Cerbera odollam, is a tree that grows in the swamp and marshy areas of India and southern Asia. Going by the common name “Pong-pong”. J Forensic Leg Med. Aug; doi: / Epub May 9. Cerbera odollam toxicity: A review. Menezes RG(1), Usman. J Ethnopharmacol. Dec;95() Cerbera odollam: a ‘suicide tree’ and cause of death in the state of Kerala, India. Gaillard Y(1), Krishnamoorthy A, .

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Score one for the medical toxicologists. The Digital Nature Archive of Singapore is built up by the help of various people: Email required Address never made public.

Cerbera odollam

How long would one need to get to the hospital before dying once ingested? Retrieved from ” https: Plants that heal, thrill and kill. The team thinks the true numbers could be double that, however. Curiosity uses cookies to improve site performance, for analytics and for advertising. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Around half of the patients develops thrombocytopenia.

On exposure to air, the white kernel turns violet, then dark grey, and ultimately brown, or black. Tropical trees and shrubs – A selection for urban plantings. Notify me of new comments via email.


If you make a purchase through that link, Curiosity will get a share of the sale. For this reason, the study suggests that some cases put down to suicide may actually have been murders.

She presented to the ED with cegbera of naseau, vommiting, and chest tightness. Also, I was no good in any way, and he already had one very slick young boy working for him at the time — who since then became a faculty at Columbia and is famous for some retracted papers…. Apocynaceae Flora of tropical Asia Decorative fruits and seeds Poisonous plants. Read more about the Gentianales order. It bears a fruit known as Othalanga Malayalam: This tree is common on seashores and mangroves but have also been planted in many parts of the island.

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Cerbera odollam: a ‘suicide tree’ and cause of death in the state of Kerala, India.

The way it works to stop your heart is similar to that of the death penalty by lethal injection. Yeah, this is what actually kills people when death sentences are carried out by lethal injection cerber the United States, so you know hyperkalemia can be a bad thing. An illustrated dictionary of Chinese medicinal herbs.


It’s a killer weapon that can fly under the radar extremely easily, even under the nose of medical professionals. Dr M Goes Wild. Cergera Concise Flora of Singapore: Hope that helps a bit.

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Singapore University Press, Singapore. And the under-equipped ones? Its branchlets are whorled about the trunk, and its leaves are terminally crowded, with tapering bases, acuminate apices, and entire margins.

It is a species native to India and other parts of southern Asia odolpam, growing preferentially in coastal salt swamps and in marshy areas but also grown as a hedge plant between home compounds. There’s enough cerebin in one Cerbera odollam seed to kill an adult human. By now you know not to be fooled by nature’s beauty, right? Whatever you want to call it, just keep your distance.