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Call for expressions of interest: Application cerga of vehicle identification software and provision of desktop publishing, mail processing and archiving services. Public contract for the operation of the public passenger transport network on the perimeter of the community of communes of Clermontois.

Acquisition of automatic license plate readers LAPI. Purchase and delivery of packaging and packing materials for the transport of equipment and equipment of the armies via a dedicated electronic catalog with payment by purchase card level 3.

The supply, services and configuration of a new video protection system for the CHU d Angers. Acquisition of 12 mobile magnetic generators and accessories for the benefit of the Air Force. Implementation of Directional Signage on National Roads. Issue and delivery of restaurant vouchers for staff of the Savoie County Council. SDIS command group in Occitania: Supply of vehicles and fire and rescue equipment – multi-year equipment program.

Supply of drinking water meters, parts and accessories. Provision of paper and dematerialized restaurant vouchers for CFC agents. Provision of telecommunications services – renewal of the mobile telephony market. Printing services of communication media of Grand Lac. Framework Agreement for the Provision of Telecommunications Services. Telecommunication services market for the Tarn department.

Study, design and realization of a banknote authentication device from Sealgn ture sign. Replacing hydraulic drive systems for radar antennas with electrical systems. Purchase and cerva of a 235 minibus vehicle – minimum 20 seats – for the municipal center of social action to creil. Destruction of ammunition of small and medium calibres and various artifices for the benefit of the DGA. Provision Mdd of helicopters for customs crews. Supply of traffic controllers for tricolor signaling, excluding crossroads with tram line intersections.

Provision and implementation of vertical and horizontal signage. Gift vouchers for professional workwear and apparel related to the professional function of certain categories of EPMO personnel. Supply and delivery of electronic toll badges. Acquisition of equipment and intervention clothing for municipal police officers and street policemen. Provision of wired telephony services for the University of Artois.

Pre-earthworks, construction fences and various networks. Study, 22735, transport and delivery of permanent vertical signage.

Lexique immobilier |

Fixed and mobile telephony telecommunications services for the University of Reunion. Supply of cold water meters for the years, and of the city of Vannes. Preventive and corrective maintenance outdoor lighting and airport signage Marseille Provence.


Implementation of access cerfx in Evolis waste disposal centers 23 – Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles at the six sites of the Seine-Normandy Water Agency.

Preventive and corrective maintenance cedfa the centralized technical management CTC of the site, the access control system, sensors and actuators. Modernization of airport information systems for airports managed by Tahiti Airport acquisition, deployment, warranty and maintenance. Preventive and corrective maintenance and management of anti-intrusion alarm, access control and video surveillance equipment for municipal buildings, 27355 and CCAS.

Purchase of 2 sweepers and recovery of old equipment. Provision of printing services, consulting and production of communication documents and editions of the Palais de Tokyo. Supply, installation and commissioning of time stamps. Provision of sealed trailers on a secure site in the Ajaccian region for sending textiles to the buyers sorting centers.

Acquisition of optical HF links and associated maintenance services.

Audit in the context of the implementation of the internal accounting and budgetary control system CICB of Cnous. Supply, installation and maintenance of equipment dedicated to road counts.

Provision of equipment for the municipal police and ASVP. Framework agreement for the acquisition and delivery of crrfa tickets and additional services for all cerfx in the municipality of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, including in the context of subsidized leave. Monitoring of power transformers of the EDF nuclear fleet except Fessenheim. Acquisition of mobile telecommunications services and equipment for Claude-Bernard-Lyon-1 University. Maintenance and upkeep of building porters and other access controls throughout the OPACs heritage Acquisition, installation, parameterization and maintenance of parking meters on the surface of the city of Talence – management of parking.

Supply and installation of access control and vehicle parking equipment for the municipality of Sanary-sur-Mer. Ambulance and VSL on behalf of Filieris establishments. Purchase of vertical road signs, traffic signal products and street furniture. The provision of fixed and mobile telecommunications services and the provision of internet access.

Acquisition and implementation of a ticketing solution and catering solution for the City of Electricians. Providing a complete automated water meter reading solution. Framework agreement with purchase orders for the supply of coaches, low-entry coaches, minicars and minibuses powered by CNG.

Acquisition and maintenance of radio identification software and equipment RFID.

France Tenders /20, Contracts, Bidding Online Information

Renewal and installation of command control and technical upgrading of the Colmar Nord ceefa facilities. Provision of telecommunication services with limited supply of accessories for the needs of the Municipality of Ris-Orangis.

Provision of tickets for staff at different university sites.

This call for tenders concerns the acquisition of a turnkey solution for managing identities within the Council of Europe,s information system. Mechanical sweeping and manual 27335 of the commune of Eaubonne.

Déclaration de don manuel et de sommes d’argent

Earthworks for the destruction of ammunition. Full service rental of a driverless thermal vacuum sweeper to provide cleaning services for municipal roads.


Acquisition of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. Supply of a system of closure and autonomous access control on the sites of the Water Department. Supply and delivery of bullet-proof vests for the agents of the city of Marseille – 2 lots c. Acquisition of a 26 t truck equipped with an automatic time point – restart following declaration without further action. Supply, transport and delivery of safety metal guardrails and their accessories in galvanized steel for the Channel slide team.

Printing work required for municipal communication. Rental of a real-time geolocation device for the management and monitoring of the CD95s administrative and technical vehicle fleets. Identify and characterize the evolution of exposure to radio frequencies related. Installation, supply, maintenance and rehabilitation of automated fencing and access control systems. Acquisition of emergency vehicles and firefighting.

Bulletproof vests and spare covers for the municipal police of Saint-Tropez. Maintenance and installation of access control system and stop minute terminal. Provision and commissioning of a standalone access control solution. Realization, retransmission and live or delayed broadcast of events captured in video. Remote surveillance and management of intruder alarms in communal buildings. The provision of drinking water meters equipped. Law Enforcement Expert — Organised Crime: Framework agreement for the supply and management of restaurant vouchers for staff working at Semitan.

Thermal insulation works for the 5 substations of the T3 tramway power supply. Acquisition of 2 small electric utility vehicles equipped with a micro-refuse collection.

Du COA au PCG: votre comptabilité, notre priorité

Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of an urban video protection device. Packing of ballot papers and enveloping electoral propaganda for the political elections organized by six prefectures in BFC. Creation of access control of the pedestrian zone in the center of Damgan.

Supply of articulated fast charging electric buses as part of the ecrfa fleet energy conversion project. Supply, installation and maintenance of a complete fixed digital broadcasting and broadcasting system between two university lecture theaters.

Supply of gift cards for Sorbonne University staff. Issue and delivery of restaurant vouchers for the staff of the Departmental House for the Disabled in Maine-et-Loire. Acquisition of garbage collection vehicles – narrow lanes 2 lots. Supply, installation and commissioning of parking meters and associated services ACBC.

Maintenance and supply of portable and mobile fire extinguishers, armed 7235 hydrants, dry columns as well as the supply of various materials from Sorbonne University. Provision of telecommunications services to SSPN facilities and services.

Provision of rescue vehicles and assistance to victims VSAV with transferable cell.

Printing and processing tickets and PVC parking cards.