CJ6X88TGIW. UTP Jack Module. The Category 6A, RJ45, 8-position, 8-wire, 10 Gb/s UTP Mini-Com® universal jack module has TG-style termination and is off. YouTube · LinkedIn logo LinkedIn · Weibo logo Weibo · Blog logo Blog · REGISTER / LOG IN; ENGLISH. [change]. UNITED STATES. Solutions. Panduit develops smarter, scalable network infrastructure and industrial electrical wiring solutions that unlock the full potential of your business.

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In the first window onthe right side, type in the part number you wish to find. There is no need to be case sensitive in your typing. If you want to be less precise in your search, and find allinstances of similar part numbers, you could type in just part of the number.

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This file may contain newer Check the Do not show PDF files on this disc are formatted to be completely functional with Acrobat Reader version 5 or higher.


As long as the PDF file opens, all required features will be available. If you wish to upgrade to a When you install Acrobat Reader, it installs both an Application stand-alone program and panruit plug-in for your brower program s. By default it will be configured to open PDF files in your Internet browser. You may setup Acrobat to open documents in either your browser window or to open them in the standard Reader application window.

This option can be easily changed in the Reader application. To open the application window, look for the Adobe icon on your Start menu or Desktop.

Full Line PDF Product Catalogs

This option can only be edited within the application. These instructions apply to version 5 through 7.

In very large PDF files, Acrobat bookmarks become a much faster and more convenient than searching through massive Table of Content listings. Bookmarks can be toggled on or off by selecting the appropriate tab on the left side of the page.


Bookmarks contain nested listings so you can locate major catatories, then drill down to specific products types. Click on a bookmark link at any level to jump to that specific location.


In Acrobat, Find and Search are distinct functions. Find scans the currently selected document for matches to your criteria Search can be con gured to include one or multiple documents on a disc computer or server, then return results that appear in any of those documents.

This le may contain newer Click the logo under Third Party Links below to cattalogo the the download page. View the always up-to-date online catalog, more downloadable PDF catalogs or request printed materials.

The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Open the catalog to page