For The Emperor: A Ciaphas Cain Novel [Sandy Mitchell] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Despite his yearnings for a peaceful and simple. For The Emperor (Ciaphas Cain Book 1) – Kindle edition by Sandy Mitchell. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. : Ciaphas Cain: For the Emperor: Warhammer (Audible Audio Edition): Sandy Mitchell, Stephen Perring, Black Library: Books.

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Set your 40kLore flair via the wondrous Flair Selection Page. Failure to do so may result in investigation by the Inquisition. You have been warned. It is the weekly novel discussion, so here goes – Cain is attending a social event held by the planetary governor. The paragraph below is bolded by me for emphasis. As was my habit I circulated widely, keeping my eyes and ears open as you never know what useful little snippets of information will come in handy, although the main thing that caught my attention was the entertainment.

A young woman was standing on a podium at the end of the room, surrounded by musicians who sounded almost as well rehearsed as our regimental band, but they could have been playing ork wardrums for all I cared because her voice was extraordinary. She was singing old sentimental favourites, like The Night Before You Left and The Love We Shareand even an old cynic like me could appreciate the emotion she put into them, and feel that, just this once, the trite words were ringing true.

Snatches of her husky contralto carried through the room wherever I was, cutting through the backbiting and the small talk, and I felt my eyes drifting in her direction every time the crowd parted enough to afford me a view. And the view was well worth it. She was tail and slim, with shoulder-length hair of a shade of blonde I’ve never seen on anyone else before or since, hanging loose to frame a face which nearly stopped my heart. Her eyes were the hazy blue of a far horizon, and seemed to transfix me whenever I looked in her direction.

Her dress was the same colour, almost exactly, and clung to her figure like mist. Now, I’ve never believed in sentimental nonsense like love at first sight, but I can say without a word of a lie that, even now, after almost a century, I can close my eyes and picture her as she was then, and hear those songs as though she’s still in the same room. I turned, and found myself falling into the wide blue eyes of the singer I’d been watching before.

Uncharacteristically for me, I was momentarily at a loss for words. She was smiling, a plate of finger food in her hand. Nothing like that between us. Strictly against regulations, for one thing. And anyway, we’re not—’. She laughed, a warm, smoky chuckle which warmed me like amasec, and I realised she was pulling my leg. It must be grim for you. It was an unnerving sensation. But I think there’s more to you than meets the eye. Evidently she was extremely successful in her profession, or had at least one wealthy admirer, I would have laid money on both.


I kissed it formally, as etiquette demanded, and to my astonishment she giggled. You are full of surprises.

Does Ciaphas Cain get better? : 40kLore

I sing a bit. For forr unaware, the Ciaphas Cain series are written in the format of in-universe edited memoirs, hence why he mentioned “even now, after caun century”. Cain was still emperir a century later, its just that at that point they were kinda on a less exciting garrison deployment.

He was, he did say after a century. Though I did take the assumption he could only really sit down to record these at the earlier during his semi-retirement while teaching. It more or less was a retirement unless Mitchell retcons it now to factor in the events of Gathering Storm. The Black Crusade came to Perlia xain all not the other way around.

The last chronological book ends with Amberly talking to him after the big battle. Could easily say she told him the situation and he was needed somewhere and since the planet was being rebuilt he wouldn’t be needed.

About to, but I don’t remember if we have release date yet. The cover is out though and it’s a beaut.

Set your 40kLore flair

Didn’t a footnote in one of the novels say somewhere in there that Cain was pulled out of retirement during the 13th black crusade? The Black Crusade came to him, and in good old fashion poor Cain had to take the reins and deal with shit. Cain is still serving to this day!

I like how Cain obviously has entire segments of his memoir dedicated to banging Vail but since she got her hands on it she edited the fuck out of all of that. Says he doesn’t believe in love at first sight.

Hte to describe his first meeting with Amberley in detail, from memory over a century later. Yeah Ciaphas, you’re not fooling anyone.

For The Emperor by Sandy Mitchell

Vail and Cain could make a long-distance relationship work because as an Inquisitor and Commissar they’d both caib the authority to requisition astropaths. And I’m suddenly delighted at the thought of astropathic communiques arriving that are classified Eyes Only meperor are actually just emperkr sent across the galaxy.

Cain and Jurgen are the sweetest pairing. Vail is nice but she’s playing second fiddle to the legend that is Jurgen. I love the next part. They somehow get on the topic of Inquisitors and Cain says something claphas “Yea Inquisitors are so predictable and easy to spot. They always disguise themselves as rogue traders. Yeah and she gives a reaction that makes Cain think that she’s afraid.


Looking back, she’s probably trying to not laugh. By Sandy Mitchell, available here or in omnibus form here. I can cipahas seem able to find two omnibus editions encompassing the six first emeror, is there a tome for the other three?

It’s out later this year. Apparently it’ll contain a novella and some short stories too. One of the books that got me into the setting.

Honestly, I think the whole Ciaphas Cain series is a great gateway to the universe of Warhammer 40k. It’s well written, light-hearted. It’s only just occurred to me now, but Amberley agrees that there’s more to everyone than meets the eye, then shows off her secret Inquisitorial weapon disguised as a ring. I mean he is basically constantly bullshiting and for her it comes with the job.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Some time later, after he had the chance ciapyas socialize, the singer introduces herself. And anyway, we’re not—’ She laughed, a warm, smoky chuckle which warmed me like amasec, and I realised she was pulling my leg.

Want to add to the discussion? It is basically him rambling during his retirement.

She spent the entire evening fucking with him, didn’t she? Not sure if that’s a tough competition