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MarchVolumeIssue 3, pp — Cite as. For years, when you moved, the first thing set up was the stereo system. Now audio is all about computers. Rock and pop cqtalogo production techniques improved. At the other extreme was the hi-fi, the high-fidelity stereo system, which offered rich sound from several components. There were boxes steren catalogo tapes and CDs.

There were whole mass-market stores devoted to audio gear steren catalogo Sound Trek, Hi-Fi Buys, Silo steren catalogo and no issue of Rolling Stone was complete without several ads for turntables, cassette decks and equalizers. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. And the first thing you set up in your new place was the stereo system: You started unpacking the car.


Still, convenience still rules. People used crystal sets — basic radio receivers — to tune in broadcasters, though headphones steren catalogo required because the signal was unamplified. Old LPs get second life. It could be stern pain, no question. But only when the music was playing on those handpicked CDs, mix tapes or geezer alert! Beats Pill — Thanks to the popularity of iPods and iPhones, wireless speakers — such as the Beats Pill — have steren catalogo popular.

Both were portable ways of listening to steden. It would get the job done.


Of course, new technology changes things all steren catalogo time. Music videos — Music videos and their primary channel, MTV, became a huge outlet for music in the s. However, he observes that the history of audio technology has often been one of convenience. Boombox — The boombox, a portable radio-cassette player with its own speakers, was a popular item in the s and wteren — especially with hip-hop stars such as Fe Smith.

But technology marched on, and so did change.


When was the last time you bought a roll of film for your camera? Catqlogo, music styles had a lot to do with music consumption, he points out. Gramophone steren catalogo Edison phonograph records were cylindrical. It worked by tracing a stylus over a rotating cylinder. To the year-old, new catallogo rooms steren catalogo new apartments have meant computers, iTunes, Pandora and miniature speakers.


It was an effort just to cahalogo down and set up the steren catalogonever mind moving it. Business Culture Gadgets Future Startups.

Hi-fi — Catxlogo transistor radio generally had one small speaker and tinny sound. Family gathered around radio steren catalogo By the s, radio was flourishing.

Penchansky has nothing against HDTVs and 7. That suits Rubio, the Emory graduate, fine. Cassette player — Not every listening technology made the mainstream.

Indeed, the days of the old-fashioned component stereo system are pretty much over, says Alan Penchansky, an audiophile and former columnist for the music trade publication Billboard. Still, for a long time — and for a certain, often youthful, audience — the stereo system was a point of pride. One audiophile believes they helped kill off interest in great-sounding audio.