of its transportation,custom dispatch,and the deeds derived from this. ForeignTrade Law and its Regulation This law has as objective to regulate and promote foreign trade, increase competitivenessofthenationaleconomy,enhancetheefficientuseofproductive assets of the country and integrate in the best of ways the national economy in the international framework.

Also,it establishes the faculties of the Executive to regulate,restrict,or prohibit import or export,or transit of commodities. Federal Law of Rights This law establishes the fees applied to the international transit of commodities that arrive to the country and that have as destiny foreign countries. For the services in offices abroad, for the use of the public goods, signed by the Congress.

It also establishes the fees to pay for the storage of commodities in custom dispatch, fees for import permits and the means of payment, fees for the phitosanitary and zoo sanitary certificates,and the fees related to guns and munitions,also the use of national piers that poreclanite property of the nation. General Law of Ecologic Equilibrium and Environment Protection This law has the purpose of establishing the guidelines of regulation and restriction to import and export of wild flora and fauna, to avoid trade of this specie, and trade in other countries.

It porcelanige regulates trade related to plaguicides,fertilizers,toxic substances,and dangerous residualsinforeign markets. Health General Law His law is occupied of the sanitary permits in the import process of medical equipment, proteases, diagnostic devices, chirurgical material and hygienic products, as well of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, medicine, perfumes,tobacco,among others.

FireWeapon and Explosives General Law It applies to the industrial, trade, import or export activities of guns, weapons, munitions,gunpowder,explosives,chemical related to explosives. Animal Sanity Federal Law It supervises import and export possible plagues in animals. SpecialTax Law on Production and Services This law applies fees to import or export of special products such as tobacco, alcohol,beer,diesel,and gasoline,gas,as the trade or franchise of these.


GeneralTax Law of Import and Export This law groups through codes,every commodity to be imported or exported and the taxes applied to each one. RevenueTax Law This law applies to the income tax of every person or enterprise based in Mexico.

Diseño | Estilo | sofisticación | Greda

Ad valoremTax Law This law is applied to every commodity traded in national territory,or imported. General Character Rules related to ForeignTrade This are the guidelines for every law and rule related to foreign trade. To the date,almost every commodity is free of tax.

To the date,almost every commodity is free of tax,butVenezuela abandoned it in To the date, almost every commodity is free of tax 6. To the date, almost every commodity is free of tax 7.

To the date, almost every commodity is free of tax 8. To the date, almost every commodity is free of tax 9. To the date, almost every commodity is free of tax Tothedate,almosteverycommodity is free of tax To the date,almost every commodity is free of tax Highly Export Enterprises ALTEX in Spanish This program was created in order to support enterprises that export in big quantities,with the benefits of erasing the obstacles and simplicity of tax procedures and those of foreign trade.

ForeignTrade Enterprises ECEX This scheme has as main objective the promotion of Mexican products in foreign markets, as well as the identification of commercial opportunities for Mexican commodities.

CustomAccount Mechanismthatfunctionsasguarantythroughbankdeposits,thepaymentofthe obligatory contributions and fees in a foreign trade operation. Program for the Promotion of the Manufacturing Industry and Export Services Thisprogramwascreatedinordertoprovidefacilitiesandstimulusforenterprises to import temporarily from abroad and without the tax payment, added value tax and in its case, the compensatory fees in the categories of raw material, machinery and equipment,and export services.


In this sense, the necessary d are: Import Pediment Document provided by the custom and presented by the custom agent in the custom dispatch, and through which the enterprise performs the legal import of the commodity, as for the tax that should be paid and the requirements needed. Commercial Invoice Documentinwhichisstatedthevalueincurrency,characteristicsoftheproduct, and can be issued by a national or foreign enterprise,and it should be issued when the value is superior to USD or equivalent in other currencies.

Transportation Knowledge,Air Guide,or document of transportation Is the document through which the enterprise gives the merchandise to the transportation company. Pack List Is the document needed to identify the quantity and packing way of the merchandise in custom border 5. Right Letter It is needed for the custom agent have the right to be in charge of the import operation in behalf of the importer 6.

Insurance Needed for the insurance of the merchandise in the transportation and handling cataloogo. The cataoogo can claim any damage due to these circumstances 7.

Value Manifest and Calculus Sheet Theimporterhastodeclarethevaluethatwillbetakenasrealforthemerchandise declared in custom border 8. Export Pediment Document provided by the custom and presented by the custom agent in the exit of custom to declare the merchandise that leaves the country 2. Commercial Invoice Document in which is stated the value in currency,characteristics of the product, and can be issued by a national or foreign enterprise, and it should be issued when the value is superior to USD or equivalent in other currencies.

Quality Certificate With this document,the exporter certifies that he fulfills the quality standards of the buyer or the country of destination. Despacho aduanal para importaciones y exportaciones.

Jorge Elizondo Mattar Presidente Ing. Especias,semillas para consumo,frutas secas,fruta en conserva,arroz, chiles secos,pescados secos. Aceros especiales,cables de acero y cribas. Aceros y metales; S. Compra y venta de aceros y metales. Industrial San Pablo Xalpa,C. Kleinschmidt Gerente General Ing. Johan Palme Sierra Presidente Lic.

Ropa casual de mezclilla. Materia prima para alimentos en general. San Francisco Cuautlalpan, C.