Operation and. Maintenance. Manual. C Generator Set Most accidents that involve product operation, maintenance and repair are caused by . Caterpillar Operation and Maintenance Manual SR4B Generators – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Operation and. Maintenance. Manual. C (Mech) Industrial Engine. Up ( Engine) Caterpillar cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard. engine, turn the generator set control switch to the.

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The warnings in this publication and on the product are, therefore, not all inclusive. You should also ensure that the product will not be damaged or be made unsafe by the operation, lubrication, maintenance or repair procedures that you choose. Therefore, under extremely severe, dusty, wet or freezing cold operating conditions, English is the primary language for all Caterpillar more frequent lubrication and maintenance than is publications.

SEBU Foreword California Proposition 65 Warning Diesel engine exhaust and some of its constituents are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds. Wash hands after handling. Failure to follow the instructions or heed the warnings could result in injury or death.

Contact any Caterpillar dealer for replacement manuals. Proper care is your responsibility. Hot parts or hot components can cause burns or personal injury. Do not allow hot parts or compo- nents to contact your skin. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that can snag repaired. These warning tags Special Instruction, on controls or on other parts of the engine.


SEHS are available from your Caterpillar dealer. Caterpillar recommends the use of only genuine Caterpillar replacement parts. Use the following guidelines when you handle any replacement parts that contain asbestos or when you handle asbestos debris.

Do not touch any part of an operating engine. Personal injury, property damage, or engine damage could result. If the application involves the presence of combustible gases, consult your Caterpillar dealer for additional information about suitable protection devices. Do not install any lines that are bent or damaged.

Repair any lines that are loose or damaged. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for Illustration 12 repair or for replacement parts. Gases from a battery can explode. Determine that the generator is in a de-energized i condition. Add ground straps to the conductors Generator Isolating for or terminals. During the entire work period, these Maintenance ground straps must remain connected to the conductors and to the terminals. Due to individual applications, your generator set may appear different from the illustrations.

  ISO 22901 1 PDF

The integral on board computer Caterpillar C27 and C32 Generator Sets provide the controls the operation of the engine.

The generator set packages can be used in land-based applications or marine applications. SR4B generators are utilized in three-phase full-wave excitation and regulation. Some of the Information system. Before the engine leaves the numbers are on the engine Serial Number Plate factory, the engine performance is tested. Be sure to check In any generator set installation, the frame of the your local wiring codes. If alterations are made, ensure that proper lifting caterpillad are provided.

If the engine will be stored for more than one month, a complete protection mannual is recommended. Your Caterpillar dealer can assist in preparing the engine for extended storage periods. This area should also have the following conditions: Do not obstruct as a circuit breaker or fuses.

Caterpillar C27 Operation And Maintenance Manual

Manuxl Lights 7 — Panel lights PL are controlled by the panel lights switch 4. Caterpillar Monitoring System 13 — This system is the information center for the engine and related components. The switch has four positions: The engine is shutdown and the engine is not allowed to start until the fault is corrected.

Your application may not have all of these features. Pump Stop Switch 1 — The pump stop switch is optional. The pump stop switch is used to manually stop the fuel transfer pump. Fully depress the switch in opeeation to latch the switch. Immediately after the stalled engine is started, i disconnect the jump start cables in reverse order.

Starting with Jump Start Cables Note: If there is a problem with the alternator or the battery charger, the engine will not continue to run after starting, unless the power to the engine control SMCS Code: Follow the recommended procedures Proper operation and maintenance are key factors Individual applications will have different control systems.

Use the following general guidelines in order to stop the engine. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for the proper part numbers. Each phase should carry the same load. The low idle to a constant power demand will decrease. For should only be adjusted by your Caterpillar dealer example, a kW load at a 0. Thus, the temperature of the main armature winding can be measured or monitored.

Three types of temperature detectors are available. Contact your Caterpillar dealer for more information. Generators must have voltage droop compensation droop. If these speeds can not be obtained, or cross current compensation. Start the unit which will be paralleled. For the most consistent results, repeat 2. Equipped Such current may not carerpillar be considered harmful. The manual voltage control for the permanent magnet excited generators is shown below.


The External System includes a radiator or an expansion tank with the following components: Read the warnings and read the instructions Because the strength of the frame may decrease, some manufacturers do not recommend welding onto a chassis frame or rail.

Consult the OEM of the equip- ment or your Caterpillar dealer regarding welding on a chassis frame or rail. Protect the wiring harness from welding debris and spatter. Return used batteries to an appropriate recycling facility.

Remove the used battery. Caterpillar recommends a scheduled inspection of the alternator. Inspect the alternator for loose 6. Install the new battery. Type of Battery Effect If the engine has an alternator, the charger must be automatically disconnected during start-up and during engine operation.

Caterpillar General Service All of the battery cells have Batteries a low level of electrolyte. Keep the batteries clean. There is Polyurea a thickener in this grease.

Operate the generator for one hour. This will allow 3. Maintdnance ball bearings should be cleaned. The cavity of the bracket should be repacked with 2S the grease to expand. The expanding grease will force the excess grease from the cavity. Press and gsnerator the Lamp Test button in order to test all of the LED g lights and the display screen. Caterpillar to reclaim the used coolant. Illustration 56 types of coolants: Hot coolant can cause seri- ous burns.

Supplies for collecting samples can be obtained from your Caterpillar dealer. Add the proper amount of SCA. For the proper 4. If a leak is observed, replace the mainetnance Caterpillar engines incorporate a shunt design cooling seals. Your Caterpillar dealer has the proper air cleaner elements for your application. Remove the bolts 1 and remove the breather and Installation Guide for the engine. Consult caterpillad from the engine. Caterpillar dealer for assistance.

Check the condition of the seal. Replace the seal if the seal is damaged. Perform this procedure in maintenance.